Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh Happy day

A beautiful day. We opted to continue working on the renovation and that includes the swimming pool. It was drained last night, scrubbed, shop-vacummed and is now re-filling. Pipes and hoses have been replaced and following 7 hours of work, it's close to the finish line.
It's been a good day thus far for the hubby. A phone call from the youngest daughter and a very thoughtful gift from the youngest grandson (5 months old, with help from mom and dad ;) ) has helped to make his day a happy one. 
 I bought another saw for him...yes....another one. I know, I know, after the saw encounter I'm questioning why it is necessary to build his saw arsenal but he claimes he needs it to finish the kitchen. We went to Lowe's in the early morning and I spent most of the time trying to track him down. He came within a moment of hearing his name paged over the loud speaker. There is no cell service in our store and I truly believe a man designed it that way. Next time I'm putting him on Mr. Bettis's leash ;)
A picnic later today with most of the family will culminate the holiday. Another good one for the memory book :D

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