Friday, February 25, 2011


The scrapbooking is no longer a scrappy mess. It is now organized in the old tv cupboard. I love it.

Life has become a bit more hectic due to the medical saga so of course that means we are on the move.

When we came home we found the standing lamp on it's side. thinks the white creature in the picture was guilty for this stunt. Must've been quite a race and romp session while I was gone.

Obviously Mr. Bettis was in on the romp and race session and became just a bit over-excited. My GOOD ink pen as in the best ink pen one could ever own became his object of entertainment. *sigh* another one of MY things destroyed by Mr. B.

We had plans for the weekend but they were unexpectedly dashed. What's on your agenda?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Over the Moon

Life has been a bit over the moon here of late. A lot to absorb and ponder........
2011 is coming in with a bang and the days seem to meld together. I'm on a holiday jet lag and hope this doesn't continue through out the year.

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day but did take the time to make another batch of gobs with pink frosting. Yummy with a nice cold glass of milk or a cup of hot tea.

There has been a celebration. My grandmother turned 91 yrs old over the weekend. Three of our 4 children, spouses and our granddaughter arrived for the event. The 4th is in exam week at college but did make a birthday call in between hitting the books.
She had a wonderful time and enjoyed the visit with everyone. My grandmother is a strong woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She's a no nonsense person and tells 'it like it is' (mmm....kind of like 'yours'
She made us laugh more than once on this special day and I'm so glad she had a great celebration.
Happy Birthday Mom-mom.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Here We GOOOOO....

Here we Goooooo!!!!!!

Both teams are good teams but this household is black and gold all the way.

Looking quite regal in his Steeler gear. There are no kerchiefs for the girls because Mr. Bettis thinks kerchiefs are perfect for dragging the girls down the hall (eyeroll here).

The Super Bowl menu: Crock pot chili, crescent weiners, pizza appetizers, buffalo chicken dip, chips, salsa, garlic deer bologna, cheese and of course baked gobs (or better known as whoopie pies) Steeler style.
Here we goooooo!!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice man

Mr. Bettis and his owner slipped on the ice. Not together but with a similar outcome.
He injured his leg and was taken pulling and tugging to the vet on Saturday. Have I ever mentioned how horrible he is at the vet? Well if not take my word, he's AWFUL!
The car ride is a nightmare let alone his antics in the waiting room until....he sees our favorite vet. Dr. B is a Steelers fan so I think he has an admiration of Mr. Bettis beyond the average vet.
He tore a ligament and is on meds and bedrest. Yeah. Right. Try the bedrest thing with Mr. B (eyeroll here). Even Dr. B chuckled over keeping him calm because he made it clear Mr. B is an overactive dog (as if we didn't know that).

Mr. B's owner didn't fare any better and after much ta-do we headed to the dr's office an hour and half away. After cutting a shine at the dr's office, DH was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I can say 'cutting a shine' because my jangled nerves are calm now.
He's on a boatload of meds, a monitor and resting somewhat comfortably.

We didn't get home until midnight (after my parents made the trip to get us) and I'm exhausted.
I must leave with a bit of humor. We have two sons (both married) and two daughters. After the DH was pumped with pain meds, muscle relaxants and who knows what else he became a bit lethargic and proceeded to mumble something about our THREE daughters. Say what???? LOL Caused the nurse and I to have a good laugh.