Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vintage Bag

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lights! Camera! ACTION! aarrgghh

I am so gonna........never mind....I won't go there.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, It's the "turn another year older day". I'm not about to reveal my age but if this is a hint: My kids have called and made sure I KNOW how old I am. Smart-alec kids!
I have recieved nice phone calls (besides the kids). My best friend, my grandmother, my parents......they've all been very nice.
Just how does one celebrate this? Well let's see, Di called and we "hashed" the DH's and kids who are inconsiderate slobs (and that's putting it mildly). While I was on the phone I managed to clean the "yarn room". I do not need to buy anymore yarn for a decade.......ok.......maybe not a decade. How about an evening? I just bought yarn from SpinCityYarns. Cheap yarn and oh so pretty. I bought the brown mohair look cos I'm knitting bears. Bears you say? Yep bears! You know why? Cos they are cute, loveable and they don't talk back!(Unlike kids and husbands)They also don't make messes. I should be knitting gifts but I've decided that I'm entitled to knit what I want right now........especially today!

P.S. Most of my yarn is turning another year older too.......................

Friday, October 13, 2006

Son! Friday the 13th

Remember in the earlier post Like Father Like Son? The DIL called and is so disgusted because it seems she and her husband (aka my son) were having a "heated discussion" over renovating this home! Imagine that! I tried not to laugh. I gave them 6 months before this started.............LOL it's only been 3 weeks! She said "at this rate we will be years". I gently reminded her that I have been waiting 5 months for my bathroom and it still isn't finished. As the story goes my DIL has been tearing down old wallpaper, cleaning, packing, moving and holding down a full time nursing job while her husband (aka my son, and I use that terminology loosely) has been working, "talking to construction people", running to lumberyards (just like his father) and doing a whole lot of nuttin'. YEP! Welcome to the real world of happy home ownership and marriage! My DIL has decided she might open up her own construction company just as soon as she figures out all the tools and what they do. ( I gave her some pointers after all that's what I've done all these years.)

On a lighter note her husband (aka my son) has a birthday today. I usually call each child at the time they were born. But I decided to call this one at 6:13 am the precise time I had the very first labor contraction. I informed him (after I sang Happy Birthday) that I was calling at the time I had my first pain, one of many that he has managed to impose on my life since his birth. He laughed! Believe me there's a reason why there's 6 yrs between he and his brother................. I have put the "mother's curse"on him: I hope he has not one child but a set of twins "just like him". you think that's why they've decided not to have children for awhile?:)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

CRASH! I'm cryin' here

Okay, if it isn't enough I had to run to the big city to stupid dr appointments for the last two days I got on the computer last nite and the dumb thing CRASHED! I have a beautiful black screen with lovely white writing at the bottom telling me Win-something or other is something something f8 to try to repair. I did. NOTHING! So now I must not only share the bathroom sink with the daughters , now I must share their computer. Let me tell ya, if you thought sharing a bathroom with them was bad, sharing the computer is WORSE! They hang over my shoulder asking, are you done yet? how much longer will you be? my friends are on MSN waiting.........ok...........what's wrong with the phone? When I was a teen, we used a contraption that was installed in the wall and when you dialed (not meaning to date my age but it was a rotary dial) you actually heard and talked with another human voice. We had a shared line and could talk with several people at once. Not necessarily good as we had an older (older being she just had to be 50 or so..........come to think of it, that's not old) nosey neighbor who listened to our phone calls. Now these kids text message whether it's thru the cell phone or computer. This sharing computer thing is NOT good! We checked into another windows system and it's going to cost as much as a new computer. Where is recycling in all this?
Anyway this morning as we're getting ready for another 2 hour drive to the dr's office I picked up the phone to make a phone call. NO SERVICE! Our tv, internet and phone are all 1 service. For some unknown reason the phone won't work on a crashed computer. GREAT! I'm cryin' over here.....................

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Okay, as you've noticed I've changed the format of the blog......again. Seems the links dropped to the bottom a few posts back. I tried everything (within my computer skills) to fix it. Nothing worked. So I decided. What the heck? Why not? Lo and worked! The links returned where they belong and I am a happy blogger. Not quite as happy as I would be with perhaps a lovely skein of cashmere or a skein of buffalo gold but nonetheless I'm happy. Well I'm off to do the knitting, the wonderful world of knitting. (sung to the tune of "we're off to see the wizard" u know the Wizard of Oz)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bathroom Update!

Okay, it's been one week since the last post. The oldest DS who installed the toilet and shower (minus the shower door) was here and gone like a tornado last week. The vanity counter has not arrived as yet. Seems as though the youngest DS who is making the granite counter top lost the sink template so the brother who was here left with the sink. We're a bit concerned we may never see this sink again. It was like watching a loved one leave never to return (not the son.....THE SINK!) The window that I mentioned with no trim?I was told no curtain until the trim is mounted. Well the females in this house are tired of flashing the neighborhood as we get showers etc. So I have improvised, not the most attractive but it works (matches the duct tape "temporary" shower curtain). I have purchased a blind and as soon as the DH leaves the house, I'm putting it up! Like I said, I could be waiting for years for the trim. No curtains/blind? NOT Happenin'!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Like father, like son........ 4 is the magic number

Okay, I'm not here to talk about knitting today. My sons are adults (at least according to the US laws they are considered adults at this age). They came to us 4 months ago and offered to renovate our main bathroom (you know? the one for guests?) They gave this little song and dance about how we gave up so much for them and they wanted to give something back. Oh and it would be finished in 4 weeks! Sounds good. Right? Wrong!

It's been 4 months and the remaining family of 4 (the 2 DD's, 1 DH and ME) who still live here has been sharing one very small bathroom that is off the master bedroom (aka MY bathroom!) And if you've never shared a tiny bathroom with 2 DD's, take it from me........... DON'T DO IT!

We haven't seen the DS's in 4 weeks but they finally arrived this weekend to install the toilet. Good thing 'cos last weekend I accidently walked in on the 20 yr old DD's BF! Talk about embarrassing!

Well as you can see, I have a nice vanity, NO sink! But I have a vanity. The second oldest son is making a granite counter top for the sink. He has been 8 (divisible by 4) weeks on this. Mind you, he does this for a living and supposedly he is very good but don't take my word, I'm only mom and I've been waiting awhile.

The shower door is still in the box however the shower is finally up and flowing. Then the DH (in his infinite wisdom) decided to put up an old shower rod and (now, ahhhem, please take notice) a piece of plastic for a shower curtain! We call this "jerry-rigging".

Mind you, this could be the shower door for quite a while as he is known to procastinate finishing a project. If you notice in the vanity pic above there is no baseboard on the beautiful stone floor. Take it from me, it could be years before that is finished too. There is a small window above the toilet and I suggested a curtain rod only to be told the trim and windowsill need to be added. Surprise, surprise, surprise! mmmmm.......the Mason Dixon Knitting book has a nice knitted curtain. I'm thinking I have plenty of time to order the yarn and knit it if I have to wait on him to finish this window trim! I have found that if I mention selling the house he hops right on these projects and finishes them . I just might have to put that VERY BIG FOR SALE sign in front of the house and I may get this bathroom finished (I won't hold my breath) before the Thanksgiving holidays when I will be preparing dinner for 22 people!

p.s. The eldest son and his new wife just purchased a home. It needs major renovation and the wife (and I do love this girl) anounced today that my son (aka her husband) will not procrastinate on the renovations to be done at their new home. They went to dinner and discussed this in advance. They are also NOT going to argue about renovation, they are going to work together. This is going to strenthen their marriage by working as a team!!!!!!!! HA! I just smiled....... Did I mention they've only been married a year? I won't tell her she might stand a chance getting this done in 4 years if she's lucky............I'll keep you posted on this one.........

Like father like son...................