Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Day

We recently embarked on a road trip hoping to capture some of the fall beauty. It was a good day for the hubby and I to take a break from Life in general. Visited a yarn shop that I have not been to in over 5 yrs and I enjoyed chatting and catching up with the owner once again.

 We enjoyed the day until Chemgirl (who recently moved away) called with a dilemma. Hours later we managed to get the 'crisis' under control. Not an easy task when we're a day's travel away but it worked out.

Procrastination entered my Life (along with a few other distractions) and Christmas gift knitting is almost non-existent this year. However while cleaning up the knitting corner I found these mitts on the needles. I handdyed this yarn (way back when) so it would self-stripe and they were begging to be finished. It took all of 3 hours to finish and I'm wondering why I put them in the WIP bag and never finished them in the first place. *sigh*

The kitchen is in need of new dishcloths and this is perfect for the day. (hubby should like
 Last I leave you with a beloved picture of our cat aptly named (by the kids), Pumpkin or Pummy as she's more commonly known. She is 18 yrs old and we're making her life as comfortable as possible in her old age. She is quite the mouser and caught a mouse a few months ago. I'm hoping she doesn't present me with a trick or treat today ;).

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Garden Party

I've decided to break out the spinning wheel once again and have some fun. I dyed this Border Leceister roving a few years back so it's time to spin. Two different colors to spin then ply together.

 The craft room was in overhaul and I finally found a spot for the wheel so I'm giving it a whirl for 10-15 minutes everyday.
 Love this roving, it's smooth and feels like butter through my fingers.
An awakening has occurred around here and just like the song "Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson (yes I know, I go back a few years on this particular day) I've come to the conclusion you can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself. Pleasing oneself can be a daunting task after XX amount of years (no, I'm not revealing my of giving up for so many and realizing perhaps that it's not as appreciated as it could be. It's very early in the morning here and so far the morning isn't going quite as planned, no thanks to Mr. Bettis who discovered the raccoon is in the trash again....*sigh*
Anyone else have a hobby to make your day a little brighter?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Warm Woolies

As folklore would have it in this neck of the mountains, the black wooly worm is indicative of a harsh snowy winter. This is the second pitch black wooly worm found in our backyard. Deer, bears and squirrels are 'on the move' all of which are 'signs' of a harsh winter to come. Quite frankly after the past few years of mankind and all their technology and wrong predictions, I'll put my snowshoes on folklore.
Mr. Bettis thought the wooly worm was quite fascinating so I had to 'protect' the little wooly guy and send him packing on his way.
 A very dear friend's grandson had a #1 birthday. We missed the party but I whipped up this little sweater for him, Choo-choo charlie. Busy moms do not have the time to fuss with wool so this is made from Hobby Lobby I Love This yarn...soft and durable. Now to get it to the PO.

They're finally finished! My scrap sock yarn gloves. I love color and these definitely fill the bill of color and warmth. They certainly will not be lost in any snowstorms :).