Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pillow Fight

Do you see this? This was a lovely toss pillow. Keyword being was.
We went to the market and were gone 1 hour and my living room looked as if it had snowed inside. This is the second pillow in a week. Mr. Bettis must enjoy pillow fights.
Fun is his middle name. I just wish he would have fun with his own toys. Wait........he does...........they're outside.......somewhere.......buried or lost.

Do not be fooled by this innocent face.
Forgive the loveseat cover. I only take it off when we get company. I tried to teach this dog to stay off the furniture but the other residents of this house thought the 10 week old, 27 lb puppy was just "too cute." They won and now at almost 2 yrs (his birthday is next week) and 140 lbs he has claimed the loveseat as belonging to him. He paces the floor if anyone else sits in "his" loveseat.

A mug shot, that's for sure.

Chan told me Sissy likes a mature "man" but I'm afraid he has failed once again.

Now here's two innocent faces. Mr. Bettis trys his best to frame these two but I know better. I've seen Mr. Bettis in action. Not-good.

Little do these two know, they are going with Vet Girl to be groomed next week. They enjoy the trip but Miss Gypsy isn't very good at the groomer's. I think that's a frame job too. LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Encounter of a Snowy Kind

Heading to the college and this is what we encountered.

This was our view looking out the windsheild. The DH drove a delivery truck until the broken back accident so he is somewhat conditioned to driving in inclement weather.
There are certain states (and I won't name them so I don't offend anyone) that must only own 1 snowplow and apparently it was parked in it's garage:). The little white dots that you see were the headlights from the oncoming traffic.

This is what I worked on. The No Purl Monkey socks for a Christmas gift to my MIL. She has been wanting socks for a while now and it's her turn. Thanks Jessi for the inspiration to knit this pattern.

A good group of kids that made it in the college honor band from Miss Flute's school. The concert was awesome and we had a good time. So did the kids.
Miss Flute's teacher attended and was so proud of her making it in the first flutes. Her teacher is a wonderful young woman who inspires and encourages her students and yet manages to get the very best out of them.

First thing out of Miss Flute's mouth when she saw us? "Did you bring my coat?"
Like I would fail on that one. Ha! Of course I brought it. Here she is trying to get warm in the car on the way home. The DH doesn't like it too warm in the car when he's driving. All well and good for him but what about the passengers? The temps were hovering between 19-23 F and he didn't want the heat on? Thank goodness for my brand-new-never-worn-before-wool sweater. I stayed warm :).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's all in a Day!

Thank goodness it's snowing. I need a bit of cheer.
Yesterday was a Monday with a capital M. I have a very large yarn order to fill. The husband is in charge of yarn calculations. I should've known not to put him in charge of that task as he has no idea the difference between fingering and bulky weight yarn. He miscalculated and I'm off by 15 skeins of yarn. Not-good. The dyeing stove DIED!!!!! Literally! So 15 trips up and down the stairs toting all dyeing paraphernalia. Not-good. Mr. Bettis has tracked in mud requiring the floor scrubber to be parked in the kitchen permamently. That dog has huge feet!
The kid is at a college where she qualified in the honor band. She's been there for 3 days. Tonite is the concert. The band director was going to bring her and another student home after the concert. Mind you this college is over 2 hours away and the concert won't be over until 9:00 pm. I, stupidly, thought this was a plan until band director stated that he will not have room to bring anyone home. So, Ed must clock out early (without pay), travel 2 hours to pick me up and then leave for another 2 hour trip to get the kid.
It is all not in vain as she called and said she made it in the first flutes which is quite an honor and a testament to her flute teacher. The flute teacher is also the sister of the band director. So I will get to watch her perform and I plan to knit on the way. I also have my handy-dandy night light to knit at night in the car.

I finished a pair of gloves for a Christmas gift. sssshhhhhh........I can't say whose gift. It's a secret.
Off to get coffee ready to take along and pack the knitting bag.
p.s. The kid who is in college today forgot her winter coat. The college area is also getting snow. She'll learn to listen to her mother won't she? LOL

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Homecoming Dance

This is a picture of one of the fun dress up days during Homecoming week.
Quite a "get up." LOL

This is the Field Captain dressed up for the Homecoming Dance. Quite a transformation in 2 hours from the end of the winning Homecoming game to leaving for the dance.

This young man (as I mentioned in the second of the three posts) was her date for the dance. We were the designated chauffer for the evening as the young man is wheelchair bound from a tragic car accident.
We tranported them to their dinner reservations to meet 20 other classmates. They had pizza. It figures, doesn't it? Kids go to a great restuarant and they order pizza. LOL
We picked them up from there and tranported them to the dance. They had a great time and truly enjoyed the time together.
There are a few more play-off games to go but nothing compares to the Homecoming Game. Not even State Play-offs. It's an awesome time and if you are an alumni and think you are "done with all that" then you really missed an awesome game. After all tradition, fun, family and the enthusiasm from both schools is what Homecoming is all about.

The Last Homecoming II

The band director took a picture of the band/dance team seniors in the football players helmet. The first and the last to be taken in the helmet for these kids.

Playing the Piccolo is one of the many instruments the Field Captain plays. She also plays steel drums and the tenor saxophone. This kid loves music.

Cheering her team and loving every moment of it.

And this folks, is the winning score. We WON! Our team was the guest this year and let me tell you, both teams played an awesome game and gave this town something to talk about and to enjoy.

Not only did our school take the Traditional Kettle back from the opposing team but ESPN Great American Rivalry was on hand and presented our school with a trophy. Only 20 rivalry teams are chosen a year for this honor and the winning team of this game recieved the trophy.
This young man is a classmate of the Field Captain. He was a star football player until a tragic car accident last Feb. An awesome and quiet young man who has nothing but respect for others. The team wore the #2 (his football #) on their shoes and another player wore his jersey in this game. This is the true meaning of friendship and team spirit. This was a very special Homecoming.
A picture of the Band Field Captain and the #2 star with the trophy.

The Last Homecoming I

The very last Homecoming with a family member in school culiminated in style. Locker decorating began last weekend. The DH and I spent quite a few hours getting the locker "just right." What you can't see is a band logo sweatshirt, 12 bottles of vitamin water, a red duffle bag with her name and Senior embroidered. The duffle bag is loaded with candy, snacks and goodies and a toothbrush. Yes, a toothbrush. It's something the Easter Bunny has done for years in this house and Homecoming is no exception:).

Red & White Day. She wore the hat that she knitted. Now she has orders to fill........LOL

Tie Dye Day. She and a long time friend went shopping the previous week. They had a ball choosing this outfit. They tie dyed the socks and had a great time. They turned out cute.

The game started at noon yesterday. Here she is directing the 2nd movement of the band show.

As Field Captain she directs the band on cheering. Here she is "getting down" with the school's favorite cheer.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Tick Round 1

I spent last evening in the medical clinic again. Getting real sick and tired of the "white coats."
There is a nasty little bug that failed to head for hibernation this year. A Tick! If you see one, Run the other way. A tick (also referred to as an arachnid) found shelter in my upper arm. It went undiscovered for an undetermined amount of time. Now, I know you're asking, how can that be? How could she not see a tick on her arm? Keep in mind I failed my driver's license eye test a year ago. Remember? On my birthday? And I had to get new glasses to pass the test? That should explain it:).I can't see 1 foot in front of me without my glasses. I measured and from my eyes to the back of my arm where Mr. Tick made his home, is exactly 1 foot.
The doctor was very nice to point out that it is necessary to look in the mirror at one's unclothed body for ticks, if one has been exposed to the outdoors.
I have a few comments on that suggestion:
1) I had 4 kids (that should explain the body shape) B.C. (before children) I had a lovely shape. Thin, tiny waistline etc. It went downhill A.C. (after children) very quickly.
2) Looking in the mirror is not something I care do. This includes department store dressing rooms that have mirrors on all sides to show every angle of one's body.........I mean seriously, why is that? Like that's a sight I'd want to see!!!!!! Refer to Comment #1 if you have any doubts.
3)I would never under any circumstance, venture outdoors without being properly and decently clothed. Therefore my body parts are not exposed. I certainly wouldn't want the clothes police to give me warnings:) Again, refer to Comment #1
4) At my age, reason #1 and #2 are enough that the rather young "Dr. Kildare" should never toy with the thought that I even own a mirror much less look for ticks in front of one!
I'm sure his own mother would advise him that he was not utilizing his medical knowledge (and common sense)to the fullest when he made a suggestion such as that to someone in my/her age bracket.
The domesticated tick happily left a bite the size of a 50 cent piece and the bite was a lovely shade of purple and red. I've never seen a tick leave this kind of bite. So, off to the clinic we went. Two hours and $253 later ($$$ that could've been spent on yarn and I would've actually enjoyed it) they numbed the arm, lanced it and got the rest of it out. I recieved a shot in a part of my body that I will not mention (much less look at in a mirror) and 10 days of antibiotics. It is now 3 inches in diameter and quite a lovely shade of red just in time for the Homecoming game this weekend. What a Mess!
I'm off to knit.