Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Last Homecoming II

The band director took a picture of the band/dance team seniors in the football players helmet. The first and the last to be taken in the helmet for these kids.

Playing the Piccolo is one of the many instruments the Field Captain plays. She also plays steel drums and the tenor saxophone. This kid loves music.

Cheering her team and loving every moment of it.

And this folks, is the winning score. We WON! Our team was the guest this year and let me tell you, both teams played an awesome game and gave this town something to talk about and to enjoy.

Not only did our school take the Traditional Kettle back from the opposing team but ESPN Great American Rivalry was on hand and presented our school with a trophy. Only 20 rivalry teams are chosen a year for this honor and the winning team of this game recieved the trophy.
This young man is a classmate of the Field Captain. He was a star football player until a tragic car accident last Feb. An awesome and quiet young man who has nothing but respect for others. The team wore the #2 (his football #) on their shoes and another player wore his jersey in this game. This is the true meaning of friendship and team spirit. This was a very special Homecoming.
A picture of the Band Field Captain and the #2 star with the trophy.


Channon said...

Sniff... You really need to email me and warn me when a post might make me tear up.

Anita said...

I'm so glad they won!
And what a wonderful tribute to the star player! Sweet!!