Sunday, November 09, 2008

Homecoming Dance

This is a picture of one of the fun dress up days during Homecoming week.
Quite a "get up." LOL

This is the Field Captain dressed up for the Homecoming Dance. Quite a transformation in 2 hours from the end of the winning Homecoming game to leaving for the dance.

This young man (as I mentioned in the second of the three posts) was her date for the dance. We were the designated chauffer for the evening as the young man is wheelchair bound from a tragic car accident.
We tranported them to their dinner reservations to meet 20 other classmates. They had pizza. It figures, doesn't it? Kids go to a great restuarant and they order pizza. LOL
We picked them up from there and tranported them to the dance. They had a great time and truly enjoyed the time together.
There are a few more play-off games to go but nothing compares to the Homecoming Game. Not even State Play-offs. It's an awesome time and if you are an alumni and think you are "done with all that" then you really missed an awesome game. After all tradition, fun, family and the enthusiasm from both schools is what Homecoming is all about.


Bubblesknits said...

Just got through reading all three posts. I love her outfits for all the different days. lol Gorgeous dress for the dance, too. :-) I'm so glad everything went well.

Channon said...

The problem with Reader is the last is first...

She's stunning you know. I'm glad they both had a great time!

Diane said...

Your daughter is so pretty. I love her dress.

Looks like she had a great time getting that school spirit on.

Anita said...

Good grief, I'm gone from the computer for a few day & you turn into a posting maniac! LOL

She looks beautiful in her dress! Love the hair! I used to have hair like that at one time. :) Glad they had a wonderful time!! You guys didn't cramp their style during chauffer duty did you? he he

Laura Neal said...

Glad to hear she had such a great time. It is nice to see that school spirit is still alive and well. I love her dress, simply beautiful!