Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Breeze

There's been a summer breeze here along with humidity :( but that has not stopped me from finding my needles again. Cast on for this little dress and finished it in the nick of time.

I fell in love with the fabric and matched the center of the flower with a lovely raspberry cotton fingering yarn. Love the finished product (and so did my DIL). I'll be casting on for another one soon.

I've launched my site again with hand knit and hand crochet original designs. I'm enjoying this little endeavor so please go check it out.

On a somber note: Fortunately my friends and family are safe from the recent tornado outbreak.
My prayers are with those who lost loved ones and those who are suffering in the recent tornado disasters.

Monday, April 18, 2011


The college DD sent an email of a few things she needs. The second semester of her sophmore year is closing fast. Soon she'll be heading home for another summer of work and a little relaxation.

Please take note of #3. Just what is that child talking about???? LOL

1. Boxes 1. Trash bags 3. Empty quilt bags (if mom hasn’t used them all for yarn) 4. A couple envelopes 5. Stamp 6. Insurance card 7. Cleaner (to get dirt out of carpet) 8. Lotion (clear cylindrical bottle w/ green pump lid on floor under window-ish) 9. Necklace chain (my current one is ~56cm)

#7 is the result of a new plant. Seems the college put on another spring event day where the students could get free plants. Remember Chester from last year? Anyway, she has dubbed the new tree, Arby. However she called to tell me this: Seems Arby is on 'time-out' and will be sent home promptly. He was sunning on the windowsill and when a whoosh of wind came, he 'jumped' off the sill and landed on the carpet spilling his muddy contents on the white (yes, white) carpet. I have no clue where we're going to plant Arby. We're going to be well hidden in a forest of trees by the time she graduates.....

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lucky Ducky

Prayers have been answered on this sunny Sunday morning. The story of an area dog (nicknamed Ducky) whose mouth was duct taped shut and thrown from a truck into a creek has been found. He wandered onto a porch miles from where he was dumped. A lot of mountains and woods for him to run and wander. He's at the vet office now and is very worn out. Poor guy, he's been wandering and running for a week but he's been found and now it's time to go after the abusers.........

Saturday, April 02, 2011

MIssed April 1st

I missed April Fool's Day and it's a good thing. I like to have a good laugh but not at the expense of a practical joke. I like humor but not practical jokes. Mother Nature played a practical joke all day yesterday. We had sun, rain, sleet and snow all in one day. Hope She had fun and got it out of her system. While I'm a winter gal it's time for flip-flops and t-shirts. Of course I hope it doesn't come with the heat and humidity. At least until I get this wool blanket finished. I'm making progress though. I cast on for a very special sweater. Can't mention it here but I know it will be appreciated and worn with love. Yes, another pic of the Earth and Sky set. It was packaged, sent and well received. There's been a bit of drama in our neck of the woods. Someone put duct tape around a dog's snout and threw him out of their truck into the creek. The men who did this were seen by a few fishermen. "Ducky" (as he is now dubbed) survived and is on the run. After a few days of organizing, safe traps are set and spotters are on the look out in an attempt to capture the poor thing. There a lot of woods and mountains for this little guy to hide. He has been spotted and we're praying he's caught soon and receives food and medical care. As for the perpetrators they also need to be caught and prosecuted and they will! Small town talk has a way of giving necessary information.