Monday, July 28, 2008


We celebrated the youngest DD's birthday yesterday with family. She turns 17 yrs old on Friday, Aug 1. Where has the time gone?
It is tradition for this child/young adult to bake her own birthday cake. She looks forward to baking her own cake.
This year she made a two layer cake. The bottom layer was chocolate and the top layer was vanilla tinted pink. She put a chocolate filling between the layers and topped it with buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles. It was very tasty.

Much to her surprise, she received her CPH off the needles and finished. I had this blocked and ready to be wrapped two days prior to her birthday party. She thought I was making it for her sister and prompted me to cast on for her CPH. So I had to dig out pink wool and appear to be casting on for another CPH.
She loves it.

I also found clear Skechers for her and me. I got a bargain with these. They were on sale for $15.00 and if you typed in a code they were only $10.00 each with free shipping. My kind of shoes. Believe it or not they are very comfy. I was a bit surprised.
They really show off the handknitted socks. I had another pair of socks on the move for her (imagine that?) but they didn't make it off the needles. I knew she liked these so I gave them to her.
She loved them too.
She also received Space books, Planet earth game and some scrapbooking stuff. (she's big into space)

I woke up this morning to a note from her sitting by the coffee maker. The note said, "thank you mom for a wonderful and fun birthday." What a nice surprise!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hide 'n Seek

What is in the box? Do you think they (my human staff) can see me?

DRATS! They found me! I wonder what gave me away?

Kathy put this in the hallway to make its' way downstairs. I see her husband didn't take it down after she repeatedly asked him to take it to the laundry room. mmmm........Since they found me in the box, I think I'll hide in here. There's nothing like hiding from the human staff then hearing them call for me and of course I don't respond. hee-hee
I'm going to curl up and take a nap.

This cat is too funny for words. We get a chuckle everyday. She is always up to something.

I did a trade with Nicole and look what I got! I wanted these knitting markers and so we did a trade. She sent lots of goodies with it. Bookmarks, cards, magnet, an extra marker and a nice bag to keep my markers inside.

See the knitting theme on the markers? I LOVE them. I have markers but they're all in use so instead of finishing a project I decided I must have more markers. Hey! That logic works for me!

Go check out her site. She has awesome markers.

p.s. Stupid blogger won't cooperate today with my comments to other bloggers.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peaceful Hair Day

I love Grooming Day. The dogs went to be bathed and groomed. It was a day of peace and quiet around here. Caring for 3 dogs at the ages of 2 yrs and under (Mr. Bettis is exactly 1 yr 8 months, but who's counting?) is quite a daunting task. Getting them there is a job in and of itself. They give report cards for their behavior while being groomed. It has become a joke around here and vet girl gets a kick out it.
Lil' Miss Gypsy posing for the camera after her groom. Her report card reflected a failing F. No improvement.

Little Miss Molly doesn't like to have her picture taken so this picture is a rare one. She recieved an A on her report card.
This does not surprise us as Miss Molly is a laid back kinda gal.

Mr. Bettis refused to sit still for the camera. So I captured this while he was nosing into what his owner (DH) was doing on the DD's laptop. He is a nosey one.
Mr. Bettis received an A+. Now I must ask, how can he possibly receive an A+ at the groomer's and yet cause so much trouble around here? See his nice kerchief? Miss Gypsy had one also but I caught Mr. Bettis dragging her by her kerchief to play. So I had to remove Miss Gypsy's kerchief because "No No Bad Dog" won't leave her alone with the kerchief.

The cats were in heaven while they were at the groomer's. Miss Aurora decided to play with the thread while I was sewing. Although she appears to be doing, la, la I'm not doing anything, I'm only watching.
She grabbed at the thread and made a complete mess while I was trying to sew.

When I finally chased her away from the sewing machine, I found her later, taking a nap on my printer.
Obviously this is a new napping place. She's dreaming, "Such a peaceful house without the dogs today. Can't you make them stay away more often?"

p.s. I'm going to have a conference with Vet Girl on Lil' Miss Gypsy's report card. I just know this is a set-up to make Mr. Bettis appear to be a well-behaved dog and I know better.

Monday, July 14, 2008

An Encounter of a Saw Kind

The weekend was hot and humid which of course prompted rain. I'd like to clean my cupboards. I know, you're thinking...........what is wrong with this woman? Have m***s infested her brain instead of wool?

It's just that I have been trying to tackle a job here and there that needs to be done and Mr. CRPS is not cooperating.

While I was busy trying to be busy inside. DH was busy downstairs. Or so I thought. I heard the strange sound of? You guessed it. A SAW!
Did he not learn his lesson with a saw last December? Did he not remember the "round" with the saw? Did he not remember the saw won? If you don't know anything about this saw encounter click on the Dec post. It's there, trust me. I snapped this picture from inside the kitchen. He had dragged the saw up on the deck and that is a belt sander in his hand (what is left of it from the saw "fight" from last year.) MEN!

At that point I decided to call it quits. Put down the camera and grabbed the knitting. I needed something to calm my nerves or what is left of them.
I dyed this BFL flat and cast on socks. The colors are a bit bright for me but the daughter claimed them.
Theyre fun to knit.

I have quite a collection of books but I couldn't resist this one. We were at a Border's Books store out of town last week and I fell in love with this book. I have spun enough yarn for sweaters in the past but I have no intention on spinning enough yarn for another sweater. I like this book because the designs are classic with a bit of modern twist.
The patterns are well written and they give you substitute yarn to be purchased if you don't spin the yarn.
I highly recommend this book. There are sweaters, scarves and socks in this book. Most of them have aran designs but they're well written.

Since I had the new book, I just had to cast on for something. I fell in love with the October Frost sweater. First it is a classic and second because it was called October Frost. My birthday is in October and fall is my favorite time of year. So this sweater is a MUST KNIT!
I went to the stash room and found this green New Zealand 10 ply that has been fermenting like a fine wine for quite awhile. It is perfect for this sweater. I can see myself in it now..........oh wait...........I have to finish it first. LOL
I have also started a shawl but I'll post those pictures later.

p.s. The DH got through the saw encounter without incident......this time. And I got bathroom trim! YEAH! After all, it has been a 2 year wait for the trim.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Flying What?

At the daughter's school. You see, she is the Marching Band Field Captain. Don't ask. I have no idea what that title actually means. The Band Director (in his infinite wisdom) decided our daughter was "too short" to be the Drum Major despite the fact "she had an excellent interview/audition and is well qualified." Uh? So a new/old concept has been implemented aka Field Captain to "give her a job because the chosen drum major can't handle anything but directing."

In other words, she does the grunt work with no recognition. We have let on to her that it is an important job but she is no dummy and has seen right through that little scenario. She will, however give it everything she's got.

This is the first part of the grunt work. The director built this contraption for the band show. Then called her because he knows she sews and directed her to hand sew all of the fabric onto the very LARGE parts of the flying thing. It was a daunting task for a 16 yr old.

30...... yes, 30 yards of fabric to be hand sewn.
25 hours of hand sewing.

Then he had the nerve to "drop by" and inform her that he wanted the large parts reversed because he changed his mind?! The parts that were already sewn, mind you. Is he nuts? When he left, she called and we could've burned him at the stake with our conversation! LOL

This is the "thing" completely hand sewn. She doesn't want to see a sewing needle for a long time.

While resting on the porch I saw Squirly Squirrel. He was playing and having a ball in the yard. Of course Mr. Bettis and Miss Gypsy went crazy but Squirly Squirrel simply ignored them. Occasionally he would turn and raise his head to peer at them, then he would proceed to scamper about the yard.

This butterfly took rest on our bush in the back yard. It looked so serene that I had to take a picture of the beauty.

p.s. I'm a knitter who gets cranky if I can't knit at least one row in a day.
Does anyone else get cranky when they can't knit at least one row a day?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Over To The Other Side

To keep you posted: Our July 4th holiday was a B-U-S-T! The fireworks were cancelled and we were unable to attend the wedding.
Once again medical issues hindered plans.

I have gone over to the other side.......the crochet side. I think this makes me a h**ker. hee-hee
It's hot and it's muggy. So cotton thread is much nicer to work than wool.
I'm on a doily roll over here.

This is a blue doily for a friend of mine. Her birthday is in the fall and blue is her favorite color.

I love roses and I enjoyed making this one. It's a gift but I haven't decided whose gift.

This is another rose doily and although I would like to keep it for myself, my dear daughter reminded me that Christmas is only 6 months away. So a gift it will be.

I have another one in progress only the center rose is yellow.

I haven't blocked them yet as I have no idea where I'm going to store them once they're blocked.

Now before you think I have completely left the knitting scene, I will reassure you that I have not left. I am just on hiatus during the hot muggy days.

I finished these socks and put them on my sock blockers from Wendy. Check out her blog, she has added music and it's very nice.

Thanks again Wendy!

Thursday, July 03, 2008