Friday, July 11, 2008

The Flying What?

At the daughter's school. You see, she is the Marching Band Field Captain. Don't ask. I have no idea what that title actually means. The Band Director (in his infinite wisdom) decided our daughter was "too short" to be the Drum Major despite the fact "she had an excellent interview/audition and is well qualified." Uh? So a new/old concept has been implemented aka Field Captain to "give her a job because the chosen drum major can't handle anything but directing."

In other words, she does the grunt work with no recognition. We have let on to her that it is an important job but she is no dummy and has seen right through that little scenario. She will, however give it everything she's got.

This is the first part of the grunt work. The director built this contraption for the band show. Then called her because he knows she sews and directed her to hand sew all of the fabric onto the very LARGE parts of the flying thing. It was a daunting task for a 16 yr old.

30...... yes, 30 yards of fabric to be hand sewn.
25 hours of hand sewing.

Then he had the nerve to "drop by" and inform her that he wanted the large parts reversed because he changed his mind?! The parts that were already sewn, mind you. Is he nuts? When he left, she called and we could've burned him at the stake with our conversation! LOL

This is the "thing" completely hand sewn. She doesn't want to see a sewing needle for a long time.

While resting on the porch I saw Squirly Squirrel. He was playing and having a ball in the yard. Of course Mr. Bettis and Miss Gypsy went crazy but Squirly Squirrel simply ignored them. Occasionally he would turn and raise his head to peer at them, then he would proceed to scamper about the yard.

This butterfly took rest on our bush in the back yard. It looked so serene that I had to take a picture of the beauty.

p.s. I'm a knitter who gets cranky if I can't knit at least one row in a day.
Does anyone else get cranky when they can't knit at least one row a day?