Monday, September 28, 2009

Second College Hat

I made another hat today. Two hours and it's finished. It's the Last Minute Purled Beret on a Ravelry. This pattern is quick. I used stash Lamb's Pride for the ribbing and 1 skein of Noro Silk Garden for the main color. Love it!

Molly was the chosen model. Not by choice that's for sure. She barely tolerated the photo shoot.
I had to shoo Mr. Bettis out of the picture several times. Not because he wanted to wear the hat but rather he wanted to grab the hat and run through the mud. Not happenin' on my watch.

College Hat

All is quiet here. Fall is normally beautiful here but we're not seeing much color here yet. Leaves are falling and it's raining so I'm holding out for some color. Fall is my favorite time of the year. When the kids were young I told them God took his paintbrush and used nature as His canvas. Winter was the beginning of a new canvas so He could paint again in the spring.
I can't seem to get my knitting mojo in gear. Small projects take up my time versus the larger ones. Although that doesn't seem to stop me from starting the larger projects:). Finishing them seems to be the problem. Christmas is fast approaching and I have very little finished.
I whipped up a slouchy hat for the college kid. It was sent in a college care package. Snacks, a country magazine and the reader's digest were included.
She loved the hat and took a picture to show me how it looks.
I need to dig for more yarn and whip up another one. Maybe I can actually get a gift finished.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Would you look at this! A finished item. YAY!!
I love hats but at my age (ahem) most of them don't look as they should. I like the slouch tam/berets. I made one for the college kid and sent it the dorm for her to wear. She loved it! I must admit I tried it on before I sent it packing and I liked it too. So I searched Ravelry and found the Gwen Hat.
The pattern keeps it interesting and it's a quick knit.
I made a few adjustments and posted those adjustments on my project page in Ravelry.

Not quite the picture I would've wanted but I wanted to the show the pattern.

Hubby moved the College DD's Hibiscus bush 3 days before she moved to college. We thought it died but it started to come back to life very slowly and now it has produced 2 flowers. A little late in the season but since husband almost killed the poor thing, it just took a while for it to recuperate.
I emailed the pics to the DD and she was thrilled that it survived.

The Swine Flu is on the college kid's dorm floor and her roommate is recuping from it. She says Lysol cans are being shared from room to room. Disinfectant wipes and bottles of multi vitamins are in high demand according to the college kid.
One more thing for her mother to fret about:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Game is On

Guess who is at a college game today? The daughter and hubby.
Husband wanted a college jacket but they're quite expensive and it didn't fit in the budget.
While we were out on our weekly market trip we made a stop at the Goodwill store. You never know what you're going to find there and I'm all for a good bargain.

Fifteen minutes later husband arrived and told me to close my eyes. I closed them in anticipation (I should've known he opened the bag. When I opened them he was standing there like a kid in a candy store holding this jacket. It was BRAND NEW with the tags and had never been worn. There wasn't a thing wrong with it and it was in his size. The bargain price was $10!

I sent the picture to the DD in college and told her the story of the jacket find. She reminded me that I should've known the bag content wasn't for me. After all, it wasn't a swiffer or a new sweeper! LOL
Trust me, there's a story behind that one. My silly day (as in birth-day) is fast approaching (eyeroll). I don't like a big fuss but just once I wish my kids and hubby would get together and plan a simple meal out as a family (sigh). But I'll hold out for another swiffer or some such thing. lol
Can you believe it? I finally finished something. These were lost. I remembered them the other day while I was watching a documentary on monkeys. Somehow in my wee brain, I got to thinking of monkeys and their dexterity and that lead to knitting which led to the Monkey socks. Don't ask! it's how my brain
I couldn't find these anywhere. I knew they were almost finished. Three hours later, I found them! I quickly finished them while admonishing myself for procrastination. I love 'em but my next pair will be no purl monkeys.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who dun it?

I was gone all day yesterday. Had to make another trip to the dreaded city for one more dr appt. We were late coming home and we were greeted by the fur crew (Mr. Bettis and Co.). It appeared they had been very good dogs and so they were rewarded with treats.

Until.........I went to the living room to knit for a bit. I noticed the toss cushion askew and so I removed it.

Underneath the pillow was this..........a ceramic statue.
Let me correct that statement. A chewed ceramic statue.
This statue was on a rather high table that Gypsy and Molly cannot reach. However, there's one dog who can reach it.

I believe this is the culprit. Unfortunately his owner says he's just a "boy" and didn't mean to destroy the statue if in fact he is guilty. What does his owner know? He's never here to find the destruction. He's always at work. (Forgive his Fred Flinstone feet in the pic.......LOL)

His history of destroying my stuff goes back a full 2 yrs 10 months, 6 days (but who's counting) when Mr. Bettis arrived in this house so of course I know he's guilty.

p.s. Anita and Chan, I hope you're having a wonderful visit and I will get there next year:).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fall Visit


Anita wanted to see pics of my fall decorating.

Come on in while I fix a cup of tea and enjoy the visit.
I am lousy with floral arrangements so mom made a beautiful wreath for my door.

The antique cookstove is my favorite place to decorate. I purchased this at a yard sale in 1993 while the hubby was away. He took the sons to a car race in Ohio and came home to this sitting on the deck.
It was a steal price. Unfortunately while he was laying the circular brick stoop in our kitchen for the bargain stove, he slashed his leg with a brick hammer. Required multiple stitches and a week home from work.
So much for the bargain price. (sigh)(see? he's not safe with

The pie safe that my dad built for me a few Christmas's ago.
Don't tell anyone but it's full of knitting projects and gadgets. Great place to stuff:).

The ladder to the loft in the living room. The scarecrows are stapled (yes, wood stapled to the ladder). A few years ago, after Mr. Bettis's arrival, a certain cat (Ms. Aurora presumably) climbed the ladder knocking down a beautiful scarecrow. Mr. Bettis proceeded to shred the poor thing so my mom made another. So I staple everything so it doesn't become Mr. Bettis's plaything.

Now that I look at this pic, I need to hide the cord to the lighting in the loft.

The loft is adorned pumpkins (not real ones) and a few other decorations along with leaf garland and a string of white lights.

I love fall. My most favorite time of the year. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come again!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Look what arrived at my house. I'm a little late posting about this lovely package from Gaylen.

A handmade pin cushion that is already in use at the sewing machine table. A froggy tea holder. Found that a bit funny when I was frogging projects this morning:).

Sock yarn that I have been wanting to try but due to our limited stock at our local fabric store I haven't had the opportunity. But I do now.

A pledge duster. Gaylen knew I needed one of these things so I can crochet reuseable covers. Yes (sigh) I know it has not been taken from the package yet. I must make that reuseable cover first........LOL
And then there were these. The most adorable embroidered labels I have ever seen. They will be perfect sewn on a handknit gift. I just don't know if I can actually give them away:).
I keep nudging Gaylen to make these and offer them for sale. I absolutely love them.
Thank you so much for everything Gaylen.

I have cast on for a dollette. I've made a few of these in the past. They measure about 3 inches when finished. Unfortunately the pattern booklet is no longer available.

Paisley Socks. I purchased this pattern on ravelry. This is an easy pattern and I like the results.
I should be knitting gifts for St Nick but I'm knitting these for self:).