Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Game is On

Guess who is at a college game today? The daughter and hubby.
Husband wanted a college jacket but they're quite expensive and it didn't fit in the budget.
While we were out on our weekly market trip we made a stop at the Goodwill store. You never know what you're going to find there and I'm all for a good bargain.

Fifteen minutes later husband arrived and told me to close my eyes. I closed them in anticipation (I should've known he opened the bag. When I opened them he was standing there like a kid in a candy store holding this jacket. It was BRAND NEW with the tags and had never been worn. There wasn't a thing wrong with it and it was in his size. The bargain price was $10!

I sent the picture to the DD in college and told her the story of the jacket find. She reminded me that I should've known the bag content wasn't for me. After all, it wasn't a swiffer or a new sweeper! LOL
Trust me, there's a story behind that one. My silly day (as in birth-day) is fast approaching (eyeroll). I don't like a big fuss but just once I wish my kids and hubby would get together and plan a simple meal out as a family (sigh). But I'll hold out for another swiffer or some such thing. lol
Can you believe it? I finally finished something. These were lost. I remembered them the other day while I was watching a documentary on monkeys. Somehow in my wee brain, I got to thinking of monkeys and their dexterity and that lead to knitting which led to the Monkey socks. Don't ask! it's how my brain
I couldn't find these anywhere. I knew they were almost finished. Three hours later, I found them! I quickly finished them while admonishing myself for procrastination. I love 'em but my next pair will be no purl monkeys.


Grace said...

great socks and lucky hubby to get his jacket!!!

Channon said...

Hooray! What great finds - for both of you. Enjoy those monkeys. Sock weather is approaching fast...

Bubblesknits said...

Awesome bargain!!! :-) I love it when things like that happen.

The socks look great, too. My faves to knit are the no purl version, so I hear you on that.

Laura Neal said...

Very nice socks!

We have the $10 dress that we consider to be the ultimate bargain. My family goes and hits the racks at the local Ross and one of us usually finds that $10 dress and is the magical dress that looks awesome on. I love those deals! Along with a pair of $5 shoes that match the dress.

Anita said...

Great find!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the B'day this year... we will hope for something better than a swiffer. Do you think they get confused when you make swiffer covers, dishcloths & such? Maybe they think you actually like them? LOL

Awesome socks!!!