Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

June 23, 2007: This is a happy day.

This is the guy I married 23 yrs ago today. He's a great guy. Let me count the ways: He never says a word on the amount of yarn and fiber I have amassed over the years. He takes me to yarn, fabric and fiber shops anytime I want. He looks at packages that are delivered weekly and just shakes his head. He overlooks the massive amounts of UFOs in the living room and just chuckles everytime I clean and I think I have hidden them from view. He appreciates anything that I make him. And I have made him a few vests, socks and gloves over the years. (he even overlooked the complaining I did when I made him a vest out of fingering yarn. He is a rather large size so there were a LOT of stitches on that vest).

I, on the other hand have overlooked with a raised eyebrow the gifts of brooms, swiffer sweepers, dust pans, blenders etc that he graciously gave to me as gifts for anniversarys and birthdays. Today we're going to dinner for the first time in 23 yrs and to do a little shopping. Can I help it that shopping may include a yarn shop? Happy Anniversary, ice man! Why has it taken us 23 yrs to go to dinner on our anniversary? When we were married I already had two adorable sons. So a dinner out was at the local pizza parlor with the boys. On our second anniversary our DD was born so today is her birthday and she turned the big 21!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Trouble in Knitting Land!

Big Trouble in Knitting land! A mass of yarn. Wound around the coffee table, into the kitchen and around all four kitchen chairs. Not a straight shot but woven between them. Amazing enough there was not an animal in sight. mmmm......who did this?

It wasn't Miss Phoebe! She was happily napping in the bathroom ceramic sink. Seems she was hot and decided to cool off for a bit. With all that fur, I would too. I believe I know who the yarn thief is.......

AH HA! There he is. In all his 89 pound glory. Mister Bettis! At 8 months he has taken to destroying my stuff. This is the guy who caused havoc with my yarn! He is in BIG TROUBLE! His owner, aka the DH, tried unsuccessfully to put the blame on poor Miss Phoebe whose main goal in life right now is to stay cool. She certainly has no intention on exerting too much energy only to suffer in the heat. Yep! It's Mister, who did the damage..........again.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Knitting WIPS

Okay I haven't posted in quite a while. I have been starting more projects. The youngest DD claimed this yarn, so I'm making a scarf for her. I like how it is striping.

This is the cashmerino and it feels so soft. I think I'm one of the last knitters to knit a pair of jaywalkers. I like the pattern. Easy for my wandering mind to remember. Oh, and it has been started on my new Lantern Moon sox sticks. I like 'em.

Next on the needles is the Knit Picks peasant sock pattern. Nice pattern. I chose a skein of denim blue merino and a skein of random handpainted merino yarn that I did a while ago. This pattern is fun.

Of course what is a sock knitter without a new sock project bag? I knit this one from two skeins of my dk weight yarn. It is the trapeze and eggstravaganza colorways mixed. I had fun with this and it hangs from my wrist while I knit. My SIL wants this bag for her knitting so I just might knit another one. It was knitted in a day, my kind of project.

p.s. Remind me of the first paragraph in November when I'm frantically wondering how in the world I'll get those kids' projects knitted in time for Christmas.