Saturday, June 09, 2007

Knitting WIPS

Okay I haven't posted in quite a while. I have been starting more projects. The youngest DD claimed this yarn, so I'm making a scarf for her. I like how it is striping.

This is the cashmerino and it feels so soft. I think I'm one of the last knitters to knit a pair of jaywalkers. I like the pattern. Easy for my wandering mind to remember. Oh, and it has been started on my new Lantern Moon sox sticks. I like 'em.

Next on the needles is the Knit Picks peasant sock pattern. Nice pattern. I chose a skein of denim blue merino and a skein of random handpainted merino yarn that I did a while ago. This pattern is fun.

Of course what is a sock knitter without a new sock project bag? I knit this one from two skeins of my dk weight yarn. It is the trapeze and eggstravaganza colorways mixed. I had fun with this and it hangs from my wrist while I knit. My SIL wants this bag for her knitting so I just might knit another one. It was knitted in a day, my kind of project.

p.s. Remind me of the first paragraph in November when I'm frantically wondering how in the world I'll get those kids' projects knitted in time for Christmas.