Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet Matilda

Meet Matilda. The brand-new-suck-up-the-dust-bunnies sweeper. She is lightweight, she sucks up those dust bunnies in a flash and she was cheap. The husband wanted a more expensive gadgety (is that a word?) sweeper but Matilda was begging to come home.

Look what arrived in my house. Aren't they pretty?

Look who was singing "baby come back, any kind of fool could see......." in the backyard.

Is this who sent the flowers?

That broom better watch it, as I know someone who could put it to good use.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this exciting? Or what?

Remember a few posts ago when the hubby "did" something to the sweeper and it broke? I made a "green decision" that we could work without a sweeper. I convinced myself that a broom would do just as well as a sweeper without using electricity. It worked for a few days. The dust bunnies are now overtaking the home. I caught the teen picking them up and baptizing them with names!
Okay, I give up. 3 cats, 3 dogs, one kid and a husband and I thought we could go without a sweeper?

We're going into town tonite to purchase a brand new sweeper. I'm actually singing:
We're off to get a sweeper
A wonderful wonderful sweeper
Because, because, because, beca-a-a-a-use of all the wonderful things it does..........
hum hum hum hum.............

The next post will be of the brand new sweeper!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play Nice or......

Friday night Football again. I certainly don't mean to bore you but it's our life.
We are trying to enjoy this year in spite of adversity and impending medical issues.

Our daughter/Field Captain/Drum Major marching to the beat. The Band was excited and upbeat and ready for a big game. There were predictions we would lose and in spite of losing any game our fans/kids still have fun.

A funny moment with the band director right before she directed the fight song.

Here she is, directing the Alma Mater at the beginning of the game.
Jessi, I promise I will get a video clip and post it but probably not until the Homecoming game when I can get the complete band show in daylight hours.

p.s. This post has been updated due to some not-very-nice comments that have since been deleted. I don't normally respond to nasty comments but I must ask that unless you attended and witnessed the ENTIRE pre-game and the game itself, please reserve judgement.
Hopefully the Truth will prevail and it did. The opposing team was reprimanded for bad behavior.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a Monday

Unfortunately this post is without pictures.
I recieved some beautiful markers from Anita. I went to take a picture. The camera battery was dead just as I went to push the button. It's a Monday.

I ordered a skein of yarn two weeks ago and the policy is a 3-10 day wait. It's been 14 days and no yarn. I contacted the company. My order was overlooked. It's a Monday.

Mr. Bettis went outside and found a mud puddle. Consider his very large paws and mud as a combination walking on my clean floor and well........... It's a Monday.

I think I should've pulled the covers over my head this morning and stayed in bed. No..........wait..........I'll knit instead:).

Hopefully this is not a sign of the forthcoming week.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's All In Fun

Friday night Football.
We take our school and our football serious in this part of the Appalachian mountains. Our first football game and band performance were held at the stadium last night. The weather was perfect. Hurricane Hanna stayed away and allowed us to enjoy the evening.

The student without a hat is our daughter, the Field Captain aka assistant Drum Major. I have mentioned in previous posts about the band director (who I know personally and actually admire as a young man) and his inconsistent decision making process. He decided at the last minute that she cannot properly conduct wearing the hat so he decided to eliminate the hat for her. I must say it is easier to spot her on the field:).

She not only conducts the band during the show but she also runs back to the band line when she has finished conducting to play the piccolo. There are 4 movements in this show and she runs back and forth 4 times. She directs the Alma mater, the fight song and the dance team performance music. She is also Flute Captain and Woodwind Captain. Although she isn't wearing a hat she is a girl with many hats.:)

This is a pic of her conducting the Alma mater. She did an awesome job and even the director shook her hand and complimented her performance. She was sharp and professional. She was pleased and we were proud.
The football team won their first game of the season. YAY!

I hate to add a damper on the whole event but I have one pet peeve. When spectators bash a band/sport performance. I want to say, "Keep in mind your child/grandchild could be in a performance/sport event and you wouldn't appreciate disrespectful, rude behavior if the shoe was on the other foot. Learn the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T & practice it."

On the home front:
We decorated for fall and came home the other day to the tree on the floor. Lights and tree ornaments were everywhere and one of the glass ornaments was broken. I must admit, I blamed Mr. Bettis......until.........I was knitting last evening and this is who was stalking the twinkling lights on the tree. Mr. Bettis's owner aka the DH was very quick to point out who was at fault with the tree, Miss Aurora.

And then there was this..........Miss Aurora climbing the tree! It started to topple and the DH jumped and grabbed it in the nick of time. He thought I should apologize to Mr. Bettis for falsely accusing him of knocking the tree over while we were gone. Not-on-your-life. What about the bag of styrofoam peanuts that were all over my living room the other day? And the paper that was shredded? And........? well you get the picture.

p.s. Thanks to all who have supported our Field Captain/assistant Drum Major. She reads and hears your comments and truly appreciates your support.