Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat

A few believe the nor'easter was a trick and there are those of us who believe it's a treat. This is what we awoke to this morning. I'm not certain whether to light the pumpkin or Christmas lights. The roads were a slushy mess but that didn't stop the DH and I from making a trip to town. He had to work for an hour and I rode along. Forgot to take the camera but I must say the colored leaves with the snow laying on them looked like Christmas. It was beautiful.This is a yellow maple in our front yard.

We spent the rest of our day cleaning out (DH doing the grunt work) . Whew!Trick or treating is cancelled for the night so we're popping in a Christmas movie. My needles are clicking, there's a few gifts to be finished. There will be finished project pics to come later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a Mask....No, it's a hat...

Stash busting and flying needles. Thank goodness because I have major gift knitting to finish. I've wanted to make the Kitchen Hat for awhile now and finally dug in the stash to cast on. Found an alpaca/wool blend and finished this in 48 hours. A quick knit with a great fit.Next up is a cat hat for our granddaughter. She luvres 'yeows' as she calls them and she wanted a cat costume for Halloween. I used more stash for this and it's oh-so-soft.

Now to the bigger story. We've had a bear, a possum and now a newbie visiting our trash cans. The bear is a messy sorter. Trash is strewn all over the yard and he leaves one big mess. The possum hides out in the can and when you least expect it, he hisses and he digs BIG holes in the bags and throws stuff out of the can. I'd put a picture of the possum but they're so nasty I couldn't even find a cute picture. I'd take one myself but since I had a possum encounter when I was a child, I'm terrified of the beasts.
Introducing Rick the Raccoon. The husband went out the back door and heard a noise in the trash can so he grabbed the flashlight and was surprised to see a masked face. Mr. Bettis wasn't about to miss the action and carried on a dog who has encountered an intruder. Rick Raccoon is young and he just stared at the hubby as if to say, 'you're interrupting my snack, you know.' This certainly explains the meticulous trash picking that I've noticed recently.

We need cans with locked lids if only the bear wouldn't trample and destroy them in the process. Personally I happen to like the visiting deer. They snack on the fallen apples and do a find job cleaning up unlike their forest friends.

Monday, October 17, 2011

One of those days....

Ever have one of those days?? Well today is it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Stuck indoors for 10 days in drenching downpours is inspirational in many ways. While sitting on my duff knitting I could look into the dark and dreary kitchen. This corner is very dark in dreary weather so now I'm debating on painting the base a weathered white (as well as the walls) and the doors in a retro green so I can accent with my red appliances (mainly my fancy red coffee maker that Jessi gifted last year ). Problem? My cupboards are solid wood and I'm not certain I really want them painted. The of course there's the 1970's green countertop staring me in the face and funds certainly won't allow a new countertop right now. Well it was a thought....So the DH moved the pie safe from the living room to the kitchen and removed the towel cupboard to the kitchen. Rearranged my cookbook collection from the baker's rack to the cupboard. I'm happy with the look. This is what I was knitting while my mind was swirling about the kitchen cupboards. A Rambling Rows afghan for the DH. He's been wanting an afghan of his very own and since I'm knitting from stash these days this was a great stash buster. I wondered if he'd share this with the knitter but Chan was quick to point out he'll probably more than likely share with Mr. Bettis instead.

I love the end result and I just may have to cast on for another one only this time it will be mine ;).
Handspun yarn from who knows when. Bfl 240 yds light worsted and I despised the color so it went for dye bath.
And this was the final result. Forgive the picture please. I took umpteen pics and still couldn't capture the rosy red colorway. I'm loving this now but have no idea what to knit.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Little Boy Blue

The baby shower travel on Sunday was as messy as the weatherman predicted. I forgot to take a picture of the gift basket but I did remember to get some pics of a few of the basket goodies that I finished for grandbaby #2. We know this one is a boy so crochet baby converse sneakers in the new dad's favorite team colors were a must. Pittsburgh all the way!A warm snuggy or cocoon (whatever name they use nowadays). I had a heck of a time finding a nice button and finally settled on a plain black one. One skein of Lion Brand thick and quick lived up to it's name, thick AND quick.I saw a few of these car booties on Ravelry but couldn't find a pattern so I made my own. They were a big hit at the shower and I'm sure take him places ;).

No baby is complete without a classic sweater set. Sirdar DK yarn in a nice speckled blue added just the right amount of color to keep this knitter interested and yet offer a classic set.

The fish hat was for fun. I got a kick knitting this and presenting it. The new mom-to-be seemed to be thrilled and gave a warm and heartfelt thanks for the handmade goodies. I also made a toy and another fun hat but since blogger doesn't allow more than 5 pictures per post I'll add it in the next one.

The trip was wet and dreary and what should've been a 2 hour ride home dragged into 2 hours and 45 minutes. Now the countdown begins until grandbaby #2 decides it's time to meet everyone.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Little Black Rain Cloud

Well this is the 9th day of rain and I gotta tell ya, it's getting old. I'm beginning to think the sun (ya know? that yellow ball of heat in the sky?) has retired for an early hibernation. Now of course the weatherman is throwing around the word snow but I truly think he only said it so he could get some attention. It's very early for snow even in this neck of the mountain.With the exception of VERY LARGE Mister B muddy pawprints I haven't minded the rain (too much). It has helped my knitting mojo and trust me, there's a lot of knitting that needs to be finished. Pictures to come later, I'm wrapping a baby shower gift for tomorrow and much to my dismay it will be rainy travel.