Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Ba-a-a-ck

I'm back. I warned I couldn't be quiet for very
Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the previous post. Personal issues continue but we will persevere.
Onto life now............

It snowed here yesterday. The storm was to be south of us. Uh......think the weatherman missed this one.
We awakened this morning to a temperature of 3 degrees Fahrenheit. bbrrrr.......

Mr. Bettis romped and played in the snow and finally came in from the cold. He actually crawled under this blanket on his loveseat. Silly dog.

I have been knitting but have very few pictures. I finished this hat over a month ago but I'm afraid it will be too small by the time it reaches it's destination. The recepient has a lot of trouble receiving packages and schedule conflicts (busy, illness etc) have not permitted a meet-up.
There's also a handknit sweater but it will be too small also. *sigh* I'm sure there will be someone in the future who will need a handknit sweater and hat for their little one.

I baked some oatmeal cookies last week. Anything for sanity.
The hubby came down with a fever and sore throat last weekend. I have never understood how this man never said a word when he fractured his back or had the table saw war . Yet you'd think he was the only one in the world with a sore throat. (eyeroll)
By Wednesday he was no longer complaining. When he no longer complains, I know there's trouble brewing. (he says the same thing about me but.....pppfffttt whatever)
The fever raged and I began to see the warning signs of his old buddy, pneumonia. He went kicking and screaming to the dr and sure enough he had pneumonia in both lungs, ear infections and sinusitis. He has been receiving injections and put on some hefty antibiotics and other medications. Thank goodness he's improving and will be returning to work soon. ...........did I say that? LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peace and Quiet

This blog will be quiet for a short time. A bit of personal stuff going on at the moment which has occupied my time and energy. I also need to collect my thoughts.
I promise I will try to keep up with blogs. Trust that I'm thinking of each and every one of you. I also promise that I won't be quiet too long. I'm never quiet for very long :).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My dad came yesterday for a visit and here he is joking around with the DD.

A dear non-computer friend, Regina, sent a suprise belated college gift to the DD. She received some cookies, candy and new pink college shirts.

Regina is a very sweet friend and a survivor of WW 2 war-torn Germany. The DD and I cherish her friendship.
Her stories of survival are a reminder of how we as Americans need to support our troops as they defend and protect our freedom and liberty.

We heard a meow from the hallway and caught Miss Aurora with a skein of yarn. We wondered where she was taking the yarn. An hour later we found it. Under my bed! Seems there was a nice little pile of yarn carried by the Cat Burglar. You would think that I would miss the yarn but (ahem) you have no idea how much stash I actually have around here.
Which reminds me, I am knitting from stash these days. Some of it out of frugal necessity and some if because I couldn't knit all of this stash in my lifetime.

p.s. To Mr. Bettis' attorney: this by no means excuses Mr. Bettis in any way shape or form. He found a bag of treats during the night and proceeded to devour the entire bag. So he is not off the hook.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dog Days

I call it Dog Days because just like the summer dog days when everyone's a bit lazy, cold winter days seem to have the same effect. I am doing some knitting and enjoying the time spent with the college DD. A few dr appts sprinkled here and there take up my time and there are pending medical procedures. I'm going to ignore all of that for the moment.
This morning I caught Mr. Bettis drooling over a television commercial advertising dog furniture and beds.

I was tempted to purchase a couch for Mr. Bettis until his owner pointed out that he already owns a couch. But but's not his couch. It's MINE!! One more thing of mine that Mr. B has claimed as his own. (sigh)
Little Gypsy getting a tummy rub. Such a sweet little dog who doesn't take an entire couch. However, she does sleep at the bottom of the bed and it always amazes me just how much room a little 8 lb dog requires in such a large area.

Hopefully I'll have pictures of new projects on the needles. I've thrown a few of the older ones in the frog pond. I blame it on startitis:)