Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Wall of Shame

 It's been a's been a long while since I have reported on Mr. Bettis and his antics. We left the house...need I say anymore? And we came home to this....

So I made a sign for Mr. Bettis and from here on out everytime he acts out, he will be posted on the wall of shame (along with his owner who continues to defend him claiming he's still a puppy. A puppy? He's 7 years old now! 
Damage in 2013: a basket, skein of yarn, another storm door latch (3rd one to date), 3 placemats, Glad plastic containers (2 and yes they HAD food in them), 1 pair of flip flops, busted the wooden fence in 4 different areas, and the one thing that I find too funny...a pair of his owner's sneakers :D. Gives me great satisfaction to know he finally nailed something belonging to his owner...hee hee

Here's hoping we can get thru Thanksgiving without him stealing the turkey (our loving previous lab stole a whole chicken). It never ends with Mr. B

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time of the year

It's that time of the year...A little knit Christmas hat. Was making 2 for grandchildren and trying to tweak the size to fit. Unfortunately this one was too big but it's ok, I know a little boy who will wear it with pride. Using a light up necklace, I sewed it into the hat and then added little beads for the finishing touch.

 Next up a Sock Monkey set for Vet-girl's addition-to-be. I improvised most of this set. If anyone knows me, they know I love sock monkeys and so does the new mom-to-be.
 I cannot take credit for this little handknit. Chem-girl took her needles and knitted a little magic creating a beautiful vest for her nephew-to-be. She sent it across the big wide country and it arrived in plenty of time to be put away until today...the day of the baby shower. Vet-girl was pleasantly surprised.
Thanks to technology (of which I know very little) Chem-girl 'attended' her sister's shower via web-cam. Vet-girl was very happy and pleased.

Due to a medical issue of my own and more doc appts Christmas gifts are going to be scrapped this year. Just not enough time in the day but I can say it's a start for the following year :).

Thursday, November 07, 2013

My Mini House(s)

When I want to leave Life in the corner I retreat to my world of minis. Found a pattern online to make paper house ornaments. 

 So I gathered my massive amount of paper (which isn't too far from surpassing my massive amount of yarn) and set to work.
 I'm on the look-out for mini things to embellish these little houses. So far I'm lovin' these little things. They remind me of the paper houses my Claus set under the Christmas tree.
Do you have any fond memories of a favorite decoration?

Friday, November 01, 2013

Christmas Journey

Took time off from chores (who cares if the laundry isn't to do a little scrapping. A Christmas journal that will head to Chem-girl so she can journal her first Christmas away.

 I used file folders and cut them 6X6 and used the ends to encase the cut pages. Made the ends into pockets on every other page. Tag inserts complete the look.

I need a few more embellishments then it is complete. Christmas journals are my favorite to scrap. She will be surprised when she opens this package :)