Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whole Lot of Shaking Goin' On

The East Coast earthquake was a hot topic. We felt the shakes, cookie jars, pictures and walls were rattling. A bit unnerving but we're fine. Mr. Bettis and Gypsy ignored the whole event while Molly and Calico (the old one) pinned their ears and went into hiding.
However the earthquake wasn't the only thing hot around here. Within minutes of the quake a local gas station erupted into flames.

Our local fire departments (volunteer as well) were on the scene. These men and women are heroes in my book. DH was a junior firemen in his younger days and went on to be a volunteer fireman for many years until his spine injury interferred.

This picture was taken when the first responders were on the scene. Only took a few more minutes and the main road was shut down.

Thankfully no one was injured but the station has been declared 'totaled'.

That's all the news in this neck of the woods for now and quite frankly we don't need anymore. But wait! Hurricane Irene is fast approaching the area of Chem DD's college and we're now re-evaluating move in day which is scheduled for Sunday. In the meantime I'm knitting like mad ;)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


We culminated the weekend with Chem-girl's birthday.
Once again cupcakes were on the menu and they were decorated with tie-dye colored icing. I have no idea where your's truly was but asleep at the camera this weekend missing pictures of food goodies.
I would share the Happy Birthday sing-a-long but with the exception of the DH there's not one good voice among the bunch.

She blew the candles with one blow and I hope she gets her wish.
Notice who wasn't about to miss the celebration (eyeroll)....Mr. B.

There's a post in writing written solely for him and I know his attorney is busy celebrating her birthday today but he's barking loud and clear for representation. He's also sending very loud birthday wishes ;).