Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outta the Loop

College semesters have begun for both daughters so we had a family game night last weekend.
Snacks, Wii and a good game of Hands and Foot made for a fun night.

The eldest DD preparing for a strike in Wii bowling. Notice the sweater? It's the Central Park Hoodie in Vanna's Choice Worsted. She really likes the style of the CPH and she places her order for a new one every year.

Youngest DD who is not happy with her last Wii golf swing.

Speaking of outta the loop, we've missed every snowstorm until last week. We were graced with almost a foot of snow. Looks like there's a BIG storm coming for Groundhog Day. We shall see given the weatherman's missed calls this year. I happen to be one who enjoys winter much more than summer. Not a fan of excessive heat, humidity or rain.
Been in a funk lately and the fresh snowfall made me smile :)
What kind of weather makes you smile?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Snow Day

The coldest day of the year we delivered the college DD safe and sound. We tried to help her put her stuff away but Miss OCD has her own way of putting stuff away.
It was rather uneventful and we were back on the road in no time.
We stopped to visit our youngest son and daughter-in-law on the way home and met their new addition. Please meet Super Diego. He's a rescue greyhound and without a doubt a very sweet dog. He has very warm friendly eyes and very quick to become your best friend.
Due to medical issues we spent the night and Super D (as our son calls him) slept in our room. We had a lovely visit and after a hearty breakfast we hit the road once again.

*sigh* Unfortunately when we arrived home we found the placemats were dug out of their keeping place on the baker's rack and thoroughly destroyed. There's only one dog who can reach these and yes it was Mr. Bettis. I do believe we interrupted the placemat party because they they were still quite 'wet'.

It's a snow day here today. The husband is home from work and the snow is piling up.
The weathermen missed this one but I must say they've been missing the snow predictions all year so it's nothing new. The farmer's almanac has been much more reliable.

It's very pretty and I'm enjoying the day. Chili in the crock pot and knitting on my needles. I'm off to enjoy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Load 'em up...Move 'em out

It's 10F outside this morning and that's with the sun shining on the thermometer.'s COLD. Today is moving day for the college DD. Somehow she's taking back more than she brought home for winter break.

Do you see Mr. Bettis inspecting the packing?

I have no idea where the last 5 weeks went but they flew. We had a lot of fun over that break; Family game nights, cooking, knitting, baking and of course the holidays.
Her dad's famous saying when loading up the kids (when they were younger) was 'load 'em up, move 'em out'. So here we go.....

I couldn't leave without posting a WIP. I've been wanting another pair of handknit gloves so when I missplaced mine I cast on for these.
Why is it when you're desperate for a handknitted item you can whip it out in no time? The first glove was knit in a day and I plan to finish the second one in the car today.
BTW: I found the original pair of gloves so now I'll have two pair :D. One happy knitter here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just when I think......

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for our daughter. The trip only produced more questions than answers and she will undergo more testing. *sigh*
The trip to the hospital was a blizzard nightmare and when the truck driving hubby was gripping the steering wheel and the girls were silent I knew it was serious. (couldn't tell anything by this blogger's sweaty There were white-outs and we crept at 25 mph most of the 75 mile trip. Instead of 1 hour 15 minute trip it took us over 2 1/2 hours. The return trip wasn't much better.

I did get a little knitting accomplished between 'braking' and gripping my own 'steering wheel' (aka the knitting needles). Keep in mind I'm the co-pilot ;).
I've been trying to find the right pattern for this yarn and I think I've found it, Hermione Socks. I can't find a link but if you're a ravelry fan you can find it in the pattern section.

We were gone 9 hours and apparently Mr. Bettis was bored. My snow boots are by the front door where they've been for over a month. No one bothered much less knew the boots were there however I found them on the kitchen floor minus buttons (and we have not found them so I'll let you guess where they went). The elastic button straps and velcro straps have been thorougly chewed. *sigh* Just when I think he's behaving he proves otherwise.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disguised blessings

Been absent for a little while. There have been many blessings in my life and when I don't choke up I'll blog about them but for now just know that I have the best friends in the world.

I've been quiet about a few things and hesitate to post too much but feel I should at least inform those who read this blog. Our eldest daughter has been dealing with serious medical issues for quite a while and after much testing we are heading to a University Hospital for further evaluation.

This picture is a repeat pic and forgive me for re-posting it but I absolutely love it. It describes our daughter to a tee. She's a laid back kind of gal and has an infectious personality. Quiet but full of little quips that make you laugh. Loves animals and as of this writing just called to tell me that she captured a stray dog and is transporting it to a new found home.

I love snow and hope we get a good snowstorm although it's not looking too favorable here. However that could be a blessing in disguise as we'll be in the car for several hours traveling to the hospital. I'm packing the knitting bag and a few snacks (gotta have snacks you know). I'm starting on Christmas gifts already. There have been quite a few gift requests from my crew and trust me, the list is long ;).

What are you knitting?