Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Needle NEED!

Oh my gosh! A knitter always has the need for new needles. (Say that 10 times and I bet I've created a new tongue twister)
Well I ordered the new Knit pick dpns and then I felt the need for the needles set. So one day (while the DH was away) I ordered them. Then I waited and I waited. Seems they had the needles back ordered. So I waited some more. Lo and behold they arrrived. I was beginning to believe the mail lady was knitting with them. So I spent an entire evening admiring and organizing my new needle set.
Now I have to keep the 15 year old from taking them. She knits and designs her own knitting like nobody's business. I wish I had access to all the wonderful yarn and needles like she does when I was a knitting teen. I had plastic needles and department store yarn. But I knitted anyway. So I guess where there's a will, there's a way.

P.S. Stay tuned for the order that is due to arrive anytime.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Knitter's Un-Invention

I take my knitting everywhere with me particularly in the car. I usually take socks in progress because it is so portable. Invariably I lose needles in the car as I am taking my project from it's bag. Imagine a woman screaming I LOST IT! The DH mumbles, "Yeah I know you lost it". I don't thing he is referring to my needle. I think he is referring to my mind. Good thing he mumbles. Anyway this recently happened on a busy interstate of which I forced him to pull over while I frantically looked for the needle so I could knit. (I also drop needles in a restaurant while I am retrieving the knitting from my purse, talking and drinking my coffee). I and my knitting friends have a solution and it only cost 23 cents!

Go to a lumberyard (the husband will be thrilled that you actually
want to shop at a lumber yard and not a yarn shop).
You will need: One foot of 1/2" vinyl tubing found in the plumbing dept on a roll
(you need a clerk to cut it for you)
Scissors and socks in progress.
Cut a piece of tubing 5 1/2" long. Cut a slit down the center of the 5 1/2" piece.
Open the cut tubing and slide your dpn project thru the slit.

VIOLA! A needle holder! It took minutes to complete and it only cost 23 cents! You can make them in various sizes because the tubing comes in many sizes. Costs vary. The DH pointed out that if the tube gets stretched and no longer grips just roll tightly and it is back in shape. Smart thinking DH!

23 cents.........Wonderful
No more screaming in the car causing DH to panic............Marvelous
No more lost needles....................PRICELESS!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sock Monkey Knits

Ok I'm going to think about signing up for this thing. The thing is Sock Wars. In case no one out there has heard of this endeavor click on this site and check it out. I just might have to bite the knitting needles and go for it. Thanks Catherine and Laura. In the meantime as you can see by the pic, my sock monkey is knitting away on my sock while I am canning salsa. He does nice work, don't ya think?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Debut!

I went to the mailbox when I saw the mailman
arrive. I nonchalantly walked to the mailbox humming a nonsense tune, staring at the sky acting as thought I had not seen him pull up to our mailbox. I discreetly watched as he put letters into the mailbox. No package. (sigh) Er....wait........why did he stop after the last mailbox? Could it be? Yes-s-s-s! He opened the trunk of his car (in rural America the mailman delivers from his own vehicle) and there it was! The most beautiful brown box ever. I tried to reach for it without shaking too much but I'm afraid my excitement was obvious. I grabbed the box and all but ran to the house for fear another knitter was lurking in the woods knowing I was expecting this package. I grabbed a knife to tear at the box (forget scissors, I didn't have time to look for them) and ...oh my gosh.......there it was, in all it's glory: The Sock Wizard and my DPNs. I dashed to the computer and made the 15 yr old install that baby asap. The wizard was installed in less than 5 minutes and the pattern printed ready for use. I took my yarn and those brand new DPNs from KnitPicks and I started my first ever toe-up socks. I've made at least 50 pr cuff down and I have half that many started somewhere around here but I've never made toe-up. You're the first to see them. Viola! The Debut!