Friday, April 27, 2007

My KTE Pal

A BIG yarn hug is sent to my KTE Pal, Rachael from Australia. I received this package of goodies yesterday and I love all of it. How did you know, Rachael, that I lost my cable needle a week ago?
The yarn is beautiful and the purple skein is cashmere/merino. The needles will replace those that dear Bettis chewed. I always need scissors and the candy treats are yummy.
I am enjoying the patterns and the "bits and bobs" from down under. I plan to spend my day winding the yarn and casting on. Thank you so much Rachael, I love it all.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Finished! Can You Believe it?

Drum Roll Please.............I finally finished a few projects. Can you believe it? I can't. But here they are to make their debut.

STR socks from the first kit shipment. (It was shipped in Feb.) April's kit ships next week.

The Forest Canopy Shawl from a skein
of my hand dyed yarn.

The SwallowTail Shawl from my stash yarn.
I read the Yarn Harlot's new book and I have concluded I am definitely a Process Knitter. I finish a UFO and I really don't feel a deep satisfaction. As a matter of fact when finished, I actually feel a "let-down." I wonder why? But I really don't have time to analyze that, I must cast on for more projects.........

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All creatures big and small....

Okay. Does this house look like Noah's Ark?

I was in the shower yesterday morning and the phone rang. Now I must ask, why does one ponder on jumping out of the shower to answer the phone? On the 4th ring I jumped out of the shower, the bath mat slipped, I caught myself by the towel hanger (which I found the DH hung and did not hit studs in the wall), I slipped again and grabbed a towel (a rather smallish towel, mind you) and ran to the phone. I got it just in time. I couldn't see the caller ID because my glasses were in the living room. I'm as blind as a bat without my "other set of eyes."
The phone caller was my neighbor informing me a black bear was in my back yard. I ran to the window to take a peak. Sure enough there he was. He has passed through here several times before. The neighbor asked if my dogs were barking. I said, heavens NO, they're asleep. What good are these dogs anyway?

I watched the bear go past the side of the house and I went to the living room and got my glasses. Keep in mind, I am still wrapped in a towel that is smaller than I am. The neighbor suggested I open my front door to take a look at the bear. Oh, I don't think I need to look at the bear. I wouldn't want to flash the passers by.

I could see the headlines now: Woman. Mother of 4 and wife of 1. Knitter of all trades. Arrested for indecent exposure for alleged sighting of black bear!

The media would have a field day with that.

I dressed warned the DD of the bear. Our kids are trained for this "threat". Black Bears are more frightened of people than we are of them. She knows not to run but to make a LOT of noise. I watched her at the door with my knitting needles (yes, my metal knitting needles) and a stainless steel pan in the event I should have to make a lot of noise on her behalf.

We didn't see him again. He is scouting for a wife I'm sure. After all, it is spring! Even if our weather indicates otherwise.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Furry Rabbit

Okay I'll explain the subject. The rabbit passed on to bunny land. NO, NOT THAT RABBIT!

We were the proud owners of a pedigree rabbit. Or should I say our DD was a proud owner of a pedigree rabbit named Feffer.

She was kept in the laundry/furnace area through the winter so the poor little thing didn't freeze to death in the cold. Wild rabbits hibernate in winter around here. Anyway I went downstairs yesterday to tend to the laundry. The DH was cleaning out the furnace storage area. Feffer would jump every time someone entered. I entered. No jump. I thought well, she's sleeping. I noticed the water bottle was full. So I thought maybe, just maybe this time someone else had watered the rabbit besides me. What was I thinking? Why is it we get pets and I am the only one who tends to them? I continued with the laundry and I noticed Feffer still wasn't moving. I tapped on the cage. No movement. I tapped again. Still no movement. I yelled for the DH.
I said, I think Feffer has passed on to "bunny land". He tapped the cage. I told him, I already tapped on the cage. He tapped again. What? he didn't believe me? He checked her and said yes she has passed on.
He then says, Do you want to keep her so the DD can view her?
Do you want the DD to view the body? (he is serious about this)
NO! I do NOT want you to keep the body for a viewing. For crying out loud, while we cared for this animal, it's a rabbit!
Gimme a break here.

I did tell him, do not tell her as she had dance recital pictures and I wasn't paying for pictures with red eyes. He managed to hold his tongue.

Many knitting moons ago we had angoras that you brushed and combed and plucked and fed and watered at the tune of $300.00 +over the course of 5 yrs all for a zip loc bag of fur to spin. I could've bought angora in nice little balls already spun for that price and I wouldn't have had to tend to the rabbits.

On another note I started another shawl. I am so addicted to these things. I now have 4 shawls on the move. I am looking for shawl yarn at the sheep & wool show in 3 weeks. I visited the nice sister on Friday and we went to a little yarn shop that is owned by an Amish lady. She had a cone of yarn from the UK that was the softest wool and it was 2000 yds for $12.00. I ran to the the counter with that stuff. I love it. So I have cast on.

Pics will be posted later........of the shawl........not the rabbit!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Shawl I knit?

A local customer purchased my hand dyed yarn and made these beautiful shoulder shawls. She graciously shared these pictures. She made each shawl from one skein of my hand dyed fingering yarn. I believe she has done a beautiful job. Thanks Mary! This shawl was made with the merino fingering yarn, 380 yds on a size US 10 1/2 needle. It is the Lacy Winged Shawl pattern from the March 28, Knitter's 2007 calendar. It has a beautiful curve at the top and lays smoothly on the shoulders. This pattern is easy enough for the beginner shawl knitter.

This shawl is made from the "poor knitter's cashmere" fingering 380 yds Rose Garden colorway. It is the SwallowTail Shawl from Interweave Knitter's Magazine Fall 2006. She chose to do the main pattern design and eliminate the border. I thought this turned out beautiful.
This shawl is knitted from "poor knitter's cashmere" 380 yds on a size US 9 needle Extravaganza colorway. This shawl is based on the standard dishcloth pattern beginning at the point and increasing every row until desired length/width. She then added a very simple lace border.
Thank you so much, Mary for making these beautiful knitted garments and sharing the photos with me.