Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All creatures big and small....

Okay. Does this house look like Noah's Ark?

I was in the shower yesterday morning and the phone rang. Now I must ask, why does one ponder on jumping out of the shower to answer the phone? On the 4th ring I jumped out of the shower, the bath mat slipped, I caught myself by the towel hanger (which I found the DH hung and did not hit studs in the wall), I slipped again and grabbed a towel (a rather smallish towel, mind you) and ran to the phone. I got it just in time. I couldn't see the caller ID because my glasses were in the living room. I'm as blind as a bat without my "other set of eyes."
The phone caller was my neighbor informing me a black bear was in my back yard. I ran to the window to take a peak. Sure enough there he was. He has passed through here several times before. The neighbor asked if my dogs were barking. I said, heavens NO, they're asleep. What good are these dogs anyway?

I watched the bear go past the side of the house and I went to the living room and got my glasses. Keep in mind, I am still wrapped in a towel that is smaller than I am. The neighbor suggested I open my front door to take a look at the bear. Oh, I don't think I need to look at the bear. I wouldn't want to flash the passers by.

I could see the headlines now: Woman. Mother of 4 and wife of 1. Knitter of all trades. Arrested for indecent exposure for alleged sighting of black bear!

The media would have a field day with that.

I dressed warned the DD of the bear. Our kids are trained for this "threat". Black Bears are more frightened of people than we are of them. She knows not to run but to make a LOT of noise. I watched her at the door with my knitting needles (yes, my metal knitting needles) and a stainless steel pan in the event I should have to make a lot of noise on her behalf.

We didn't see him again. He is scouting for a wife I'm sure. After all, it is spring! Even if our weather indicates otherwise.

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Laura Neal said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of the black bear, he would have looked wonderful gracing your blog. If nothing else, you could have super imposed him wearing one of your beautiful shawls, or even better, a stocking cap and some mittens. hee hee.