Friday, August 29, 2008

Yarn Take-Over

We have a computer room and there really is a computer in here somewhere. Yarn has taken over this room. It is in baskets. It's on shelves. It's in the closet and there are several skeins sitting in front of the monitor. I have no idea how this started or why. I have a large yarn stash room downstairs. But here it is and it's taking over. I surrounded myself with bags of WIP and containers of yarn to sort through.
I found this scarf from last year. I only need to knit a few more rows and it's finished. Why did I put it away unfinished? I'm beginning to think I have A.D.D.

Next I found these socks. Okay, I admit to having quite a few pairs of socks in progress. I don't finish them, I just buy more knitpicks needle sets. Seems logical to me.

Now to find the pattern and finish them.

I have a sock blanket on the go. Then I found Catherine's sock yarn blanket on Ravelry (darn that ravelry) with black between each square. I was in love with it. So.......yes you know where I'm going with this......I started another blanket. Mind you, I had to send the husband downstairs to the yarn stash room for black fingering weight yarn. Try explaining that to someone who has no idea the difference between fingering and worsted with the exception of price. Like Jessica's DH, he just doesn't get the $20 for a skein of sock yarn. He likes the socks, though.
I found this cake of handspun yarn. I have no idea how many years ago I spun this but here it is in all it's glory. I also don't know how much yardage is on there but I'll find a use for it.

This was found rolling on the floor just in time for Mr. Bettis to investigate. I snatched it. I guess it looked like a ball and a fun time for him. Uh? No! And I don't want dog slobber on the yarn.

I haven't been downstairs to the yarn stash room yet and I hear the yarn calling me (in it's sweet yarnie voice)........" need to start something new......" I have no choice but to give in to "the voice." It's haunting:)
I am going to send the "loyal subjects" downstairs to get yarn. They said they are taking their cell phones so they can call when they can't find something. I actually believe they are taking them because they are afraid of getting lost in an avalanche of yarn.......hee-hee

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teapot Knits

Announcing the debut of Lil' Miss Teapot in her stunning new pumpkin sweater. She looks quite spiffy in her new attire and models it well.
It is knit from Vanna's Choice yarn. I liked the variegated rust orange for the pumpking color. It is machine washable which was another plus for this yarn choice.
The pattern will be coming soon.

This shawl laid in the basket for 3 months. I have no idea why I put it down in the first place. It took 2 hours to finish it. It needs to be blocked and put away. It's a gift for someone.
I used stash wool-ease in powder blue sprinkle. It only took 2 skeins. I still have plenty of this left. The price tag on it is 50 cents a skein. I no longer remember where I purchased it. Does that give you a hint how long this has been in my stash?

Being laid up, I get bored with the WIP laying in the basket and since I finished a few things, it entitles me to start a new project. I have been wanting to make this zippered vest for the DH for awhile. The book arrived and I quickly cast on. Unfortunately the husband does not have a small chest so it will be knitting that is comparable to a blanket. LOL But I think he is going to like this vest. Now to get it done for Christmas. I see WIP still on the needles as his gift:) My intentions are good though, does that count?
Mr. Bettis wallowing on the floor. I have no idea what he is doing besides chewing on his foot and playing. He does keep me entertained
I never said he was a bright dog. Look at the size of those feet. It is raining out and those feet leave very large muddy tracks. I wish that rabbit would go down his rabbit hole and stay there during the rain. Otherwise Mr. Bettis thinks he must bark and announce to the neighborhood that the rabbit has entered his yard.

Unlike Mr. Bettis and his constant antics, Little Miss Gypsy stays by my side and keeps me company. What a good little dog!

Being laid up has it's advantages and disadvantages. Besides driving me absolutely stir crazy (yes I know, I'm already nuts, this only makes it worse) I can actually get projects finished.

Disadvantages? I can't get myself downstairs to the yarn stash room. I have every intention of doing this in the next couple of days. Much like a security blanket, I need my yarn.
Wait a minute..........I could knit a security blanket! Off to figure out how to get downstairs..........

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pay It Forward

Grace has started another round of Pay it Forward. I am paying it forward from Anita's blog.
Pay It Forward is based on the movie with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. It was a book first, written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. With all of the things happening these days, random acts of kindness are a good thing. I haven't read the book but I have seen the movie and it is worth watching!
This is what the PIF Exchange is all about. I’ll send a knitted gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don’t know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, maybe not until 2009…LOL… but you will receive it within 365 days, that’s a promise! The only thing you have to do in return is then 'pay it forward' by promising to do the same on your own blog.
I think this is a wonderful idea, and I'm really excited to see who signs up! The only Extra rule that I have to add is, anyone who signs up must have a current & active blog. This is just to make my life easier, I can learn more about someone that way & be able to choose something to knit for them that they may actually like. :)

On another pay it forward note, please keep my friend Chan and the Knight in your thoughts. They lost their beloved Prince Mugsy over the weekend. He was a very brave prince through it all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

News Front

On the Home News Front, Mr. Bettis is up to his old tricks. He knocked another hole in the fence and Lil' Miss Gypsy was wandering in the driveway. My parents saw her on their way home from running errands and stopped. Mr. Bettis had his nose peeking out of the hole. Needless to say this is another chore added to the "loyal subject's" list today.

On the Knitting News Front, Lil' Miss Teapot is getting a brand new sweater for Fall. It will be a nice pumpkin orange and olive green.
Come on now, you know you want to sing the "I'm a Little Teapot song" with me. I was "dancing" with the teapot and singing the song to the daughter. She just rolls her eyes and laughs. It's fun to joke with a teen and threaten to "perform" in front of her friends. Trust me, I wouldn't really do that .......or would I? LOL

One of my dear friends placed a Knit Picks order and ordered this book for me. I have been wanting this book for quite awhile. It is a knitting history book and I'm enjoying every bit of it. If you want to read about the history of knitting in America. This is the book to own.

p.s. When life hands you rotten apples (and I have a few of them, doesn't everyone?), LAUGH! It really is the best medicine:).

Friday, August 22, 2008

Unhappy Patient

I am not a happy person right now. I just spent the last 4 hours in the ER.
I have an ongoing injury from an accident a few years ago. My knee started "giving out" a while back. I wear a prosthetic brace and a knee brace on a normal day.

My knee was giving me trouble all day today and it finally "went out" at the market for the 8th time today. I was in tears because it was so painful.

I was going to go to the Urgent care center but was told they had no appointments not even a walk-in and because the hospital is getting ready for their new move they had no x-ray equipment. Actually, the secretary told me they wouldn't have radiology equipment for a few weeks. What kind of urgent care center is this? She suggested the ER. My dr for this injury is 2 hours away and that is not an option.
I waited for Ed to get home and we went to the ER. They tried to bend this leg in impossible positions. Not-good. The dr came in and gave me the diagnosis, I tore the cartilage in my knee. OUCH! They put me in an immobile brace until I get to a knee surgeon. I cannot bend it. I cannot put weight on it.

It is my right leg so driving is off the list (so is This set of crutches is my new transportation. I had a set once before. I was 8 months pregnant with the last child. I had a full leg cast and a set of crutches. Now, that was a sight to see. I wasn't good on crutches then and I'm not much better now!
I am supposed to be on R&R. I am making a list of jobs for the DH and the daughter. It will take Ed all weekend to get his list accomplished. Keep in mind, I have had a few surgeries in the past and he takes a break between each chore. What is that all about? If I did that, I wouldn't get anything done.
After one surgery he put me in the bedroom and told me to yell if I needed anything. He shut the door. How in the world would he hear me? I fixed that situation, pronto! I told him to bring me the antique cow bell. The cow bell is very loud!
He says he didn't mean to shut me out of earshot and he tried to tell me it was to give me peace and quiet but I have to wonder..........LOL

He made an attempt to put me in the bedroom this time but I balked. My knitting is in the living room. Besides while resting in the living room I can monitor chore duty..........:)
I don't like to be out of "commission." It is not fun. I see dust bunnies that I've never seen when I was on two feet. All of sudden I want to clean. Here I sit, naming the dust bunnies and trying to coax them to come to me so I can grab them. that I think about it, I wonder if dust bunnies can be spun? hee-hee

I need some sock yarn to console me!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mish-Mash Monday

This post is a mish-mash of the week.

It's been a busy week/weekend. Just to catch up I'll start with last Sunday. The hubby and the daughters went to Baltimore for an O's game.
They had a good time after they climbed the zillion (according to the eldest daughter and hubby) stairs only to see the escalator when they arrived at the top. The girls grumbled because there was a promotion for people over 50 yrs to receive a hand held fan. Dear old dad walked away with a fan. He thinks the promotion helped people over 50 yrs from suffering a heart attack climbing to their seats at the top of the stadium.

On the knitting homefront, I'm knitting mitts. I designed this pattern to make a pair from one skein of Noro Silk Garden. The weather prediction is for a cold winter so I figure I'm going to need these. Only took a few hours to kinda' knittin'.
These are my Warm Wooly Mitts.

My first pair of Dashing mitts from Lion Brand Wool Ease stash. I made these for a Christmas gift. I did eliminate the third cable as they were going to be too long for the recipient. The pattern was fun and interesting. I will be making another pair. I couldn't get the youngest daughter to pose with them so they look a bit uninteresting in the picture.

The Piccolo Pirate had band practice last week and it ended with a family picnic on Friday. She enjoyed every minute of it. I have no idea what I'm going to do next year when she is in college. I am definitely having the empty nest syndrome already and I have a year to go.
We are mother/daughter but we're also good friends. This is the kid who has been here through all of the medical stuff. It has been hard on her as she was the one left to "hold the bag." I am giving her wings to fly and I know she is there for us just as we are there for her. I am cherishing every moment this year.

Now who could've done that one?

I firmly believe, this is the shoe eating culprit. He refused to give a good mug shot.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Driver.....Oh My!

Here are the keys. The Mom Rule Driver Contract has been signed.

The Piccolo Pirate received her license. This is the fourth kid of ours' to get her license and "here we go again."

She headed out for her first driving experience to band practice. The car wouldn't start. No juice, nothing. Zippo! We had a dead battery.

She dialed 911-grandfather (my dad who lives nearby) with the frantic call of HELP! He came to her rescue as he has done for his own kids and several grandkids.
She also called the director to tell him that her car wouldn't start. Now let's clarify something right now. It is not her car. It is mine!
My dad showed her how to jump start a car as he has done with everyone. Trust me, he has been on more car calls than anyone with these grandkids.....LOL

The car finally started and she was sent on her very first driving alone experience. She left a worried mom at home to pace the floor and wait for the "I'm here, mom" call.
She called in a respectable amount of time (yes, I timed her)to inform me that she arrived safe and sound.

This is the first of my knitting projects. It's coming along.
I don't have much time to knit on these but I'm liking the pattern. I'm busy dyeing yarn between rows.
It feels like fall here. The days and nights are cool and the shadows are getting longer. So I'm into winter knitting projects.

It's a mitt kinda thing in this household and I'm making plenty of mitts for gifts this year. What happened to the sweater gifts, you ask? Well time is crunching for sweaters. I can whip a pair of mitts in no time flat.
I dyed this yarn a nice green. They'll make a nice pair for someone.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set......Wait!

These are my prayer squares for the Luke Blankie. If you think you can get a square done quickly go to Michelle's blog and read the specs and deadline for the squares. Knitters are some of the nicest people that I have had the privilege of knowing. I know we can pull this one off. So come join in the Prayers and Squares for little Luke.
I plan to knit them until Saturday then I will ship them to Michelle so she has them by the deadline.

I was searching for something else and found these mitts in progress. After my squares, I will get back to these and finish them for a gift.

Oh wait.........I signed up (gleefully I might add) for Ravelympics. What was I thinking? Call it startitis, the heat has tainted my wee brain or whatever but now I have myself in a knitting dilemma.

I admit that I am an over achiever who never actually achieves her goal. I signed up for the glove decathlon.
I decided on this pattern book and I spent hours in the stash searching for the yarn that was just right. That was a week ago. I promptly cast on for the gauge and put everything in its' place so I would be ready.

I am now looking at the pattern and everything else that I must get done in the next 17 days and I am asking myself, why did I choose this pattern? I could've chosen a nice simple pattern that I could actually get finished in a reasonable amount of time. But, oh no, not me. I chose this book. What was I thinking? has anyone else signed up for Ravelympics?

p.s. UH OH! I don't have the needles for the project. They're in use. All 6 sets. I'm in trouble already and I'm not even at the starting gate.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Prayers and Squares

Prayers and squares are needed.
A dear friend Michelle has a friend whose son, Luke has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor. I cannot imagine what the family has to endure and I hope I never experience anything even close to what they are experiencing.
Michelle is collecting 8×8 squares knitted in boy colors to make Luke a special blanket. She must have the squares by August 12th. All personal knitting in this house has been set aside to knit prayer squares for little Luke.

Follow this link to read about Luke, his family and the specs about hand knitted squares.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Yarn projects

I finished the red hat for the daughter. I found the pattern on ravelry. Chunky yarn, size 10 needles and an evening produces a finished hat!

I also finished the mittens. They're a Christmas gift for someone. I'm feeling the Christmas knitting crunch these days. The katydids are chirping and it is beginning to look a little like fall around here.

The rest of my weekend was quiet. We were going to visit the sons in the city but we were unable to connect for the visit. I HATE the city and I only go there because our sons live there or because I have a required dr appointment.
Hey! I'm an Appalachian gal! Give me the mountains and the country any old day.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Is it Knitting or Dawdling?

It is hot and humid. Makes for some crazy lazy days around here.

I should be working on my Christmas gift sweaters but it is too warm for that right now. So I have dabbled in mitten work.
A pair of Heartland Mittens have been cast on. I like this pattern. It's fun and much easier than it appears.
The colors remind me of Crayons.

I just had to cast on for this pair of mittens. I have been into the stash lately. With the price of fuel, groceries and utilities I have been stash busting.
Not sure whose hands these mittens will fit. The yarn is fun to knit. It's Patons SWS.

A friend of the daughter requested a pair of self striping gloves. Anytime a teen asks for a hand knitted garment, I try to indulge the request. (as long as it's a reasonable request:)

It rained.......I take that poured! With tornado warnings during the first part of the week. I did nothing but knit.
I love fall and I found this knitted felted gourd pattern. I went back to the stash and found these colors to make gourds. Okay, I admit the purple/plum gourd is not a real gourd color but I liked it. These were made in a day. A total of 9 were completed. They were fun and they're preparing me for fall. I will regret having knitted these when I'm on the Christmas gift deadline but.....oh well.
I stuffed them in my new Longaberger Basket. mmmm........I smell pumpkin pie.

p.s. Lazy days mean dog days around here and dog days mean Mr. Bettis is sleeping........A LOT! :)