Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teapot Knits

Announcing the debut of Lil' Miss Teapot in her stunning new pumpkin sweater. She looks quite spiffy in her new attire and models it well.
It is knit from Vanna's Choice yarn. I liked the variegated rust orange for the pumpking color. It is machine washable which was another plus for this yarn choice.
The pattern will be coming soon.

This shawl laid in the basket for 3 months. I have no idea why I put it down in the first place. It took 2 hours to finish it. It needs to be blocked and put away. It's a gift for someone.
I used stash wool-ease in powder blue sprinkle. It only took 2 skeins. I still have plenty of this left. The price tag on it is 50 cents a skein. I no longer remember where I purchased it. Does that give you a hint how long this has been in my stash?

Being laid up, I get bored with the WIP laying in the basket and since I finished a few things, it entitles me to start a new project. I have been wanting to make this zippered vest for the DH for awhile. The book arrived and I quickly cast on. Unfortunately the husband does not have a small chest so it will be knitting that is comparable to a blanket. LOL But I think he is going to like this vest. Now to get it done for Christmas. I see WIP still on the needles as his gift:) My intentions are good though, does that count?
Mr. Bettis wallowing on the floor. I have no idea what he is doing besides chewing on his foot and playing. He does keep me entertained
I never said he was a bright dog. Look at the size of those feet. It is raining out and those feet leave very large muddy tracks. I wish that rabbit would go down his rabbit hole and stay there during the rain. Otherwise Mr. Bettis thinks he must bark and announce to the neighborhood that the rabbit has entered his yard.

Unlike Mr. Bettis and his constant antics, Little Miss Gypsy stays by my side and keeps me company. What a good little dog!

Being laid up has it's advantages and disadvantages. Besides driving me absolutely stir crazy (yes I know, I'm already nuts, this only makes it worse) I can actually get projects finished.

Disadvantages? I can't get myself downstairs to the yarn stash room. I have every intention of doing this in the next couple of days. Much like a security blanket, I need my yarn.
Wait a minute..........I could knit a security blanket! Off to figure out how to get downstairs..........


Channon said...

Behave yourself, woman! Stash isn't worth falling down the stairs! Could we fit Mr. Bettis with one of those guide dog harnesses??

Little Miss Gypsy needs to be shown off more often. Cutiepie...

Can you teach me how to knit from my stash?

Anita said...

Little Miss Teapot is definatley looking spiffy in her new outfit! :)

And that shawl is just beautiful!!

How could you not love that silly face of Mr. Bettis?? He looks like he's laughing at you! LOL
Could he be snickering cause you are laid up and can't keep track of what he's doing at all times???

Get your slaves to bring up a couple of bags of stash... don't you be falling down there!!!

Diane said...

Miss tea pot looks wonderful in her new sweater. Definately ready for the fall.

Glad Mr Bettis is being entertaining .... and he's glad you can't get around well to see what he's been up to.

Bubblesknits said...

There's always the "butt slide-bump" that toddlers do to go down steps. ;-) Don't know how you'll get back up the steps, though. lol