Friday, January 30, 2009

Ya Gotta Love 'em

Do you see this? It is the top of our driveway. Slick and icy.
The DD got up late to go to school. She had 15 minutes to get ready and head out. The DH assured me that she would have NO problem getting out. After all, Mr. "I-have-driven-for-35-years" had NO problem getting out when he left for his 2 hour trek to work.
However, DD has only had her license for 5 months. And this is her first time driving in icy/snow conditions.
Our driveway is a gradual slope. Not good in the winter. One must tromp the gas pedal to the top.
She went to the car and unfortunately drove slow. I was in my sheep pjs yelling from the deck for her "tromp" it. She never heard me. She slid and got stuck. I called the DH who then said, "I didn't have a problem. Tell her to back down in the grass and start over." Obviously he hasn't noticed there IS NO GRASS! It is covered in snow and ice. She backed down and this time she almost hit the apple tree.

I called the DH again. He couldn't understand how that happened. MEN!
I looked outside and there was the DD with her head in her arms against the car, sobbing. When I asked what was wrong she was blubbering in a total meltdown (and no it didn't melt any snow/ice).
"I-I wa-anted to-o throw snow un-nder the t-t-ire for t-t-r-raction. I shut the door and it l-o-ocked me-e OU-U-T!" Loud wailing at this point.
The car was running and she was locked out. Miss "I-never-get-fuel-till-it's-on-empty", only had a 1/4 tank of gas. I anticipated the car running stuck in the driveway until it ran out of fuel.

But gets better..........we have a second set of keys. So I called the DH. "where is the second set of keys." Answer? "in my pocket." The DH was at work 2 hours away. So he took another vacation day and came home. He is out of cell service for most of the 2 hour trip so when my dad broke into the car and towed her out, I had no way of reaching the DH.

On top of it all, the DD has a horrible cold and insisted on going to school because, "I don't want to miss my AP literature class." She was late but she finally made to school.

We are getting several keys made for this car and they will be in MY possession instead of the DH's pocket 2 hours away.


I grabbed the camera for a rare shot of Mr. Bettis and Gypsy napping together with a cat within slobbering reach.
There's plastic on the bed to keep animal hair off the bedding (not that it really works around here). Aren't they being good?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Man Rant

This is what prompted the DD to do another Happy Dance today. No School!
We received a good 4 inches of the white stuff before it turned to sleet and freezing rain. Not-A-Good-Thing. I love the snow but sleet? and freezing rain? No thank you.
The temps went up to the 30's today which meant it melted a little. The temps are to drop to 17 tonite. Winds have already picked up and the wind chill is to be -5. Oh Yippee! (sarcasm here if you didn't notice:). Which only means packed solid ice/snow. Slick as a whistle.

This is a picture of the front brick stoop. Two steps. There are 5 steps to the back door where you can actually, maybe, get in the house. The DH decided to stay down with a buddy last night. Smart decision. However, we (meaning me and DD) do not have any ice melt/salt for the steps. So I called the DH.
Here's how that scenerio played: (Bear with me, Chan, you've already heard the rant)

I told him to get salt/ice melt for the steps last week. He said (in his infinite wisdom and on a sub zero day) "Oh I don't think we'll get anymore stuff that needs salt." I thought to self, who is rather smart:), "you're not getting ice melt because it's January and it's sub zero out there?" But I managed to keep my mouth shut and so here we are, the steps and banisters are a solid sheet of ice and snow. I called him to tell him, "You need to get salt/ice melt".
"Oh I don't know where I'll get that, you know everyone is probably sold out now. "gggrrrr......

Well then, dear hubby, you'll have to crawl up the steps when you get home. Although I did offer to throw him a rope and let his big lug of a dog pull him up the steps.

However Chan has brought a few things to my attention.

1) The husband did not just move in and this has not been his first winter here so why he didn't stock up on ice melt/salt or anything that would get rid if it, is beyond me.

2) Mr. Bettis (very obviously) has ADD and the chances of the DH keeping his big lug engaged long enough to reach the security of dry land are slim to none...

update: I just heard from the hubby. You're gonna love it. He has stopped at four stores and guess what? There's nothing left to melt the ice! Now who would've thunk that one? MEN!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mug Shot

5:30 am and this is what was outside. Snow. I went outside in the sheep pjs and warm robe (quite a sight but hey, it was dark) to take this pic. School was cancelled early. The DD was doing the happy dance around here.
The DH left for his 2 hour trek to work and called to inform me the roads were horrible. Snow covered and packed solid. He made it safe and sound. Now to get him back home could be a different story.

It stopped snowing for a short while but has resumed full force this afternoon.

Of course while I was fumbling with the camera to get the just the right shot of the snow guess who? wanted his mug shot (yes, Jessi, it's a mug shot).

The girls went with Vet Girl to be groomed. Vet Girl had wa-a-y too much fun dressing Miss Molly in the coat that I made. I don't think Molly is thrilled with the attire.

She looks a bit like an Ewok, don't ya think? This dog cracks me up.

I have a BIG container of novelty yarn. I have no idea what to do with the stuff now that I have exhausted knitting with it. So I decided the girls needed knitted collars. Miss Gypsy was more than willing to model the lovely collar but Miss Molly would have nothing to do with the photo shoot. I think she is still miffed over the coat photoshoot. LOL I tried to grab a cat to try on the collar but they ran in all directions.

It took 22 picture shots to get one without Mr. Bettis horning in.

p.s. Ms. Attorney, I have done a bit of investigating and Mr. Bettis is the ONLY one who could reach the pattern from the table.

Monday, January 26, 2009

He Did It Again

Every time I get out the camera to capture pictures guess who is there. Mr. Bettis.
He gets excited and jumps at the camera. He tries to get in every single picture.
This is the daughter at Christmas and just when I was ready to snap the camera, here comes Mr. Bettis. She was trying to get him to back up but trying to push a 145 dog out of the way is not an easy task.

Everytime I yell, "don't allow Mr. Bettis on the furniture", this is what I find.
Mr. Bettis's owner listens to rules almost as much as Mr. Bettis obeys the rules.
Mr. B thinks he's the same size as 8 pound Gypsy. I'm not kidding when I make that statement. He will try anything Gypsy does and then he gets stuck in a situation he can't get out of.

And almost everytime I leave the house I come home to something destroyed.
I printed off this pattern, laid it on the table and left the house for 20 minutes.
Mr. Bettis can reach the table without effort. I forgot he could do that and this is the result.
He is on his own with me today. The girls went with Vet Girl to be groomed. Keep your dpns crossed that Miss Gypsy gets a good report card this time. I just know it's a set-up when she gets an "F". LOL

I resort to knitting when he destroys stuff (okay, I know it sounds like a knitting excuse but any excuse will do:). I made a Thermis. It is a pattern that is available as a download on a knitting site.
I was a bit sceptical about wearing a cowl. But I absolutely love this thing. It frames my face very nicely if I must say so myself and it keeps my neck warm.
The DD requested one so I have cast on for another one.

I hear Mr. Bettis wrestling with a cat. I'm off to see what he's doing now.

p.s. I'm just waiting to hear from Mr. Bettis's "attorney". lol

Friday, January 23, 2009


The following post was drafted earlier this week but I haven't had time to publish it.

My mother is slowly but surely recuperating at home. My father has been re-admitted to the hospital with complications from the New year's surgery.

My schedule has been hectic to say the least. Add in my 88 yr old grandmother with her dr appts etc. and I have had very little time left in a day.

I don't mind. I'm glad I'm there for them. However, I'm tired. Not complaining, just stating. By the end of the day, I come home from my mother's, I shower and drop into bed. Not much knitting going on around here with the exception of the dr office waiting room and when I have some free time while sitting with mom.

I'm going a little nuts right now:).

I plan to find a few free moments this weekend. What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins.- Cheyenne
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.- Matthew 7:12
Man has responsibility, not power. - Tuscarora

The above wise words were recited to me many times by my Native American grandfather.

Change. I have heard this word many times over the past few months and I have decided to make attempts to apply this to my personal life.

NO one should judge another until they have been in their shoes. This applies to leaders and lay people alike. Since I cannot control another's actions, I will make every attempt to control mine.

I will try to treat others with the same respect that I would like in return. I may not receive the same respect but at least I have made a personal attempt to respect others.

I will make every attempt to take responsibility and to have respect towards the land. Man does not own the land but rather, man is a caretaker.

I will NOT put my faith in man but instead I will continue to have faith in that which is greater than man...............the Great Spirit/God.

Since change is the word for the next four years I have great hope that someday the oppressed off spring of the First man of this country will become a wise leader of this great land. Then the people of this country can stand up with pride and admit they have truly changed.

I found a new prayer that I have been trying to exercise in my life.
Dear God, please put one hand on my shoulder and one on my mouth. Occasionally it is necessary for me to pray, Dear God, please put both hands over my mouth.:)

I am a perceptive person and have learned to listen to my instincts (something else that my Native American grandfather taught me).
Time will tell.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Steelers Go!

I am not much of a football fan but when one lives with two avid fans, one soon learns to become "one of them." LOL . I could cheer for the opponent (Ravens) but since I don't know much of what is going on in the first place, I'll just cheer for the favorite in this household crowd. (sounds a lot like the Nov election, doesn't it? )

I'm off to don my black and yellow.
Enjoy the game, Son and DIL!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Interesting when one can't voice an opinion in America, isn't it?:) What happened to freedom of speech?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, It's Cold.........

Baby it's cold outside. The temperature reading is -7 F this morning. Jack Frost is everywhere. I'm setting a cup of water outside to see how long it takes to freeze. I don't have pictures of the cold weather. How do you take pictures of the cold temps? It's too cold to even attempt taking pictures outside.
This is where I found Princess Aurora this morning. In the cold, ceramic bathroom sink. Sounds silly except the bathroom is the warmest room in the house right now. So I guess she has the right idea.
She refused to move so I could brush my teeth. I guess she was comfy.

I started this shawl. It's growing up to become a prayer shawl. It is a rather fast knit so that is good. The picture doesn't show the colors as it should. It is Melody wool and graduates into color of blue, green and purple.
This is Malabrigo in stone chat. I plan to cast on for Nutkin socks some time this weekend. Starting projects makes me happy but guess what? I'm running out of needles and totes. LOL
I'm going to get a cup of coffee and knit on my prayer shawl in solitude.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Back to Blogging

Thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my mother. She is recuperating and doing remarkably well.
I have returned to blogging. Unfortunately 2009 continues to bring sadness for us and I need to absorb the sadness before I post it. So I am blogging knitting fun today.

The following temperatures are recorded in farenheit. It is a balmy 1 degree outside. It doesn't matter if it's 1 degree or 15 degrees outside. It's COLD! In my opinion, once the temps are below 20 degrees, it is cold regardless how much lower they go.
A few inches of snow have blanketed the ground and I have been inside the warm house knitting away. This little bunny seems to be appropriate knitting in the freezing temperatures. It is knitted in a square then cleverly stitched and folded to create this adorable little bunny. I must make another one and they will be Easter gifted for two little girls.

Like I don't have enough scarves to finish, I decided to start yet another one. I have been busting to make the chevron scarf from this book. I wanted something fun, happy and cheerful to work on. So I dug around in my stash for two colors of my handdyed yarn that would make the scarf. I'm not so sure about the pooling so I may send it to the frog pond and start over. Although as I'm knitting I have noticed the colors are beginning to blend and stretching out the coloring. I may just knit on and see what happens.
Talked myself right out of frogging that one, didn't I?

I finished my first monkey in the hospital waiting room and I am in love with the monkey. The pattern is easy and the results are stunning. There will be more of these on the needles as soon as I finish the second one.

Extra needles and yarn were with me (of course) in the waiting room and I cast on for these. It's theLeyburn sock pattern. Easy to knit and so far I like the results.

Did I write something about finishing projects, a plan or some such bother earlier? Oh well, I'm on a roll starting new projects and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Pictures will be forthcoming.

p.s. It's 2:23 pm EST and the temp has risen to 11 F. Where are my flip flops? LOL

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Mom made it through surgery and is recovering. YAY! When she asked for her knitting, I knew she would be fine. She is still in the hospital. We're just waiting for the insurance to decide when to send her home (don't get me started on insurance companies).

I am going to my parents' home to clean, do laundry and cook a few meals today. My sister will be there to help.

I have started quite a few sock projects during my hospital visits so pictures will be coming soon. Don't ask why I didn't finish any socks. I have no idea why I didn't take socks to finish but chose instead to start new pairs. I'm running out of dpns around here. I think that's a sign to finish a pair isn't it? LOL

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is it over yet?

It's Sunday, January 11, 2009. I am finished. I am done. Enough is enough!

My mother fell in the house this morning and broke her hip. We spent most of today in the ER. She was admitted and will have surgery tomorrow.
Mom has a very high pain tolerance and will work hard in rehabilitation after the surgery. Right now she has a nice IV with pain meds and is resting fairly well.
I will tote my knitting with me during the surgery wait.

Someday (hopefully soon) my posts will return to fun and lots of finished knitting. I am shouting loud and clear, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH of 2009!

...........and so I knit.

p.s. I plan to silently repeat "Dear God, please put a hand on my shoulder and a hand over my mouth." This is so I can deal with family "drama" tomorrow. I just hope it works:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture-less Post

A post without pictures and you'll soon read why.
It's raining here and freezing on contact. There is a lovely shiny glaze on everything. I was unaware of that until I stepped on the porch to go down the steps. My foot went out from under me. I grabbed the rail and slid ever so gracefully (or not) down the steps. Funny how hand knit gloves glide on an iced railing. Mr. Bettis remained on the porch even though the gate was standing wide open. On a normal day he would've sprinted over my crippled and crumbled body completely oblivious to my plight and gone for a nice run. He must've sensed the nasty weather because he just stood there and stared at me not even contemplating a run off. Although he appeared to be having a good chuckle as dogs sometimes do:).
Nothing is broken. Well......I take that back. Nothing is broken but my pride. My bum is a bit tender but otherwise I'm fine. Why is it when I fall the first thing I do is look around to see if anyone saw me? I breathe a sigh of relief when I realize I'm alone. Until I make an attempt to get up, then I'm screaming for someone, anyone to come get me up. Funny how my family NEVER hears me screaming. Selective hearing once again.
I'm off to knit. The candles are ready in case the power goes out.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


The former post mentioned a headache. I treated it like I would when I get a migraine. This is not a migraine. I repeat, this is NOT a migraine.

My nose is running and I'm sneezing. My head feels like it is stuffed with fluff and every movement causes it to pound. My neck and ear hurts. I have chills and my throat is scratchy. This is a bug. No, not Mr. Lyme Tick bug but a virus bug. Have I mentioned that I don't like bugs?
I'm going to the sick room wearing my pjs with sleeping sheep all over them, my soft footsie warmers, Vicks on my face (cause you know, it has a lovely aroma:) and a tissue stuck in my nose. The DH just looks at me and laughs. I have reminded him that it's "for better or worse, in sickness and in health."
aaahhhhh-choooo............give me that tissue box and my cozy afghan, I'm going to bed.


It is snowing. There's something about watching snow lay quietly and gently on the land that is so peaceful to me. I could watch it all day.
After yesterday, I need a peaceful and quiet day. Now the job remains to keep Mr. Bettis from chasing the squirrel who is looking for his buried nuts. (okay, that didn't sound right) The squirrel hid WAL-nuts in our yard during the fall and he occasionally appears to dig them up and return to his hide-away. Mr. Bettis thinks it is his occupation to chase the squirrel. I'm still wondering why that dumb squirrel chose to hide his food in the same area that Mr. Bettis occupies.

I joined a group on a knitting site called Christmas Knitting 2009. A knitter/crocheter does a project a month and by the end of the year there should be a pile of finished projects. So far over the years, my attempt to achieve this goal has failed. But every year I try again. Better to try than to give up, don't you think?
I crocheted these ornaments. Very appropriate with the snowfall outside today.
They were quick and easy. The patterns are free and I'm searching for more.

Keeping in the Christmas spirit and my quick knitting these days, I made this dishcloth yesterday in between my pounding headache and resting.
I like this pattern. It's only 4 rows and before you know it, the dishcloth is cast off. Another gift to be put away. I'm on a roll here. We shall see if this roll continues:). I have a tendency to get side-tracked and gifts go to the wayside. Point made when I have sweaters and scarf sets to make for next year and I'm crocheting snowflakes and knitting dishcloths.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

I have a headache.

The DH stayed in his working city two hours away due to poor weather conditions. We had freezing rain and now just plain ole' rain. Wet, sloppy, muddy paws rain.
I got up this morning and with my morning coffee walked into the living room. I found water on the floor and couldn't understand where it came from. Looking up, I soon discovered the source of the water. The roof is leaking. Well of course it is. I mean really, it's the new year and so far this year is no improvement from last year.

I called the DH at work and after telling him the new problem I was greeted with a heavy sigh. This will require him to get on a ladder to the roof. Mind you, Mr. has half of one hand and a bad back. I cringe when he gets on a ladder let alone on the roof. But it must be done.
Given the poor economy (which my son so eloquently informed me) must crash before it can fix itself, the deteriorating government etc. Please don't leave nasty comments, I have a headace. I'm disgusted with crooked politicians i.e. Congress who is now going to vote themselves another pay raise, crooked state governors, bail outs to states, automakers, banks etc., I have had enough (foot stomping here). I am older and wiser and I know better than to have the illusion that politicans have/will change.
We tried to cut back on bills by downsizing cable tv only to find our vcr/dvd player decided to zonk. Thank goodness for a dear friend and family member who came through with players so we could watch something. Now the roof. What could possibly be next? I don't even want to know. You warned me

In the meantime I console myself with my knitting. I enjoyed this bootie pattern so much, I made another pair. They are cutest little booties and a gratifying knit.

Dishcloths are another quick knit and right now that's all I seem to want to do. Zone out and knit quick projects. I'll pick up the socks and sweaters later but right now this is good.
I plan (and you might want to remind me of this later in the year) to have a bag of these ready and waiting to give as gifts next Christmas.

p.s. I have a migraine so I'm going to go rest my poor aching head. No wonder I have a migraine with the way this year is beginning.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catch-Up News

I am playing catch-up news today. Dad has improved and is coming home. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It is appreciated more than you know.
Now on to knitting...........I finally finished this scarf. This was perfect knitting for the hospital visits. I posted it in a knitting site and was shocked that I had started this last January. I'm not sure if it's good or bad to see a project laying in wait that long. But it's finally finished and I love it.

My youngest DD knitted this afghan for me from stash yarn. It is thick and warm and I am absolutely in love with this blanket. She used 3-4 different strands per color on a size 17 needle. It is done in two panels and then sewn together. She has a great color sense and I am amazed at her talent at the young age of 17.

Just to note I did finish the eldest son's hat in the Nick of time for Christmas. He loved it.
I couldn't get a patch shipped in time so I purchased a piece of sports fleece from the local fabric store. Carefully cutting one of the emblems I then handsewed it onto the front. It fit perfectly and I hear he wants to wear it constantly. Go ahead and wear it son, I'll make you another one.

I need a baby gift and these fit the bill. They were made in an afternoon. This pattern is easy and adorable. I used stash yarn from son's hat and I love how they turned out.

OOPS! Dealing with all the New Year's hospital trips I forgot someone's birthday. Little Gypsy turned 3 yrs old on January 2, 2009. She joined our family at 10 weeks weighing in at 3 pounds. She was a tiny dog and adorable.
We made up for missing her birthday with a treat of
scrambled egg (she loves scrambled eggs) and a gingerbread treat from Sissy.
She was very uncooperative with birthday pictures. Mr. Bettis and Molly shared with the eggs and gingerbread treats. They had a nice quiet party:).

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Begins

This is just a quick post. My dad was transported by ambulance to a medical facility approx 2 hours away on New Year's Eve. He had the first surgical procedure today and will undergo another surgery tomorrow.
We went down yesterday, today and will be down there again tomorrow with my mom. Makes for some very l-o-o-o-ong days. The medical staff and doctors have been wonderful and I have confidence everything will go well.

And so the New Year begins.........................