Thursday, January 08, 2009


It is snowing. There's something about watching snow lay quietly and gently on the land that is so peaceful to me. I could watch it all day.
After yesterday, I need a peaceful and quiet day. Now the job remains to keep Mr. Bettis from chasing the squirrel who is looking for his buried nuts. (okay, that didn't sound right) The squirrel hid WAL-nuts in our yard during the fall and he occasionally appears to dig them up and return to his hide-away. Mr. Bettis thinks it is his occupation to chase the squirrel. I'm still wondering why that dumb squirrel chose to hide his food in the same area that Mr. Bettis occupies.

I joined a group on a knitting site called Christmas Knitting 2009. A knitter/crocheter does a project a month and by the end of the year there should be a pile of finished projects. So far over the years, my attempt to achieve this goal has failed. But every year I try again. Better to try than to give up, don't you think?
I crocheted these ornaments. Very appropriate with the snowfall outside today.
They were quick and easy. The patterns are free and I'm searching for more.

Keeping in the Christmas spirit and my quick knitting these days, I made this dishcloth yesterday in between my pounding headache and resting.
I like this pattern. It's only 4 rows and before you know it, the dishcloth is cast off. Another gift to be put away. I'm on a roll here. We shall see if this roll continues:). I have a tendency to get side-tracked and gifts go to the wayside. Point made when I have sweaters and scarf sets to make for next year and I'm crocheting snowflakes and knitting dishcloths.


Channon said...

I'm jealous. We have bitter cold, biting winds, snow to the west, but not here.

The Knight and I both had raging headaches yesterday. His is still with him this morning...

Anita said...

Your snowflakes turned out nice! I have some of those patterns... I'll get them to you.

Don't feel bad, sometimes you just feel like quick projects. You'll get back to those bigger projects soon. Although you do get sidetracked pretty easily! LOL

I still want some snow!!! Darn it! At least it is down to around 58/60 for the high now instead of 80! :)

Bubblesknits said...

Huh...sounds like those headaches are traveling through blogland. I had one yesterday, too.

Love the snowflakes. I found a really pretty pattern for crocheted bookmarks that I'd like to try.