Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catch-Up News

I am playing catch-up news today. Dad has improved and is coming home. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It is appreciated more than you know.
Now on to knitting...........I finally finished this scarf. This was perfect knitting for the hospital visits. I posted it in a knitting site and was shocked that I had started this last January. I'm not sure if it's good or bad to see a project laying in wait that long. But it's finally finished and I love it.

My youngest DD knitted this afghan for me from stash yarn. It is thick and warm and I am absolutely in love with this blanket. She used 3-4 different strands per color on a size 17 needle. It is done in two panels and then sewn together. She has a great color sense and I am amazed at her talent at the young age of 17.

Just to note I did finish the eldest son's hat in the Nick of time for Christmas. He loved it.
I couldn't get a patch shipped in time so I purchased a piece of sports fleece from the local fabric store. Carefully cutting one of the emblems I then handsewed it onto the front. It fit perfectly and I hear he wants to wear it constantly. Go ahead and wear it son, I'll make you another one.

I need a baby gift and these fit the bill. They were made in an afternoon. This pattern is easy and adorable. I used stash yarn from son's hat and I love how they turned out.

OOPS! Dealing with all the New Year's hospital trips I forgot someone's birthday. Little Gypsy turned 3 yrs old on January 2, 2009. She joined our family at 10 weeks weighing in at 3 pounds. She was a tiny dog and adorable.
We made up for missing her birthday with a treat of
scrambled egg (she loves scrambled eggs) and a gingerbread treat from Sissy.
She was very uncooperative with birthday pictures. Mr. Bettis and Molly shared with the eggs and gingerbread treats. They had a nice quiet party:).


Sara said...

Hey! Tell DD I'll take one of those afghans :)

Happy to hear Dad is doing better.


Bubblesknits said...

That afghan is gorgeous! She did a great job.

So very glad to hear your Dad is improving. Give Little Gypsy some Happy Birthday snuggles for me.

Laura Neal said...

Glad to hear your dad is coming home. What a way to start a year! Phew! The afghan is so beautiful. That daughter of yours needs to go into fashion merchandising in college, she will go a long way with it!

Catherine said...

That is great news to hear your Dad is coming home !!!

Channon said...

Great news about your Dad!

DD did an AWESOME job on that afghan. Turn down the heat and enjoy it often.

Happy bday, Gypsy! Wow, you were smaller than Gretchen when you came home. I can't imagine... I bet Mr Bettis weighed more than 3 lbs. when he was born!

Wendy said...

LOVE the Steeler hat!!!

Diane said...

I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well. Between parents, spouses, kids, and pets it's a wonder we don't worry ourselves to death!

DD's afghan is beautiful. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh?

Anita said...

So glad to hear that your Dad is doing better!

Wow! That afghan is gorgeous!!! She did a great job! :)

Happy Birthday to Gypsy, give her a smooch for me!!