Friday, December 22, 2006

Pattern obsession!

I was looking for a pattern that I know is lying around here. It's a pattern that I purchased ions ago at Stitches in Valley Forge. It's a knitting pattern of wee little dolls. The lady that designed it has since gone out of business. So here's the story. I made a few of these little darlings. They are tedious yet darling and very rewarding. I decided to make another one for next year. To back track a bit, let's just say that I have an organizational "problem". I do NOT think like most people but I am organized, disorganized. I need to mention that several of my family members are "those" organized people. Namely the DH and the youngest DD. They spend many hours trying to make me organized. (doesn't work but if they want to spend the time, so be it) Anyway a few months ago the DH and the DD decided in their own right to organize my knitting pattern leaflets and books. Quite a daunting task, but again, if they want to spend the time, so be it.
Last eve I decided to look for the little booklet. I promptly went to the notebook marked (in very nice handwriting by the DD) doll and bear patterns. I picked it up, feeling rather smug, and looked thru. No booklet. I chose another notebook marked misc, No booklet. I picked up yet another notebook (marked socks, didn't matter, I was getting just a little panicked) NO booklet. At this point, I am starting to hyperventilate. I calm down and begin to look thru all of the notebooks ( all 11 of them)No booklet. I glance at the 4 bookshelves of knitting books and shudder. But I begin to pull each of them down and look thru the books. NO booklet. I sigh. I go to the "knitting corner" better known as the knitting nest and begin to go thru the notebooks and books that are stashed within reach, NO booklet. Ok, now I am in need of a paper bag to help with the breathing. The DH who is making hard tack candy for the holidays asks a stupid question about the temperature of the candy. Who Cares? I have a crisis here!! The DD enters the scene and wants to know the problem. I tell her and she decides to help. We went back thru all of the books. NO booklet. I went downstairs to the yarn room. NO booklet. (that room is getting a good cleaning as soon as the holidays are over, it's a mess). 3 hours were spent on this endeavor. NO booklet. I was getting a wee bit cranky. I did (perhaps hastily), accuse those family members who have tried to organize me. After all I knew where to look if I had put it away, looking through the sock pattern notebook should be self explanatory. At midnite I finally went to bed and dreamed visions of the little knitted dolls. I dreamed of knitting an entire basket of the little dolls to hang on next year's tree. I awoke at 5 am and the little things were still dancing in my head. I went back thru all the books again. (Ok now you understand the title of this blog). NO booklet. I can see this booklet, 3 pictures are on the front and they are so cute. 20 some pages of instructions. I can see it!
I get online and I search. I found the woman's name and typed it in the white pages to find her. (yeah , I know, one might say that is borderline with stalking,but you just don't understand the NEED for this booklet). 10 minutes searching and I found her name and phone number. I decided to call her but thought 6:00 am was probably not a good time (some people sleep). I waited until 8 am. I think I woke her up however she was very polite. I explained my crisis and she offered to send me a copy of her pattern. Oh my gosh, I was so excited. I have the yarn dug out of the yarn stash, the needles are ready, now I will wait for the booklet.
I can only imagine 50 little knitted dolls sitting atop the branches of the Christmas tree.

p.s. 50? you say? I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Okay, I know you all have been wondering where I've been. Let's just say: splashing in color.
A lot has happened since I last wrote. The bathroom is finished!!! YEAH! Hail to the bathroom finishers (aka sons) Finally and not a moment too soon.
The "son" showed up to finish it. I was so pleased and complimented him on the beautiful granite counter and ceramic sink. ( I refrained from making a comment like: "well a bucket with a hose connected would've sufficed at this point)

Now the Christmas season is upon us and like many other knitters I am beyond frantic. There are gifts that are finished. YEAH! And there are gifts that didn't make the finish line. BOO! But December 25, 2007 is just around the corner and I am already making my resolution for the New Year. (Nevermind that it is the same resolution I made last year). I do intend to follow through this next year. (For all of you out there who doubt me, tsk tsk tsk)
I must get back to the cookie baking. I am going to knit on something for next year later this eve. KNIT ON!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vintage Bag

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lights! Camera! ACTION! aarrgghh

I am so gonna........never mind....I won't go there.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, It's the "turn another year older day". I'm not about to reveal my age but if this is a hint: My kids have called and made sure I KNOW how old I am. Smart-alec kids!
I have recieved nice phone calls (besides the kids). My best friend, my grandmother, my parents......they've all been very nice.
Just how does one celebrate this? Well let's see, Di called and we "hashed" the DH's and kids who are inconsiderate slobs (and that's putting it mildly). While I was on the phone I managed to clean the "yarn room". I do not need to buy anymore yarn for a decade.......ok.......maybe not a decade. How about an evening? I just bought yarn from SpinCityYarns. Cheap yarn and oh so pretty. I bought the brown mohair look cos I'm knitting bears. Bears you say? Yep bears! You know why? Cos they are cute, loveable and they don't talk back!(Unlike kids and husbands)They also don't make messes. I should be knitting gifts but I've decided that I'm entitled to knit what I want right now........especially today!

P.S. Most of my yarn is turning another year older too.......................

Friday, October 13, 2006

Son! Friday the 13th

Remember in the earlier post Like Father Like Son? The DIL called and is so disgusted because it seems she and her husband (aka my son) were having a "heated discussion" over renovating this home! Imagine that! I tried not to laugh. I gave them 6 months before this started.............LOL it's only been 3 weeks! She said "at this rate we will be years". I gently reminded her that I have been waiting 5 months for my bathroom and it still isn't finished. As the story goes my DIL has been tearing down old wallpaper, cleaning, packing, moving and holding down a full time nursing job while her husband (aka my son, and I use that terminology loosely) has been working, "talking to construction people", running to lumberyards (just like his father) and doing a whole lot of nuttin'. YEP! Welcome to the real world of happy home ownership and marriage! My DIL has decided she might open up her own construction company just as soon as she figures out all the tools and what they do. ( I gave her some pointers after all that's what I've done all these years.)

On a lighter note her husband (aka my son) has a birthday today. I usually call each child at the time they were born. But I decided to call this one at 6:13 am the precise time I had the very first labor contraction. I informed him (after I sang Happy Birthday) that I was calling at the time I had my first pain, one of many that he has managed to impose on my life since his birth. He laughed! Believe me there's a reason why there's 6 yrs between he and his brother................. I have put the "mother's curse"on him: I hope he has not one child but a set of twins "just like him". you think that's why they've decided not to have children for awhile?:)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

CRASH! I'm cryin' here

Okay, if it isn't enough I had to run to the big city to stupid dr appointments for the last two days I got on the computer last nite and the dumb thing CRASHED! I have a beautiful black screen with lovely white writing at the bottom telling me Win-something or other is something something f8 to try to repair. I did. NOTHING! So now I must not only share the bathroom sink with the daughters , now I must share their computer. Let me tell ya, if you thought sharing a bathroom with them was bad, sharing the computer is WORSE! They hang over my shoulder asking, are you done yet? how much longer will you be? my friends are on MSN waiting.........ok...........what's wrong with the phone? When I was a teen, we used a contraption that was installed in the wall and when you dialed (not meaning to date my age but it was a rotary dial) you actually heard and talked with another human voice. We had a shared line and could talk with several people at once. Not necessarily good as we had an older (older being she just had to be 50 or so..........come to think of it, that's not old) nosey neighbor who listened to our phone calls. Now these kids text message whether it's thru the cell phone or computer. This sharing computer thing is NOT good! We checked into another windows system and it's going to cost as much as a new computer. Where is recycling in all this?
Anyway this morning as we're getting ready for another 2 hour drive to the dr's office I picked up the phone to make a phone call. NO SERVICE! Our tv, internet and phone are all 1 service. For some unknown reason the phone won't work on a crashed computer. GREAT! I'm cryin' over here.....................

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Okay, as you've noticed I've changed the format of the blog......again. Seems the links dropped to the bottom a few posts back. I tried everything (within my computer skills) to fix it. Nothing worked. So I decided. What the heck? Why not? Lo and worked! The links returned where they belong and I am a happy blogger. Not quite as happy as I would be with perhaps a lovely skein of cashmere or a skein of buffalo gold but nonetheless I'm happy. Well I'm off to do the knitting, the wonderful world of knitting. (sung to the tune of "we're off to see the wizard" u know the Wizard of Oz)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bathroom Update!

Okay, it's been one week since the last post. The oldest DS who installed the toilet and shower (minus the shower door) was here and gone like a tornado last week. The vanity counter has not arrived as yet. Seems as though the youngest DS who is making the granite counter top lost the sink template so the brother who was here left with the sink. We're a bit concerned we may never see this sink again. It was like watching a loved one leave never to return (not the son.....THE SINK!) The window that I mentioned with no trim?I was told no curtain until the trim is mounted. Well the females in this house are tired of flashing the neighborhood as we get showers etc. So I have improvised, not the most attractive but it works (matches the duct tape "temporary" shower curtain). I have purchased a blind and as soon as the DH leaves the house, I'm putting it up! Like I said, I could be waiting for years for the trim. No curtains/blind? NOT Happenin'!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Like father, like son........ 4 is the magic number

Okay, I'm not here to talk about knitting today. My sons are adults (at least according to the US laws they are considered adults at this age). They came to us 4 months ago and offered to renovate our main bathroom (you know? the one for guests?) They gave this little song and dance about how we gave up so much for them and they wanted to give something back. Oh and it would be finished in 4 weeks! Sounds good. Right? Wrong!

It's been 4 months and the remaining family of 4 (the 2 DD's, 1 DH and ME) who still live here has been sharing one very small bathroom that is off the master bedroom (aka MY bathroom!) And if you've never shared a tiny bathroom with 2 DD's, take it from me........... DON'T DO IT!

We haven't seen the DS's in 4 weeks but they finally arrived this weekend to install the toilet. Good thing 'cos last weekend I accidently walked in on the 20 yr old DD's BF! Talk about embarrassing!

Well as you can see, I have a nice vanity, NO sink! But I have a vanity. The second oldest son is making a granite counter top for the sink. He has been 8 (divisible by 4) weeks on this. Mind you, he does this for a living and supposedly he is very good but don't take my word, I'm only mom and I've been waiting awhile.

The shower door is still in the box however the shower is finally up and flowing. Then the DH (in his infinite wisdom) decided to put up an old shower rod and (now, ahhhem, please take notice) a piece of plastic for a shower curtain! We call this "jerry-rigging".

Mind you, this could be the shower door for quite a while as he is known to procastinate finishing a project. If you notice in the vanity pic above there is no baseboard on the beautiful stone floor. Take it from me, it could be years before that is finished too. There is a small window above the toilet and I suggested a curtain rod only to be told the trim and windowsill need to be added. Surprise, surprise, surprise! mmmmm.......the Mason Dixon Knitting book has a nice knitted curtain. I'm thinking I have plenty of time to order the yarn and knit it if I have to wait on him to finish this window trim! I have found that if I mention selling the house he hops right on these projects and finishes them . I just might have to put that VERY BIG FOR SALE sign in front of the house and I may get this bathroom finished (I won't hold my breath) before the Thanksgiving holidays when I will be preparing dinner for 22 people!

p.s. The eldest son and his new wife just purchased a home. It needs major renovation and the wife (and I do love this girl) anounced today that my son (aka her husband) will not procrastinate on the renovations to be done at their new home. They went to dinner and discussed this in advance. They are also NOT going to argue about renovation, they are going to work together. This is going to strenthen their marriage by working as a team!!!!!!!! HA! I just smiled....... Did I mention they've only been married a year? I won't tell her she might stand a chance getting this done in 4 years if she's lucky............I'll keep you posted on this one.........

Like father like son...................

Friday, September 29, 2006

A bag's anatomy

Okay, I have been battling a cold (caught from the kids). I think I'm winning the battle! We went for our weekly run to Wally-World (I needed tissues) and then we stopped at Big Lots. Lo and behold they had yarn for $1.00 a skein. Of course could I pass it up? Heck no. So I came home with Bernat yarn. I am not a yarn snob, I can't afford to be one. Anything that can be knitted is knitted on my needles i.e. angora, wool, acrylic, jute, fabric from bulky to lace weight etc. It just doesn't matter to me 'cos I LOVE KNITTING! Last evening I sat on the couch with a nice cup of lemon tea and my tissues and whipped up the red bag while watching Grey's Anatomy. I'm making these for Christmas gifts. I'm still debating on the handles. Any suggestions? By the way who thinks Meredith is going to go back with Derek?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Mitten in Pink

I have neglected my blog recently so I'm going to update. Christmas is how far away? . I decided to knit a pair of mittens out of it for a Christmas gift. (Can't say whose gift in case she reads this) It has a bit of silk in it and was a dream to spin and even nicer to knit. I don't profess to be a professional spinner, I'm just a knitter who occasionally enjoys going through the whole process of making one's own yarn. So here it is The Mitten in Pink! I know there's only one, the other one is on the needles.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Needle NEED!

Oh my gosh! A knitter always has the need for new needles. (Say that 10 times and I bet I've created a new tongue twister)
Well I ordered the new Knit pick dpns and then I felt the need for the needles set. So one day (while the DH was away) I ordered them. Then I waited and I waited. Seems they had the needles back ordered. So I waited some more. Lo and behold they arrrived. I was beginning to believe the mail lady was knitting with them. So I spent an entire evening admiring and organizing my new needle set.
Now I have to keep the 15 year old from taking them. She knits and designs her own knitting like nobody's business. I wish I had access to all the wonderful yarn and needles like she does when I was a knitting teen. I had plastic needles and department store yarn. But I knitted anyway. So I guess where there's a will, there's a way.

P.S. Stay tuned for the order that is due to arrive anytime.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Knitter's Un-Invention

I take my knitting everywhere with me particularly in the car. I usually take socks in progress because it is so portable. Invariably I lose needles in the car as I am taking my project from it's bag. Imagine a woman screaming I LOST IT! The DH mumbles, "Yeah I know you lost it". I don't thing he is referring to my needle. I think he is referring to my mind. Good thing he mumbles. Anyway this recently happened on a busy interstate of which I forced him to pull over while I frantically looked for the needle so I could knit. (I also drop needles in a restaurant while I am retrieving the knitting from my purse, talking and drinking my coffee). I and my knitting friends have a solution and it only cost 23 cents!

Go to a lumberyard (the husband will be thrilled that you actually
want to shop at a lumber yard and not a yarn shop).
You will need: One foot of 1/2" vinyl tubing found in the plumbing dept on a roll
(you need a clerk to cut it for you)
Scissors and socks in progress.
Cut a piece of tubing 5 1/2" long. Cut a slit down the center of the 5 1/2" piece.
Open the cut tubing and slide your dpn project thru the slit.

VIOLA! A needle holder! It took minutes to complete and it only cost 23 cents! You can make them in various sizes because the tubing comes in many sizes. Costs vary. The DH pointed out that if the tube gets stretched and no longer grips just roll tightly and it is back in shape. Smart thinking DH!

23 cents.........Wonderful
No more screaming in the car causing DH to panic............Marvelous
No more lost needles....................PRICELESS!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sock Monkey Knits

Ok I'm going to think about signing up for this thing. The thing is Sock Wars. In case no one out there has heard of this endeavor click on this site and check it out. I just might have to bite the knitting needles and go for it. Thanks Catherine and Laura. In the meantime as you can see by the pic, my sock monkey is knitting away on my sock while I am canning salsa. He does nice work, don't ya think?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Debut!

I went to the mailbox when I saw the mailman
arrive. I nonchalantly walked to the mailbox humming a nonsense tune, staring at the sky acting as thought I had not seen him pull up to our mailbox. I discreetly watched as he put letters into the mailbox. No package. (sigh) Er....wait........why did he stop after the last mailbox? Could it be? Yes-s-s-s! He opened the trunk of his car (in rural America the mailman delivers from his own vehicle) and there it was! The most beautiful brown box ever. I tried to reach for it without shaking too much but I'm afraid my excitement was obvious. I grabbed the box and all but ran to the house for fear another knitter was lurking in the woods knowing I was expecting this package. I grabbed a knife to tear at the box (forget scissors, I didn't have time to look for them) and ...oh my gosh.......there it was, in all it's glory: The Sock Wizard and my DPNs. I dashed to the computer and made the 15 yr old install that baby asap. The wizard was installed in less than 5 minutes and the pattern printed ready for use. I took my yarn and those brand new DPNs from KnitPicks and I started my first ever toe-up socks. I've made at least 50 pr cuff down and I have half that many started somewhere around here but I've never made toe-up. You're the first to see them. Viola! The Debut!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Help! More yarn!

Okay, I have been so-o-o-o good for a WHOLE month and not bought any yarn. But tonite I had a relapse and just ordered from Knit-Picks. I've been wanting the Sock Wizard program. My friend, Catherine, from Ireland sent me the Simply Knitting Mag from the UK and I must say it is a great magazine. Savannah, the youngest DD, fell in love with one of the scarf patterns. Of course I didn't have the right colors in the right weight (sigh) I had no choice! I had to order the yarn for it! After all it is a Christmas gift. Here's the thing, I am saving the DH money. After all, the yarn I purchase is for gifts and useful things. (well maybe it's not all useful, like the felted bowl I HAD to make). Problem.........I have to get to the mailbox before the DH gets there when this order arrives. But the mail lady honks that stupid horn everytime she has a package. And she went to school with him, way back when. mmm.......any suggestions on sneaking the package in here when it comes? I need help on this one.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Who done it?

Ok ...... One of my DPNs has been successfully chewed in half by a beast in the house. A criminal beast. Cos a knitter knows if needles are chewed on by slobbering beasts it is definitely a crime! I have examined the evidence and have come to the conclusion that only one criminal fits the crime, that would be our 4 month old husky mix, Destiney. How fitting is that name? I know it wouldn't have been the 6 month old Yorktese cos she is just too cute and besides she was napping on my lap in the computer room when the crime occurred. This set of needles was only 5 days old and now I must find another set. Do you know how difficult it is to find 5" dpns in a size 1 1/2? I found this set at a lys, Victoria's House of Needleart. I'll have to call her and get another set. Hope she has them.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OOH LA LA socks

Remember the sock yarn from my Dye-O-Rama pal? are the finished socks! The pattern is from the Sensational Socks book. I don't care for a pattern on the instep so I did plain ole knit on the foot part. I LOVE these! They remind me of a Mexican hat dance! ooh la la.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just ME!

I'm a bit disorganized as I stated before so I feel the need to introduce myself. I am 40 something (a woman never reveals her age). A mother of 4 kids, 3 who are grown and one mid-teen still at home. I have been knitting since the age of 9 yrs. Taught by my mom after she caught me trying to knit on her very first aran sweater still on the needles. (Not pretty by the time I was done with it). I am very addicted to yarn, wool, fingering, bulky, lace-weight, wool blends, silk etc etc etc. I have knitted a lot of different fibers but there is one knit with cashmere. That would be the best. I am supposed to talk about me and instead I was side-tracked with yarn.......again. I taught 3 of my four kids to knit, spin and do simple weaving. The fourth, a DD, has caught the knitting fever and is forever into my needles, yarn and patterns. Suprisingly she designs a lot of her own knitting. Oh..I do have a DH, one who is VERY tolerant of needles, project bags, patterns, and yarn...... LOTS & LOTS of yarn. He has accepted the fact that any out of town trip MUST include a yarn shop. Of which, I search the internet to make sure of that. Enough about me. Is anyone out there going to Stitches in Baltimore?

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Yarn

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dye-O-Rama yarn

Look what my Dye-O-Rama Pal sent me! She e-mailed Friday to tell me the package was sent. On Monday I was "haunting" the mailbox. Sure enough the mailman was struggling with a package at our mailbox. I almost ran over the DH to get to the mailbox first. Forget the bills and the junkmail GIMMEE THAT PACKAGE! My DH told me calm down "you're going to hyperventilate"! Well, put the package envelope over my head but gimmee that yarn and the goodies. My dye pal outdid herself. How did she possibly know I have been wanting the sheep needle gauge. And 3 skeins of yarn! More than enough for socks. I have already started the socks. Thank you Julia!

Sunday, June 04, 2006