Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just ME!

I'm a bit disorganized as I stated before so I feel the need to introduce myself. I am 40 something (a woman never reveals her age). A mother of 4 kids, 3 who are grown and one mid-teen still at home. I have been knitting since the age of 9 yrs. Taught by my mom after she caught me trying to knit on her very first aran sweater still on the needles. (Not pretty by the time I was done with it). I am very addicted to yarn, wool, fingering, bulky, lace-weight, wool blends, silk etc etc etc. I have knitted a lot of different fibers but there is one knit with cashmere. That would be the best. I am supposed to talk about me and instead I was side-tracked with yarn.......again. I taught 3 of my four kids to knit, spin and do simple weaving. The fourth, a DD, has caught the knitting fever and is forever into my needles, yarn and patterns. Suprisingly she designs a lot of her own knitting. Oh..I do have a DH, one who is VERY tolerant of needles, project bags, patterns, and yarn...... LOTS & LOTS of yarn. He has accepted the fact that any out of town trip MUST include a yarn shop. Of which, I search the internet to make sure of that. Enough about me. Is anyone out there going to Stitches in Baltimore?

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