Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

While I have anticipated your arrival I never once anticipated the stifling heat. The temps were 94 F in the shade!

We have installed the air conditioners which is a job much like setting up the Christmas Tree...ahem! Take note: high temperatures have a tendency to shorten temper fuses ;)

Even Mr. Bettis is a bit disillusioned with the heat and spends very little time outside. Mind you, I'm certain the neighborhood is quite content upon not hearing his constant barking at anything that moves.

Speaking of, you have failed to provide a breeze. Albeit a warm breeze, but none-the-less a breeze would be appreciated.

A breeze would also help with the knitting and there are only 207 days left until St. Nick arrives.
Please take note and at least blow a little wind so a leaf moves then perhaps I can knit one full row.

The pool is filled, pump up and running and all is well and good with one exception; if you insist on HOT temperatures it would be nice if you could warm up the pool...lickety split otherwise turn down the thermostat.

Thank you,

Heatstroke in Appalachia

Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's Spring....again

Mr. Bettis barks and barks. All. Day. Long. And this is what has captured his undivided attention as well as the birds, squirrels, leaves...come to think of it, anything that moves.
This rabbit is BIG! Kind of reminds me of Harvey only he's not white.
Gonna be a lo-o-o-ong summer as usual.

It's been rare seeing the sun and today is one of those rare days. I'm a fan of Dandelions. Yup! Good ole dandelions. Nothing like a child showing up at the door hands behind their back clutching a fistfull of yellow dandelions. Brings a smile to my face just thinking of those days. We would choose a special Ball brand jar, fill it with water and put them on the dinner table for everyone to enjoy.
Love the smell of these little yellow flowers and dandelion makes great tea.

Chem girl called and she snagged two more trees. I'm telling ya, we're gonna be hidden in a forest by the time she graduates.
She asked about Chester and I must admit I was a bit concerned. Chester is small and the winter was harsh.
*sigh* So I grabbed the camera and cautiously approached dear little Chester.

Took a deep breath and looked into his tall house.
And there he was dressed in beautiful green finery.

I removed his house to get a better picture. Seems Mr. (or is it Mrs?) has a sprout. It's hard to see but on the left right beside Chester there's a skinny little sprout.
Chester has survived!!

Now to find room for the rest of the forest she's dragging home.