Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008

This post is a quick synopsis of 2008. It has been a roller coaster ride through the year and yet I wonder why it went so quickly.

I don't recall much about the earlier part of the year. Seems to have become a blur. Easter, school play, concerts, dance recital, it all seems to have blurred with memory.

As I sit here in my winter pj's and I hear the wind and see the snow blowing it's difficult to remember 90 degrees with severe humidity or Mr. Bettis and his morning ritual barking at the visiting squirrel. Oh! That's right, he is still on a morning ritual, barking at.........what? Nothing!
I know the heat will return and I'll have to rely on my imagination and memory of the cold and snow.

The summer holds memories of the plane for the band performance.

School began and it filled our days with activities. We loved every minute of it and I really can't write any more or the tears will flow. The pictures say it all for me. Memories.

2008 has had it's up and downs as every year. While I say I could do without the downs, it is a part of life unless of course that includes the Saw Encounter this time, last year:). I could've done without that incident.
In the end it is my faith and family that holds me together. Next year holds it's own ups and downs, ready and waiting. I don't always embrace change in my life so it could get interesting:).
There's a wedding and two graduations to anticipate and I'm looking forward those events.
I'm not a fan of the New Year festivities.
To all my friends, I send a big thank you hug. We've laughed and we've shed a tear or two along the way. Thank you all so much!
I say adieu to 2008 and I'll hold reserved judgement for 2009.
p.s. I just recieved a phone call from my mother and she has my dad in the hospital now. And so 2008 ends and 2009 will begin...................

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Treats

Dear Sissy and Gretchen,

It was Christmas Eve and the humans decided we could have one of those wonderful gingerbread cookie treats. We gathered around the big human while he opened the box. I could have had the box opened in the time it took him to find scissors to cut the bag of treats. But, he just had to do it himself.
Do you see Gypsy begging? That gets very annoying. She acts all cute-like and makes out like a bandit with treats because of her so called cuteness. I don't know why I get told to get down when I beg for treats like she does. Do you know how many treats I could get if they would just allow me to be cute-like?

Of course because she begs so cute-like she gets teh first treat. I do wait patiently but boy, I'd love to snag the first treat just one time. I wanted you to see that I was a gentleman and shared the box of cookies.
They were delicious. Mind you, I usually only get 2 good chomps out of a treat but they were very tasty. Thank you again for the wonderful box of goodies.

Mr. Milo came to visit. He is a busy dog but a LOT of fun. The humans did a lot of yelling but we just ignored it and had fun anyway. I secretly thought the humans would leave and then we could've had a lot of unsupervised fun. I heard mumblings about "if we leave I'm afraid we'd come home to the tree knocked over and the house a shambles." Now you know I wouldn't do anything to the tree. That trouble belongs to the cats. As far as the house a shambles? I have no idea what they're talking about.

I was trying to rest for the next round of fun when the humans decided to put this ridiculous
hat on my head. Then they wonder why I do some of the things I do. They had a good laugh about me looking like the elf in the ELF movie. I have no idea what was so funny but just wait till they leave the house again.
Hope you and Gretchen had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Paw Hugs,
Mr. Bettis

To all Finicky Felines,

This post is silly. I am sick of Mr. B & Co. getting attention. As you can see I am hiding from the humans for fear they are looking for me to wash my face (which seems to be something they enjoy doing and I detest). I hate water unless I can knock over a cup of the liquid stuff and watch Mr. B get into trouble.........LOL. I am also a bit fearful they will put that stupid elf hat on my head and take a picture only to ridicule me on the internet. What shame! If you don't believe me, just take a look at this.
I heard a story about a fellow feline who took a tumble while sleeping and her loyal subject has had wa-a-a-y too much time posting emails and comments about the feline's accident. I have noticed that she didn't post about the accident on her blog. Whew!

About the accusation of the tree knock-over; I thought my loyal subjects put up a tree with sparkly toys (I think they call them ornaments) just for my enjoyment. What is that dog talking about?

Princess Aurora

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

oooohhhh.......Gifts Galore

Look what the postman delivered yesterday. A lovely box of goodies from Anita just for me.
Homemade bath snowballs that are grapefruit scented. I can't wait to lock myself in tub room and indulge in these. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful smelly jellies. I love the scents and they fill the room with aroma. Both of these will be on my gift list next year. Last but not least, a bottle of rainkissed lotion. Thank you so much Mrs. Grinch:). See? I knew your heart would grow 2 sizes. LOL Thank you so much!

I finished these in the nick of time (no pun intended to ole' St Nick). I felted sweaters and made purses for the kid's friends. These were fun to make. I found a collection of knitted belts and added them as the handles. Sewed a button or added an adornment and there you have it, purses!
They have been wrapped and sent with her this morning. She has an early class this morning and half day of school. They are going to get pizza after school and exchange their gifts. Oh to be young again.

I made a collection of little gifts for her to give to some of her friends. She's a senior and thought it was necessary to give to everyone. LOL
Cell phone sweaters. They're made from the sleeves of sweaters. Perfect for teens (although I admit to swiping one for self).

She did manage to squeeze in some knitting time and made 2 scarves. She ran out of time for pics. They were finished last night at midnite. I could hear the needles clicking. She also made several picture frames and inserted pictures of the past year's events.

The youngest son called yesterday and announced that he and our daughter-in-law to be is coming on Christmas Eve. I had no idea this son was coming and guess what? His gift is not finished. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to make it. I slept 4 hours last night and Mr. Lyme is not finished with me yet. By the way, if Mr. Lyme or Mr. Flu come knocking on your door for a visit (or in Mr. Lyme's case, a move-in). Give 'em the boot!

In case I don't get an opportunity to read blogs and respond, I apologize. I will read them as soon as I find those elves and put them to work. Now where are the little creatures?


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parcel, Package & Post

Look what arrived today! The postman was blowing his horn and Mr. Bettis was barking and bouncing on the deck. He must have sensed there was something in the box for him. Although he barks and bounces at everything:)

Chan sent this lovely Christmas package to our family. An adorable picture of the "girls" which is hanging in our garland now. My daughter came home and chuckled when she saw it. There is a brand new potholder mitt. A much needed brand new pothlder mitt:) Mine are a mess and while in the midst of some heavy cookie baking this is perfect. There is a bag of Lindnor candies under the picture and I promise I will share with the DH and DD:). Unless of course there is an urgent need for a chocolate fix.
There's a jar of pumpkin butter that I am dying to try. I will be baking bread next week and I plan to pour a cup of tea and lather the bread with the butter to enjoy. Last but not least a box of gingerbread cookie treat for the doggy brood here. (I'm sure Sissy and Gretchen sent licks of kisses on the box:)

Here are the dogs circling the treat box. Mr. Bettis was so excited I had trouble getting a picture. He rarely gets gifts as he has a knack of "stealing" presents. You know, MY stuff!
I am keeping their treats until Christmas Day. I had to snatch the box from Mr. B's mouth and hide it in the closet.
Mr. B and the girls send their adoration to Sissy, Gretchen and of course their "parents", Chan and the Knight.
Thank you, Chan and family:).

I have been meaning to show off the Christmas Mice markers that Anita made. I am in awe of her artistic talent.
I put the cheese at the beginning of the round and the mouse behind it. I liked to think the mouse is chasing round and round for the cheese. Okay, I'm losing it here but it was the only thing that kept me motivated (and awake) to finish this hat. If you don't have any of her markers go get a set, they'll make you smile.

See? The motivation worked! A finished hat. I did find it works up a little big for medium sized women so I stuck with the size 6 needle through out.
(No son, sorry to say, this is not your hat:)

And here is the other finished hat. Modeled by the reluctant DD. YAY! Another gift finished. It needs to be shipped along with a few other gifts by the weekend. I'm a bit behind on getting my gifts shipped out but trust me, they're on their way.

Same goes with the Christmas cards. They're almost ready. I have no idea where the time goes at this time of the year but you'd think I would have this under control. After all, I knew the day was coming 359 days ago. LOL

The following is a post for Sissy from Mr. Bettis,

Dearest Sissy,

Thank you for the box of treats. I know it was difficult for you to part with them but they are truly appreciated. My "person" has made an attempt to hide them but I know where they are hidden. I have every intention of sneaking and grabbing that box of wonderful smelling treats the first chance I get. I sense she will be leaving the house at some point and that will be the perfect opportunity to snatch them.

I will try to share with Gypsy and that barking Molly. That dog gets on my nerve, she barks at my every move. Very irritating when I'm trying to chase one of those darn cats.

Did you get any of that wonderful fluffy white stuff on the ground? We did and I had great fun playing in the wet stuff. Unfortunately my "person" yelled when I later jumped on the bed. She yelled about muddy prints or some such bother. I have no idea why I got into so much trouble. I was tired and cold from playing outside and just wanted to snuggle in a warm soft place for a nap. And there she came, marching down the hall and telling me to get off the bed. I did. I went to the living room and jumped on the loveseat while she fussed about the bed cover. Later on, she yelled about the muddy loveseat cover but I just yawned and rolled my eyes (she thinks I'm pitiful when I do that) and she walked away mumbling.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Shake a paw ('cos, I'm very good at shaking a paw),
Mr. Bettis

p.s. I read you have a taste for Toefutsie yarn and plastic needles. I like needles too and any kind of yarn. Perhaps you could explain why we get into so much trouble with those items? Particularly when they are left within our reach.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mr. Smarty Pants

There's one in every family. Mr. or Ms. Smarty Pants. For reference you may read the comment left in the former post from my son aka Mr. Smarty Pants. He posted under his lovely wife's name, Becca. Of course knowing my dear DIL, she probably had something in on it. LOL.
He has visions not of sugar plums but a hat. As he called it, a simple 1970's style hat. In yellow and black. His comment referred to my inability as a knitter mom to fulfill his wish/vision of such a hat. Keep in mind he requested this hat a week ago. Yes, a week ago. Right smack before Christmas. As knitters know it is not wise for a non-knitter to request a knitted anything right before Christmas.
So I'm calling all knitters to bear arms with pointy sticks and unite! LOL The following is a post to the son:)

Dear First Born Son,
Keep in mind you did recieve a lovely hand knitted aran sweater a few Christmas's ago. A hand knitted hat last Christmas and other knitted items over the years. While you are dreaming of another hand knitted hat, your knitting mother is busy. (and no this is not procrastination as you so commonly call it:).
Please look at the unfinished project (commonly known in knitter's lingo as a UFO) of your sister's sweater to be finished 12/24/2008. Does it look as if she can wear this as is? tsk, tsk, son.

Then of course there is this hat. Another UFO to be finished 12/20/2008 and shipped along with 2 little girl scarves that haven't even made it to the needles yet.

And these gloves. Yet another UFO. To be finished when I see this person. Whenever that may be:).
Not pictured are the numerous pairs of socks to be finished that won't make in Christmas stockings this year including your knitting mother's Christmas socks. Now you will have to look at your mother on Christmas morning in dumb dull socks. Nothing bright or fancy just plain ole' socks.

Let's not forget my visions of knitted gnomes adorning shelves in the house. So far only the body of one is finished. No legs, no arms, just the body. Are you feeling sorry for your mother yet?:) Do you feel sorry for the unfinished knitted gnome?

The elves went on strike around here. As soon as I find the little creatures they're in trouble. Big trouble! How dare they leave me in the midst of all this Christmas mess:)

Do you have any idea how much I detest making pom-poms? Perhaps you could see fit to get your dear knitting mother (who doesn't have nice Christmas socks to wear on Christmas morning) a cheap pom-pom maker:).
So there you have it, son. Logical and reasonable reasons to your knitting request one week before Christmas.

your knitting mom (who won't have nice, bright, fancy Christmas socks to wear on Christmas morning)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Fannie

My new nickname is "Frugal Fannie." LOL

The DD mentioned she wanted a vest to wear to school. Considering the economy and the lack of $$ in this house to purchase a vest we came up with this. This pink coat belongs to her but the sleeves are too short. She has a nice red & white coat that fits well so we decided she could do without this one as a coat.
First we cut out the sleeves.

Then we tore open the side seams and took in the sides so it was more fitted in the waist. The sleeves had a ribbed cuff tucked underneath the sleeve bottom. The DD cut the ribbing out and we attached it to the armholes.
Now her friends want one......LOL

This was the result.
Notice the gloves. I made those for her last year for Christmas. Matched perfect. Not quite the "yarn me some mittens" that Jessi

When I say I'm being frugal that's exactly what I mean. I looked at a bag of bows. Oh my gosh! Why are they so pricey? My thought on the whole bow thing is, you may as well open the trash can and throw $$ in it. The "money cow" here met an untimely death (lol)so I can't afford to throw $$ in the trash. I found this site and grabbed magazines (no, not the knitting mags) and started making bows. It is addicting. Fascinating to see how the pages turn out when made into a bow.

These are a few of my favorites. I found two of them being carried by Phoebe the cat. I have no idea why that cat likes paper. She is always tearing at ribbons and bows on packages. These will look pretty on my brown paper and yarn "ribbon."
This weekend will be spent making candy and finishing up gifts. I will show you the fabulous markers that I got from Anita on the next post. I couldn't help but use them already and I'm trying to finish the projects. So pics will be forthcoming. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Game is On

Our team went to State Championships yesterday. The Field Captain was Drum Major for the day. She was so excited and had a lot of fun.
Multi-tasking she's trying to watch the game and direct stand tunes.
The very last band game performance for this Drum Major/Field Captain. She's a senior.

A fun picture.
The opposing team is a team from a city magnet school. I have my opinion on magnet schools. Although I'm sure there are benefits I disagree with a magnet school competing against a non-magnet school. Just my opinion.
The opposing team was arrogant and rude until.........we scored. There was a comment made to our coach earlier in the week from this team stating they were going to whoop our a$%es. At halftime we were winning 13-12. Their team had a different approach to our team in the second half and the opposing team actually exhibited good sportmanship conduct.

This is the acting Drum Major for the day at halftime. She had an awesome salute and was cheered by the fans. There were approximately 5,000 fans from our small hometown to support the team, band and students.
The second half of the game was a lip biting experience. We were 19-18 until the last 2 seconds of the game. We lost. 19-20. In the last 2 seconds.

This says it all.

p.s. There was a pep rally downtown for the boys when they returned. They were escorted by the city police and the band played for them. Text messages were flying on the DD's phone last night after the pep rally. The kids are resilient and have planned for Monday to be a red & white day. Meaning? They will show up at school in their school colors. School Pride dominates once again:).

Thank you, my blogging friends, who have supported us/our daughter through this year. You guys are awesome:)
A Very Special Thank You goes out to my BFF and my parents who made a very special effort to support our daughter and actually attend her senior events. It has meant more to her and us than you will ever know. Thank you so much.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ms. Swiffer's Sweater

The economy is a mess! As you all know. Meaning, it's a very frugal Christmas here. So I've been busy in spite of Mr. Lyme Disease and Mr. CRPS. And yes, I have dubbed it them a Mr. They're a pain so why wouldn't I? LOL
DD and I made Ms. Swiffer a sweater. We used left over fleece but you could use flannel, cotton anything at all. Works beautifully. Picks up dog hair like no one's business. We flipped it over after use and ran Ms. Matilda Sweeper's nozzle on it and it was ready to be used again. We are now making Ms. Swiffer a wardrobe of sweaters:)
These are Footsie Tootsie warmers. I found the pattern on Tipnut. Anita and I love this site. Go check it out. It's fun.
These are quick and very useful. Used flannel and fleece for the outer cover.

There's an inner bag made from flannel that is filled with rice. You could put some smelly herbs in there like lavender but I didn't have any and remember, I'm saving money this Christmas.
Besides I have already rescued one of these from Mr. Bettis's mouth and I wouldn't want him to think it's food.
So much for him heeding Chan & Sissy's advice about being good.

Open the bag and remove the inner bag. Pop it in the microwave beside a cup of water and turn on for 3-4 minutes. Put it back inside the cover and you have a Footsie Warmer.
I tried it and it stayed warm for over an hour. I used it on my back since Mr. CRPS decided to overtake my joints now. This little warmer gave me some relief and I love it.
p.s. I am still frantically knitting but sewing is so much faster when said frantic knitter is running out of time:)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Tick Round 2

Okay, if you see a tick, RUN the other way. Do not run up a tree. Take your yarn money with you. These little devils live in trees and they cost the host (victim)big $$$'s. They have no mercy. Whining about money means nothing to these teeny creatures.

It's been exactly one month since the tick bite. I have now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Now before you feel sorry for me, keep in mind, I have a sense of humor. So here are a few questions that I am asking myself. (I certainly don't expect any of you to answer these.)

First of all where in the world did anyone come up with the name, Lyme Disease? Sounds like lime stone to me. How about Lymette or Lyminosis? Just plain ole' Lyme? Really now, I think they could do better than that.

Second: What are the chances of me getting Lyme disease? According to my family it's a 99% chance. (They say that with a chuckle.)
Third: Since when am I host? I don't recall inviting the little varmint to have dinner on me. I don't recall inviting the nasty little thing to even inhabit my territory! As a matter of fact invitations were not sent.
Did this little bugger travel around outside with his pals, take one look at me and decide, "yup! That's the one. See ya later, guys. I'm going out to dinner?"

I now have a double dose of strong antibiotics, several trips on the calendar to the lab where the vampire (phlebotomist) can drain my blood supply and more yarn money can be spent on a stupid blood sucking bug! (change that to money sucking bug)

p.s. I'm going to knit myself a cocoon and crawl in it until things get better. Oh wait. Skip the cocoon. That puts me in the same catagory as a bug. I don't care if it is a butterfly in waiting. I want nothing to do with bugs.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

23 Days

Twenty-three days until THE day and what am I doing? Procrastinating on Christmas gifts and playing with new projects instead. I found this pattern of little crocheted trees on Ravelry. I spent 1//2 hour digging through the stash. Then another hour "playing" with yarn, pattern. I now have 3 little trees. They were fun and cute. So much for gift knitting. Maybe the receivers would prefer crocheted trees..........LOL

. I love the palette of the Tulip sweater but I'm not willing to spend $200 on the palette of yarn. Not to mention I don't have $200 to spend on anything let alone, yarn. So I dug in the stash.

I'm not making the sweater so I'm going to make socks for self. Yeah, I hear all of you, after Christmas socks:).

This surprise package arrived in the mail yesterday. Eight skeins of cotton yarn, a tape measure and 2 adorable pencils. My friend Anita sent this to me and it was quite a surprise. Thanks so much Anita, it replaces what Mr. Bettis has destroyed. By the way, how did you know there's a black hole of lost tape measures in this house?
I have another package to blog about from my friend Sara but it will take up another post of pictures. That will come later.

The "girls" pouted yesterday after arriving home from the groomer's aka Vet Girl. They received their report cards, again. Miss Molly (who refused to cooperate for the camera)received a "C" because she nipped Vet Girl.
Little Miss Gypsy received an "F". It took two people to handle her wiggly 8 lb body for her groom. She can be a tough one to hold onto if she's wiggly. Vet Girl got a kick out of giving her an "F". It's a frame job, I just know it.
I do think they are quite tired of Mr. Bettis getting all the attention on the blogs due to bad behavior and that could be why they get cranky and pouty. After all, they certainly don't do anything nearly as destructive. (ahem) Now what do you have to say, Mr. Bettis's "Defense Attorney" Jessi? LOL

Monday, December 01, 2008

He's Getting Coal

Christmas decorating has begun. My 1900 cookstove is ready for the holidays. I want to make popcorn strands strung across the stove top.

Miss Gypsy and Miss Molly went to the groomer to get a spiffy holiday haircut. Mr. Bettis stayed home.
This green mass monster was his entertainment :(. It was a cone of cotton yarn. The cardboard cone is MIA. Probably in Mr. Bettis's tummy.
There's no blaming the "girls" for this deed. He was here alone with the exception of the cats.

And this is what the cats were doing. It's difficult to believe the green cotton mass of yarn was the result of a sleeping cat.

I don't believe Mr. Bettis realizes that Santa is watching. I do believe Mr. Bettis is on the Naughty List this year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pillow Fight

Do you see this? This was a lovely toss pillow. Keyword being was.
We went to the market and were gone 1 hour and my living room looked as if it had snowed inside. This is the second pillow in a week. Mr. Bettis must enjoy pillow fights.
Fun is his middle name. I just wish he would have fun with his own toys. Wait........he does...........they're outside.......somewhere.......buried or lost.

Do not be fooled by this innocent face.
Forgive the loveseat cover. I only take it off when we get company. I tried to teach this dog to stay off the furniture but the other residents of this house thought the 10 week old, 27 lb puppy was just "too cute." They won and now at almost 2 yrs (his birthday is next week) and 140 lbs he has claimed the loveseat as belonging to him. He paces the floor if anyone else sits in "his" loveseat.

A mug shot, that's for sure.

Chan told me Sissy likes a mature "man" but I'm afraid he has failed once again.

Now here's two innocent faces. Mr. Bettis trys his best to frame these two but I know better. I've seen Mr. Bettis in action. Not-good.

Little do these two know, they are going with Vet Girl to be groomed next week. They enjoy the trip but Miss Gypsy isn't very good at the groomer's. I think that's a frame job too. LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Encounter of a Snowy Kind

Heading to the college and this is what we encountered.

This was our view looking out the windsheild. The DH drove a delivery truck until the broken back accident so he is somewhat conditioned to driving in inclement weather.
There are certain states (and I won't name them so I don't offend anyone) that must only own 1 snowplow and apparently it was parked in it's garage:). The little white dots that you see were the headlights from the oncoming traffic.

This is what I worked on. The No Purl Monkey socks for a Christmas gift to my MIL. She has been wanting socks for a while now and it's her turn. Thanks Jessi for the inspiration to knit this pattern.

A good group of kids that made it in the college honor band from Miss Flute's school. The concert was awesome and we had a good time. So did the kids.
Miss Flute's teacher attended and was so proud of her making it in the first flutes. Her teacher is a wonderful young woman who inspires and encourages her students and yet manages to get the very best out of them.

First thing out of Miss Flute's mouth when she saw us? "Did you bring my coat?"
Like I would fail on that one. Ha! Of course I brought it. Here she is trying to get warm in the car on the way home. The DH doesn't like it too warm in the car when he's driving. All well and good for him but what about the passengers? The temps were hovering between 19-23 F and he didn't want the heat on? Thank goodness for my brand-new-never-worn-before-wool sweater. I stayed warm :).