Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parcel, Package & Post

Look what arrived today! The postman was blowing his horn and Mr. Bettis was barking and bouncing on the deck. He must have sensed there was something in the box for him. Although he barks and bounces at everything:)

Chan sent this lovely Christmas package to our family. An adorable picture of the "girls" which is hanging in our garland now. My daughter came home and chuckled when she saw it. There is a brand new potholder mitt. A much needed brand new pothlder mitt:) Mine are a mess and while in the midst of some heavy cookie baking this is perfect. There is a bag of Lindnor candies under the picture and I promise I will share with the DH and DD:). Unless of course there is an urgent need for a chocolate fix.
There's a jar of pumpkin butter that I am dying to try. I will be baking bread next week and I plan to pour a cup of tea and lather the bread with the butter to enjoy. Last but not least a box of gingerbread cookie treat for the doggy brood here. (I'm sure Sissy and Gretchen sent licks of kisses on the box:)

Here are the dogs circling the treat box. Mr. Bettis was so excited I had trouble getting a picture. He rarely gets gifts as he has a knack of "stealing" presents. You know, MY stuff!
I am keeping their treats until Christmas Day. I had to snatch the box from Mr. B's mouth and hide it in the closet.
Mr. B and the girls send their adoration to Sissy, Gretchen and of course their "parents", Chan and the Knight.
Thank you, Chan and family:).

I have been meaning to show off the Christmas Mice markers that Anita made. I am in awe of her artistic talent.
I put the cheese at the beginning of the round and the mouse behind it. I liked to think the mouse is chasing round and round for the cheese. Okay, I'm losing it here but it was the only thing that kept me motivated (and awake) to finish this hat. If you don't have any of her markers go get a set, they'll make you smile.

See? The motivation worked! A finished hat. I did find it works up a little big for medium sized women so I stuck with the size 6 needle through out.
(No son, sorry to say, this is not your hat:)

And here is the other finished hat. Modeled by the reluctant DD. YAY! Another gift finished. It needs to be shipped along with a few other gifts by the weekend. I'm a bit behind on getting my gifts shipped out but trust me, they're on their way.

Same goes with the Christmas cards. They're almost ready. I have no idea where the time goes at this time of the year but you'd think I would have this under control. After all, I knew the day was coming 359 days ago. LOL

The following is a post for Sissy from Mr. Bettis,

Dearest Sissy,

Thank you for the box of treats. I know it was difficult for you to part with them but they are truly appreciated. My "person" has made an attempt to hide them but I know where they are hidden. I have every intention of sneaking and grabbing that box of wonderful smelling treats the first chance I get. I sense she will be leaving the house at some point and that will be the perfect opportunity to snatch them.

I will try to share with Gypsy and that barking Molly. That dog gets on my nerve, she barks at my every move. Very irritating when I'm trying to chase one of those darn cats.

Did you get any of that wonderful fluffy white stuff on the ground? We did and I had great fun playing in the wet stuff. Unfortunately my "person" yelled when I later jumped on the bed. She yelled about muddy prints or some such bother. I have no idea why I got into so much trouble. I was tired and cold from playing outside and just wanted to snuggle in a warm soft place for a nap. And there she came, marching down the hall and telling me to get off the bed. I did. I went to the living room and jumped on the loveseat while she fussed about the bed cover. Later on, she yelled about the muddy loveseat cover but I just yawned and rolled my eyes (she thinks I'm pitiful when I do that) and she walked away mumbling.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Shake a paw ('cos, I'm very good at shaking a paw),
Mr. Bettis

p.s. I read you have a taste for Toefutsie yarn and plastic needles. I like needles too and any kind of yarn. Perhaps you could explain why we get into so much trouble with those items? Particularly when they are left within our reach.


Anita said...

What a great box you got! That photo of the dogs is too funny, that was just cruel of you to hide the treats!! LOL

I loved Mr. Bettis letter, he's a funny dog! :)

Channon said...

Let the games begin! ;) I'm glad you're all enjoying the little token of my delight in our friendship. And of COURSE Sissy licked the box of treats, snotted on everything else her long reach could get. Gretchie just danced around excitedly.

Poor son. Doesn't Mommy know how much heat he's losing off his head? Tsk, tsk... ;)

You and Mr. Bettis can check in soon for Sissy's reply.

Bubblesknits said...

Chan is such a sweetie (hush, Chan, you know you are.). :-)

So, are Mr. Bettis and Sissy in a long distance relationship now? lol
I think they'd make a cute couple.

I agree with Chan...pooor son of yours. I bet he's got icicles forming in his hair. ;-)

Diane said...

Dear Mr Bettis, I know what you mean about those humans. They think they are the boss or something. Like just this morning I was standing on the hardwood floor when all of a sudden I felt the need to throw up the breakfast I ate waaaayyy too fast. So of course I ran straight over to the rug and threw up. Well that rug was a little scratchy on my tender little kitty paws to I ran to the next rug and threw up again. Do you think my human cared about my little kitty feet? Noooooo. She tried to pick me up and throw me outside. It was all I could do to escape and run up the hall to throw up again on another rug. Those humans are just crazy. Ok I gotta go rest a bit now so I can hide the human's knitting when she's sleeping tonight. It's a shame you aren't here because you could help me carry that clickie thing for the tv set and bury it in the litter box.