Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mr. Smarty Pants

There's one in every family. Mr. or Ms. Smarty Pants. For reference you may read the comment left in the former post from my son aka Mr. Smarty Pants. He posted under his lovely wife's name, Becca. Of course knowing my dear DIL, she probably had something in on it. LOL.
He has visions not of sugar plums but a hat. As he called it, a simple 1970's style hat. In yellow and black. His comment referred to my inability as a knitter mom to fulfill his wish/vision of such a hat. Keep in mind he requested this hat a week ago. Yes, a week ago. Right smack before Christmas. As knitters know it is not wise for a non-knitter to request a knitted anything right before Christmas.
So I'm calling all knitters to bear arms with pointy sticks and unite! LOL The following is a post to the son:)

Dear First Born Son,
Keep in mind you did recieve a lovely hand knitted aran sweater a few Christmas's ago. A hand knitted hat last Christmas and other knitted items over the years. While you are dreaming of another hand knitted hat, your knitting mother is busy. (and no this is not procrastination as you so commonly call it:).
Please look at the unfinished project (commonly known in knitter's lingo as a UFO) of your sister's sweater to be finished 12/24/2008. Does it look as if she can wear this as is? tsk, tsk, son.

Then of course there is this hat. Another UFO to be finished 12/20/2008 and shipped along with 2 little girl scarves that haven't even made it to the needles yet.

And these gloves. Yet another UFO. To be finished when I see this person. Whenever that may be:).
Not pictured are the numerous pairs of socks to be finished that won't make in Christmas stockings this year including your knitting mother's Christmas socks. Now you will have to look at your mother on Christmas morning in dumb dull socks. Nothing bright or fancy just plain ole' socks.

Let's not forget my visions of knitted gnomes adorning shelves in the house. So far only the body of one is finished. No legs, no arms, just the body. Are you feeling sorry for your mother yet?:) Do you feel sorry for the unfinished knitted gnome?

The elves went on strike around here. As soon as I find the little creatures they're in trouble. Big trouble! How dare they leave me in the midst of all this Christmas mess:)

Do you have any idea how much I detest making pom-poms? Perhaps you could see fit to get your dear knitting mother (who doesn't have nice Christmas socks to wear on Christmas morning) a cheap pom-pom maker:).
So there you have it, son. Logical and reasonable reasons to your knitting request one week before Christmas.

your knitting mom (who won't have nice, bright, fancy Christmas socks to wear on Christmas morning)


Bubblesknits said...

Sounds like my husband. lol 1 month ago (when I first started the many dishcloths) he decided he wanted the DNA scarf. Lots and lots of little cables in DK weight yarn. I've been catching flack ever since then because I laughed hysterically/told him no. He really needs to learn to knit. ;-)

Anita said...

If you find any of those elves flog a couple of them for me too will ya?! SNOL

Laura Neal said...

Sounds like your son needs to learn to knit his own hat!
I am actually knitting a Christmas gift tonight that has to be mailed in the morning. I won't be getting much sleep over here but, I refuse to pay $75.30 on shipping a Christmas gift to Missouri. I had to rethink the gift and the knitted item is the result. I have to save money this year and that postage is outrageous!

Channon said...

Oh, that brings a tear to my eye - and a stitch in my gut from laughing so hard. You're a good mom, and most deserving of a pompom maker to be sure!