Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Game is On

Our team went to State Championships yesterday. The Field Captain was Drum Major for the day. She was so excited and had a lot of fun.
Multi-tasking she's trying to watch the game and direct stand tunes.
The very last band game performance for this Drum Major/Field Captain. She's a senior.

A fun picture.
The opposing team is a team from a city magnet school. I have my opinion on magnet schools. Although I'm sure there are benefits I disagree with a magnet school competing against a non-magnet school. Just my opinion.
The opposing team was arrogant and rude until.........we scored. There was a comment made to our coach earlier in the week from this team stating they were going to whoop our a$%es. At halftime we were winning 13-12. Their team had a different approach to our team in the second half and the opposing team actually exhibited good sportmanship conduct.

This is the acting Drum Major for the day at halftime. She had an awesome salute and was cheered by the fans. There were approximately 5,000 fans from our small hometown to support the team, band and students.
The second half of the game was a lip biting experience. We were 19-18 until the last 2 seconds of the game. We lost. 19-20. In the last 2 seconds.

This says it all.

p.s. There was a pep rally downtown for the boys when they returned. They were escorted by the city police and the band played for them. Text messages were flying on the DD's phone last night after the pep rally. The kids are resilient and have planned for Monday to be a red & white day. Meaning? They will show up at school in their school colors. School Pride dominates once again:).

Thank you, my blogging friends, who have supported us/our daughter through this year. You guys are awesome:)
A Very Special Thank You goes out to my BFF and my parents who made a very special effort to support our daughter and actually attend her senior events. It has meant more to her and us than you will ever know. Thank you so much.


Anita said...

Dang, I hate they lost in the last few seconds! Sounds like a good game though. I'm glad she had a good time!! :)

How did you fare?

Bubblesknits said...

Do you know I'm actually tearing up knowing it was her last game? I remember the feeling of walking off the field for the last time...GAH! Give her a hug for me.

Channon said...

Since Jessi confessed, I'm more than misty too. Sorry they lost, but glad they're proving what a class act they are today!

Diane said...

Wow what an exciting game. They should be so proud of themselves for not only playing a good game but doing it with more class than the other team.