Sunday, June 29, 2014


The recent yarn orders mean my needles must be clicking at all times. Another little baby boy sweater off the needles. It's a Sirdar pattern purchased from here, my new pattern to-go site. I'm a bit disgruntled with this site right now for reasons I won't discuss, so ordering thru that site is not gonna personal little protest.
Loved everything about this pattern. It was perfect, from the chosen yarn, style and color I really enjoyed this little knit. I may have to cast on for another one cos everyone knows I have plenty of yarn ;).

I seriously need to be knitting for Christmas gifts but I'm obsessed with these sweaters right now and if I don't knit what I want then all knitting goes by the way-side and my yarn stash can't afford to sit too long ;)

Load 'em up, move 'em out...

Chem-girl was on her way and it's eerily quiet around here now. She's a talking tornado and her laugh is infectious. The day was somber but we did our best to have some fun before she left. A hearty breakfast of waffles, fruit, bacon and sausage was enjoyed by everyone. All too soon we 'loaded up and moved 'em out'.
 I have finally accepted the fact that I will never get over the 'baby' leaving home. It's a fact that I need to accept so I can 'move on' (if that makes sense). It was a 2 hour trip to the airport so hubby stopped at a Michael's on the way home so I could have some R&R. Lo and behold the clearance and $1 bins were loaded. I snagged some goodies to keep me busy for quite a while.
 It is way past time for albums of hubby and me. Life is much too short to not have memories of us so I found an album that matches another one plus embellishments galore. Only 2 of them (for the grandson's album) were $2.99, the rest were .99-.50 each on clearance. I also had a coupon that was worth $9.00 so this trip was worth every penny.
 Feeling much better after the craft trip, we hit the road. Unfortunately (as in every single trip we take these days) we sat in traffic for another accident. Thank goodness for my knitting and Sirius radio.

She landed safe and sound....God-speed and beat us

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Like a whirlwind

Chem-girl will soon be packed and on a jet plane. The week has been full of activities and fun. From the Surprise Anniversary party, evening trips for ice cream cones, quiet nights of hanging out and watching lightening bugs (fireflys to some), visiting with grandparents, her great grandmother, breakfast with a favorite high school teacher and movies to knitting, it's been a whirlwind. 
I have no idea where the time goes but it's been a great week.

Our family

                                      A tender heartfelt moment between auntie and nephew.
 Our surprise party was a HUGE success thanks to our friends and family who made it happen.
 The week culminated with a photo book from our daughters. On the back cover was this pic with the inscription "Designed by Widget & Co"
Next week will be a 'down' week for all of us but plans have been in the works for 7 months so it won't be long now. This will be a visit the hubster and I will never forget and another one for the memory book.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walk...don't run

Contemplating life these days and I have decided to make some necessary and drastic changes. Back in the day (With Kids) I took them on 1 mile walks every day. It was a 2 for 1 deal, we got excercise and it wore the little loves out so they took extra long naps.
Due to medical issues and drs' advice sadly I had to give up on walking. 

In the past few years while baby-sitting a grandchild I would occasionally take him for walks but learned to do so on the day I was going home because it rendered me totally useless for days. I and my daughter took the grands for a walk back in March and unfortunately I recognized more deterioration from the previous year. 

I miss walking and it has taken me years to understand and accept (there's the key word) this injury. There are days I can do normal activities (normal for me, that is) and other days I cannot and to accept those limitations has been years in the making as well as ignoring those individuals who choose to not 'get it'. That is their problem, not mine.
Fast forward: I have decided to take up walking again. I put on the sneakers, took a deep breath and walked (at my pace) for 7 minutes in the backyard. It was refreshing and I was quite proud of myself. Will I ever be able to walk that mile? More than likely not, the injury has left permament damage but I'll take what I can get with a smile on my face.
 Someone mentioned that I take Mr. Bettis for a walk. Thank you but no, I'd rather not be dragged. One squirrel sighting and I'm certain I would be dragged thru woods, screaming BETTIS at the top of my lungs all for the sake of his ADHD dog mind.

Hope Sissy doesn't mind that he shared his cushion with a childhood pal, Destiny.

I see pink sneakers in my future ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Love...1940 style

 The weekend yarn package that arrived in the midst of a surprise party has been opened. Oodles of wonderful yarn for little boys and this was immediately cast on. My stash lacks little boy yarn so it's necessary to stock up and this site has great prices, free shipping and perfectly suited yarn. I absolutely love this aviator sweater set.
I'm a 1940-50's kinda gal. Show me a style for little ones in that era and I'm smitten. Unlike today's mish-mash the 40's-50's style are not only classy but functional as well. Nothing like a feminie bonnet or a stylish masculine helmet to keep a baby/child's head warm.

Off to do some serious knitting. Uh-oh....I see the yarn site that I ordered from has just added Drops yarn...I'm in trouble ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life's cupcakes....

When molehills turn into mountains and threaten to bury me I must remember that God has already covered the issues that I cannot resolve on my own.

So when Life throws those darts of hurt and pain....I will grab a cupcake  and remember it's not my will to be done :D

Eye Candy

This package arrived on Saturday but the surprise party from our girls forced this bag of goodies take a back seat for a few days.
I didn't get around to opening it until Sunday night and believe me there are some squishy goodies in there just waiting to hop on my needles. As a matter of fact a few of my needles have already been put to work :)

Sidenote: We were blessed with our daughter's birth (28 yrs ago) on our anniversary day. We felt sad that her birthday appeared to take a backseat this year because of the surprise party hosted by her and her sister. So when I mentioned it, she became slightly indignant and said she and her sister didn't spend 6 months planning a successful surprise party for a special anniversary to have it diminished over a birthday.  She also referred to those who choose to ignore our anniversary and made a "once in a lifetime" birthday acknowledgement have failed to realize had it not been for us being together she would not be here to receive those birthday wishes.. She stated her birthday was our first and foremost event on that day for 27 yrs and she felt she was a "big" girl to give up one birthday for us to celebrate a very important milestone. As she put it, referring to a recent unexpected family death, "we need to celebrate these moments mom, parents are loaned to us and sometimes that loan is cut short. Just take a look at Aunt A and my cousins, J & M."
She made it clear she would be upset if we allowed anything to diminish the day that she and her sister worked so hard for. Love love love....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Day

Yesterday,we had the original picnic as planned and I captured this picture. Absolutely love this shot of the hubby and the youngest grandson (son of the daughter in this post). Perfect in every way.
 I will now write the rest of this post.
Thirty years ago on this very day we 'tied the knot'. Twenty eight years ago on this very day our oldest daughter arrived at 6:00 am and it was not planned. As a matter of fact she was overdue by 13 days.

 Dad and daughter making their first dance debut at her dance recital.  They danced to the "men in black". We have the video of the dad/daughter dance and it always brings a smile.
 Her high school band days. At one point all 5 cousins were in the band together and we have many fond memories and laughter of those days.
 Oh she is such a morning
Happy Happy Birthday SMW!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happiest Day of my Life

Our daughters out-did themselves. They have been months planning a surprise Anniversary party for DH and me and they succeeded. We embarked on a trip to pick up Chem-girl at the airport yesterday totally unaware of friends and family waiting back home for our arrival. The ruse was my parents were hosting dinner because we had a long travel day. 
Little did we know......Our closest friends and family were in attendance and I haven't laughed that much in years. I planned a family picnic for today unaware that most of those same people would be at Saturday's surprise party. Needless to say there's so much good food leftover that we're still having today's picnic.
Chem-girl designed this gift and sent it to her grandmother back in March to be kept secret. At the time we had 4 furry cats. One crossed the Rainbow Bridge so she had to completely re-design

We have enjoyed the girls' tales how they have worked on this secret surprise. Many pictures were taken at the surprise party so I'll be scrapping for awhile. 

This was truly one of the best times of our Life and we love and cherish those family members and friends (they're just like family) who honored our special day. We love you guys.
I still wonder how they kept it secret ;)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Today is the day....

Today is the day the 1970's avocado green countertop said good-bye. Long time in coming but well worth the wait. Hubby has worked tirelessly to finish this part of the kitchen in time for Chem-girl's visit. 

 I absolutely love my new kitchen. We still have some finish work but I find myself going to the kitchen to just stare at it. We opted for a single bowl sink and I can't rave enough about the farmhouse style faucet that we chose.
I see a lot of family dinners in our future: Thanksgiving, birthdays, major Christmas cookie baking and Christmas dinner 12/27/2014 as well as some candlelit dinners for two ;).

Chemgirl arrives today. She called last night and informed us there will be no more plans for the week. It's booked and she wants some downtime. Said she's traveling over 600 miles one way and if people want to see her, they will need to come home to visit as she isn't spending her vacation running around the countryside. Can't say as we blame her. The whole idea of a vacation is to kick back and relax, not spend every day traveling to visit.
Anywho, we have some plans to chill out, movies, pool time and her sister planned a kayak trip. We're counting down the hours......

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let the cat out of the box....

A little box arrived today with plenty of squishy goodness. This is the yarn for the fair isle cowl from the previous post. I found needles and cast on. The Loopy Ewe has fast shipping and of course great customer service. 
 Cleaning Chem-girl's room for the upcoming visit and guess-who took the opportunity to cat-nap in an empty box. She had a shave due to the vet visit over a month ago. Looks like a lion cut but she's growing her hair back quite nicely and truly believes she is just
If she drags out one more skein of yarn or another pair of socks to deposit where she pleases, we could pack that box and send her to her owner ;).

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smarter than the average....

 Remember this cartoon? I loved Yogi and I defended his stealing of the picnic basket. After all, he was just a hungry ole bear :) Anyway, I'm eluding to the fact another smallish sweater is finished but I can't post it as I know it will be seen on here and it's not for pre-gift eyes. As far as computers (and other Life stuff), I may not know it all but I'm "smarter than the average bear."
 Yes it's late and yes, I've checked my email for a package tracking. Supposedly it will arrive tomorrow and this little knit will be on the needles. Have I mentioned I love color? Absolutely love this design. Everything in one little cowl: color, fair-isle knit, fine screams of me!
There should also be an international delivery of yarn arriving but more than likely not until Friday or Saturday. No matter, I'm running out of

Side note: Major kitchen renovation is almost finished. Hopefully the new countertop will be installed tomorrow. I'm putting final touches on the room as we work to sand, re-stain and seal the baseboard/trim. I must say I love my new kitchen. In spite of 'disagreements' in the middle of the nail /faucet/ceiling fan/flooring/sink/countertop aisles of our local lumber yard we have overcome. 
I suppose I should mention it took 3 years to build the deck over all over 1 foot, because the husband and I did not agree (eyeroll here). He soon came around to my way of thinking after an extended bout of pbj's for dinner and conceded to my construction knowledge (although he claims his 20 some odd years surpasses mine...pppfffttt...what does he know?)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Speaking of time....has it really been a year ago since we were doing this? Moving Chem-girl out of her dorm for the last time. Hubby and I were discussing this event a few days ago and we agreed that sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it's as if it's been years. 
We were thrilled and excited for her that day.
She graduated with full honors and the #1 Organic Chemist of the year. 
She has moved on and even though it seems as if it's been forever, time has a way of bringing more joy. Since her graduation she has visited and met both of her new nephews. She met Baby J last Christmas right after his birth.
                                   And of course spent precious time with the oldest nephew during that visit.
She arrived for a surprise visit to meet her youngest nephew, Baby P for the very first time in early spring.

Where has time gone?

We're having a picnic celebration this coming weekend. Many events to celebrate this month: Birthdays, anniversary and finally a much deserved grad party for Chem-girl. Tried to get our immediate family together last year but they had other "preferential" obligations to attend and this year is the same....they have chosen yet another "preferential" obligation to attend. *shrug* We're not surprised (although I'm beginning to wonder if people understand and practice the RSVP etiquette anymore...don't get me started on manners).
That said, the rest of the family are attending and we're excited to spend time with all of them. After all, it's not who is there to celebrate but who chooses to be there to celebrate.

Time has a way of passing quickly and a lot has happened this year therefore we will enjoy every moment with those who choose to enjoy Life with us.

Tick-tock, tick-tock........

Tick-tock, tick-tock...

Time is counting down for many things in the mountains. A few packages of yarn should be arriving this week and my knitting needles are clicking to cast on. Not too certain when those knits will be finished but I'm certainly anxious for the wonderful goodies to make a grand entrance on my doorstop. 

A visitor will soon be in flight and we're gearing up for the arrival.  More picnics, trips and fun in store for this household and we are truly blessed with family and friends who will enjoy those times with us. 

It's mid-June already....Tick-tock, tick-tock....where does time go?

Monday, June 16, 2014


Doors...they fascinate me. My grandparents' farm house was built in 1779. The deed was on the original sheepskin and it started out as an inn for travelers. During the Civil war part of the house was renovated to include a secret tunnel for runaway slaves to the North. There were 3 secret passageways as well as a 'false' wall and kitchen cupboard door. This fascinated me as a child and as an adult. The house has been sold (much to my dismay) and torn down. It should've been restored as a historical landmark but sadly, no one registered it as such.
Door knobs are another fascination and I love old locks and keys. I have a stash of my grandfather's keys and wonder what they belong to and where did they lead? Old things intrigue me. 

It has recently come to my attention when a 'person (or persons)' chooses to slam the door in one's face it is not conducive for one to spend all of one's time and energy knocking on that door. *shrug* Just let it be. If that person (or persons) really wants to give one equal 'preferential' treatment that person(s) will eventually do so (or not) and no amount of knocking on that door will encourage the door to open prematurely.
Never ever fret, because while that one door has been slammed shut there are countless other doors just waiting for one to knock. So be it :D

In the meantime I have an awesome door knob/lock that shall be made into a beautiful and intriguing house decoration.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh Happy day

A beautiful day. We opted to continue working on the renovation and that includes the swimming pool. It was drained last night, scrubbed, shop-vacummed and is now re-filling. Pipes and hoses have been replaced and following 7 hours of work, it's close to the finish line.
It's been a good day thus far for the hubby. A phone call from the youngest daughter and a very thoughtful gift from the youngest grandson (5 months old, with help from mom and dad ;) ) has helped to make his day a happy one. 
 I bought another saw for him...yes....another one. I know, I know, after the saw encounter I'm questioning why it is necessary to build his saw arsenal but he claimes he needs it to finish the kitchen. We went to Lowe's in the early morning and I spent most of the time trying to track him down. He came within a moment of hearing his name paged over the loud speaker. There is no cell service in our store and I truly believe a man designed it that way. Next time I'm putting him on Mr. Bettis's leash ;)
A picnic later today with most of the family will culminate the holiday. Another good one for the memory book :D

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spin a yarn

It finally stopped raining long enough to dry out the roof and do some much needed patching until the day arrives for the new roof and that won't be soon enough. A lot of renovation in this neck of the woods and I can't thank the hubby enough for his hard work and it's truly been a lot of work. Unfortunately most of the renovation is something I cannot help with and believe me, I've offered repeatedly. However, I am on clean-up duty.

RSD and the recent new diagnosis have been having a party (although I do not consider either one to be friends). Recently someone asked if my RSD is worse in cold or hot and unfortunately it is at it's worst during the summer and we won't even discuss humidity. Whew! It can render a person completely disabled. That said, I have learned over time to do my best to keep the wee mind busy so as not to think about the pain level. Most of the time, it works so I'm thankful for my hobbies :D.

While cleaning I stumbled onto my spindles so I gathered the supplies and set out to actually spin some yarn. A soothing hobby that also keeps my mind busy trying to achieve an even spin. This is a fine weight and I'm hoping to spin enough to make a shawl/scarf. Time will tell whether I actually spin a nice yarn or if in fact the author of this post is spinning a yarn ;).

Friday, June 13, 2014

...and it rained and it rained and...

Considering blueprints for an ark here in the mountains. Flash flooding is a serious problem in this neck of the woods along with a leaking roof. I try to refrain from complaining about the weather whether it's the cold, the snow or dry heat. Take note of the word dry, humdity and I are not friends. but when it rains for a week or more resulting in flash flooding, tornado watches and a leaking roof well...then I have something to say.
 However, I have plenty to keep me 'entertained'. First up, a finished little sweater. A great UK product, Stylecraft DK weight in a wool/acrylic blend that is machine washable lent itself to a little sweater. I stuck to the pattern (ok, with the exception of a few minor changes) and made the size 1-2 yrs. Love the yarn and the style.
In spite of the buckets of water in my living room I have enjoyed the time spent inside with my 'entertainment.'
Inquiring minds wanna know how Noah kept that Ark dry and the roof from leaking.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Well? It took all of a new pattern and I slipped down the black hole of yarn once again. Another order on it's way. I would hang my head in shame but sorry to say, I'm not. 
I certainly do not intend to have a political rant here but the way the economy is sinking in the tank I plan to have plenty of stash on hand. Most of my gifts are handmade therefore it's necessary to have plenty of supplies and at the rate I'm going I'll be set for years ;).
I'll keep you posted as the next order from across the Big Pond is shipped and received. 

Off to bind off a finished project...woot-woot!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Nothing like coming home to this on your back porch. Love it! Another batch of stash yarn from here. Free shipping and great prices can't be beat. 

 Trying to find DK weight yarn for kids in affordable prices is not an easy task in the USA. Trust me, I know. I've certainly spent oodles of time surfing on the net. So I traveled across the Big Pond and found plenty of DK weight in washable wonderful colors, a can't be beat price and it arrives quicker than domestic orders (eyeroll here). Mind you, it's not as if I really need it to arrive in the nick of time considering it'll take my needles a while to knit it but a knitter knows what I'm talkin' about.
Customer service is over the top on this site. Look what they included! A handful of candies to enjoy while knitting. 
My intentions are good (we'll see how far intention gets me) to knit all of this by summer's end. I hereby vow to not place another yarn order until this has been transformed into lovely little knits. (I advise marking this on the calendar. I have a tendency to 'slip' into the black hole of wonderful yarn).

Sunday, June 08, 2014


A few of my scrapbook accomplishments during the scrapbook event. Finally, the youngest daughter's newborn pics are re-done. I wasn't pleased with the previous work so I tore them apart and started over. Twenty-two years and the youngest daughter's newborn pics are in the scrapbook. At this rate it will be another 22 yrs before I get to her college pics. 

 I'll admit procrastinating (not to mention scrapbooking is fairly new to the scene) has it's pros and cons.
Pros: reminescing over old photos; hubby's hair is no longer grey, both of us weigh less with no sags and bags.
Cons: Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming but I persevere that it's not about the quantity but quality.

 I love these two pages. The reading page is one of my new faves.
 The granddaughters' album is finished as far as I can go, no more is what it is and I take solace in knowing the album is done :D. So it is time to scrap the grandsons' pics. I figure if I begin on their albums I may not be scrapping their newborn pics 22 yrs from now. Like their parent, they also will receive the albums when I take that 'dirtnap' :).
I have added a new box of pictures to the other full 5 photo boxes of pictures of my kids/grandkids with pictures of the hubby and me and our 'new life adventures'. A separate container of generation pictures from both sides of the family is yet to be scrapped. It is sad to see pictures of loved ones gone from us and no one remembers them. Hence the reason for scrapping.
My scrapbook supplies will be in full usage this summer. I have big plans.