Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eye Candy

This package arrived on Saturday but the surprise party from our girls forced this bag of goodies take a back seat for a few days.
I didn't get around to opening it until Sunday night and believe me there are some squishy goodies in there just waiting to hop on my needles. As a matter of fact a few of my needles have already been put to work :)

Sidenote: We were blessed with our daughter's birth (28 yrs ago) on our anniversary day. We felt sad that her birthday appeared to take a backseat this year because of the surprise party hosted by her and her sister. So when I mentioned it, she became slightly indignant and said she and her sister didn't spend 6 months planning a successful surprise party for a special anniversary to have it diminished over a birthday.  She also referred to those who choose to ignore our anniversary and made a "once in a lifetime" birthday acknowledgement have failed to realize had it not been for us being together she would not be here to receive those birthday wishes.. She stated her birthday was our first and foremost event on that day for 27 yrs and she felt she was a "big" girl to give up one birthday for us to celebrate a very important milestone. As she put it, referring to a recent unexpected family death, "we need to celebrate these moments mom, parents are loaned to us and sometimes that loan is cut short. Just take a look at Aunt A and my cousins, J & M."
She made it clear she would be upset if we allowed anything to diminish the day that she and her sister worked so hard for. Love love love....

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