Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Speaking of time....has it really been a year ago since we were doing this? Moving Chem-girl out of her dorm for the last time. Hubby and I were discussing this event a few days ago and we agreed that sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it's as if it's been years. 
We were thrilled and excited for her that day.
She graduated with full honors and the #1 Organic Chemist of the year. 
She has moved on and even though it seems as if it's been forever, time has a way of bringing more joy. Since her graduation she has visited and met both of her new nephews. She met Baby J last Christmas right after his birth.
                                   And of course spent precious time with the oldest nephew during that visit.
She arrived for a surprise visit to meet her youngest nephew, Baby P for the very first time in early spring.

Where has time gone?

We're having a picnic celebration this coming weekend. Many events to celebrate this month: Birthdays, anniversary and finally a much deserved grad party for Chem-girl. Tried to get our immediate family together last year but they had other "preferential" obligations to attend and this year is the same....they have chosen yet another "preferential" obligation to attend. *shrug* We're not surprised (although I'm beginning to wonder if people understand and practice the RSVP etiquette anymore...don't get me started on manners).
That said, the rest of the family are attending and we're excited to spend time with all of them. After all, it's not who is there to celebrate but who chooses to be there to celebrate.

Time has a way of passing quickly and a lot has happened this year therefore we will enjoy every moment with those who choose to enjoy Life with us.

Tick-tock, tick-tock........

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