Friday, June 06, 2014

Scrap Happy

Tomorrow is a big day! A VERY BIG day! I'm off to spend time with friends at the local high school for the entire day. The plan is to make a major dent in my scrapbooking albums. So far my eldest child's album is complete and the second child is halfway completed. I haven't even touched the third or fourth child's albums and now there are grandkids. I intend to change that tomorrow.
Problem is, back in the day of the eldest child cameras required rolls of film and development both were pricey and this household couldn't afford the film let alone the development so there were a lot less pics. Something my friends and I have discussed and agreed upon. 
Along came child #3 & 4 and the digital camera. Great device but dangerous in the hands of a mother who never had the opportunity to capture every moment from birth, potty training, kindergarten to college.
I have spent 2 whole days preparing for this event and I am organized. Let me :D. I should call that youngest kid of mine and shout it from the

I have been warned we (as in my friends and myself) are amateurs compared to some who will show up at this event with their entire craft room in tow. 
I was going to purchase a scrapbook tote but just couldn't justify spending the $$'s on something for an occasional event so my suitcase was promptly emptied and has become the new scrap tote. It's full of scrap paper pads.
I found boxes at JoAnn Fabrics on clearance so I snagged 3 and they now hold my loose paper...color coded no less (hear that, Chem-girl???)
Stickers are in that flat container on top of the laundry basket, cricut cutter is ready, 2 more plastic containers hold various embellishments and tools. I tried to consolidate, I truly did but I just couldn't go without the right stuff. This is an ALL day event, I tell ya.

To make myself feel better I consolidated into a spare laundry basket. Yep! Appalachia scrapbooking mama is on the loose :D.

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SissySees said...

Enjoy! I can't wait to see and hear how it went.