Friday, June 20, 2014

Today is the day....

Today is the day the 1970's avocado green countertop said good-bye. Long time in coming but well worth the wait. Hubby has worked tirelessly to finish this part of the kitchen in time for Chem-girl's visit. 

 I absolutely love my new kitchen. We still have some finish work but I find myself going to the kitchen to just stare at it. We opted for a single bowl sink and I can't rave enough about the farmhouse style faucet that we chose.
I see a lot of family dinners in our future: Thanksgiving, birthdays, major Christmas cookie baking and Christmas dinner 12/27/2014 as well as some candlelit dinners for two ;).

Chemgirl arrives today. She called last night and informed us there will be no more plans for the week. It's booked and she wants some downtime. Said she's traveling over 600 miles one way and if people want to see her, they will need to come home to visit as she isn't spending her vacation running around the countryside. Can't say as we blame her. The whole idea of a vacation is to kick back and relax, not spend every day traveling to visit.
Anywho, we have some plans to chill out, movies, pool time and her sister planned a kayak trip. We're counting down the hours......

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SissySees said...

Love the new counters!! Enjoy your time with Chemgirl.