Sunday, June 29, 2014

Load 'em up, move 'em out...

Chem-girl was on her way and it's eerily quiet around here now. She's a talking tornado and her laugh is infectious. The day was somber but we did our best to have some fun before she left. A hearty breakfast of waffles, fruit, bacon and sausage was enjoyed by everyone. All too soon we 'loaded up and moved 'em out'.
 I have finally accepted the fact that I will never get over the 'baby' leaving home. It's a fact that I need to accept so I can 'move on' (if that makes sense). It was a 2 hour trip to the airport so hubby stopped at a Michael's on the way home so I could have some R&R. Lo and behold the clearance and $1 bins were loaded. I snagged some goodies to keep me busy for quite a while.
 It is way past time for albums of hubby and me. Life is much too short to not have memories of us so I found an album that matches another one plus embellishments galore. Only 2 of them (for the grandson's album) were $2.99, the rest were .99-.50 each on clearance. I also had a coupon that was worth $9.00 so this trip was worth every penny.
 Feeling much better after the craft trip, we hit the road. Unfortunately (as in every single trip we take these days) we sat in traffic for another accident. Thank goodness for my knitting and Sirius radio.

She landed safe and sound....God-speed and beat us

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