Sunday, June 08, 2014


A few of my scrapbook accomplishments during the scrapbook event. Finally, the youngest daughter's newborn pics are re-done. I wasn't pleased with the previous work so I tore them apart and started over. Twenty-two years and the youngest daughter's newborn pics are in the scrapbook. At this rate it will be another 22 yrs before I get to her college pics. 

 I'll admit procrastinating (not to mention scrapbooking is fairly new to the scene) has it's pros and cons.
Pros: reminescing over old photos; hubby's hair is no longer grey, both of us weigh less with no sags and bags.
Cons: Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming but I persevere that it's not about the quantity but quality.

 I love these two pages. The reading page is one of my new faves.
 The granddaughters' album is finished as far as I can go, no more is what it is and I take solace in knowing the album is done :D. So it is time to scrap the grandsons' pics. I figure if I begin on their albums I may not be scrapping their newborn pics 22 yrs from now. Like their parent, they also will receive the albums when I take that 'dirtnap' :).
I have added a new box of pictures to the other full 5 photo boxes of pictures of my kids/grandkids with pictures of the hubby and me and our 'new life adventures'. A separate container of generation pictures from both sides of the family is yet to be scrapped. It is sad to see pictures of loved ones gone from us and no one remembers them. Hence the reason for scrapping.
My scrapbook supplies will be in full usage this summer. I have big plans.

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SissySees said...

Hmmm... another neglected hobby for me. I can't even pick up my knitting, but I did read a whole book yesterday and might do the same again today.