Friday, September 28, 2007


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sassy Socks and Gloves

As you can see, I have been a little busy. This year is a homemade Christmas and I have actually accomplished finished knitted projects.

A pair of socks for one of the daughters. Not sure which one, but one of them. I'm trying to decide if the striping is funky but to tell you the truth I'm one of those people who likes to beat her own knitting drum. So it doesn't matter if they match or not. After all, if I wanted matching socks, I'd buy them at a store. At least that's my theory.

Vet girl asked for a pair of gloves because she must walk dogs at the hospital. Gets a bit nippy with snow and below freezing temps around here. She sheepishly (no pun intended) informed me that she lost one of the wool gloves that I knitted for her last Christmas.
So, when a kid of mine loses a good wool hand knitted glove and yet still asks for hand knitted gloves, said kid gets wool/acrylic gloves. Somehow I have reasoned if these gloves get "misplaced' (sounds so much better than the word lost) that it wouldn't be as devastating to the knitter aka me, who has knitted them.

This is a wool fair isle hat I knitted for the second son in line. He asked for this hat 2 yrs ago. I found it in a long forgotten knitting bag. I love to do fair isle. This pattern is from the Hats On book. I added the earflaps. It is a nice soft Cascade wool. This is not a kid who loses good wool hand knitted garments so he gets his hat made from good wool yarn.

I still need to knit a few more socks, gloves, headbands and 3 sweaters before Christmas for the eldest son and youngest daughter. Someone (and she knows who she is)informed me it's only 89 days until Christmas. HELP! Where are those knitting fairies when I need them?

P.S. Homemade Christmas gifts does not mean this knitter will be making a Pittsburg Steelers black and yellow sweater for Mr. Bettis. His owner had the nerve to make such a request. So what? So he can chew it to pieces? Not-on-this-knitter's-life! he'll get chew biscuits instead and that hinges on whether or not he chews up anything else of mine in the next 89 days.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Web cams and dogs

The eldest son and wife came to visit. They brought the "grand-pup", Mr. Milo. He is the little one in the picture with the red harness. Let me tell you about this pup.

As you can see he is just a mite of a thing compared to 107 pound, 91/2 month old Mr. Bettis. They got along quite well. Perhaps just a bit "too" well. They played, ran, bounced (as much as a 107 lb. oaf can bounce), splashed in water (we found that when Mr Milo went home) and chased cats.

Milo does not tire easily. He is very curious. He wanted the camera, not sure for what reason, but he wanted it. The web cam my son installed in their home has come in quite handy. Seems my son was watching the web cam from his cell phone (not sure how that works but it must). And my son caught Mr. Milo dumping the bag of dog food on the floor, jumping, pulling and ripping the curtains, destroying his blanket etc. The son called his wife and told her to take a break from her job and get to the house before they didn't have a house. Son works an hour away, wife works 10 minutes away. Right about then the web cam turned to "snow." Mr. Milo had pulled the web cam cord right out of the socket. hee-hee I'm lovin' it.

Mr. Bettis is still at it. He chewed this dvd. He completely destroyed my "Yours, Mine & Ours" dvd. You know, the one with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda? I'm having trouble finding one so I can replace it. I absolutely love anything with Lucy or Jimmy Stewart and I was not a happy dog- care -taker when I found it destroyed. I wonder what I have done to deserve this revenge from Mr. Bettis. After all I have provided plenty of entertainment for Mr. Bettis given all of the yarn, dvds, knitting needles and books his paws and mouth have "found." In the meantime, he is in BIG trouble!

"ha-ha, so you think you have found me. I am hiding from the dogs", says Miss Phoebe.
p.s. I'm looking for a web cam.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yarn Budget Busted!

Back to school for the DD and I was bored one day (imagine that) so I surfed the net. Not-a-good-thing for a knitter (especially me) to be bored and surfing the net. I checked out ravelry (and if you're not signed up? GO!), The Loopy Ewe and Astrid's. And that is where I got into trouble.

I ordered yarn from The Loopy Ewe then (this is where the credit card sighed) I ordered from Astrid's. First, more Kauni yarn. Hey, I don't have these colors.

Then of course more sock yarn. Aren't the colors gorgeous? I love this yarn. I even ordered duplicates and I plan to take them to my knit-in where I know the girls are gonna love it. A few of them knew I was ordering from Astrid's and already put in their order.

Last but not least I joined the Astrid's KAL on a Drops Norwegian sweater. Sadly my yarn budget is busted in a big way. But it's okay, I have plenty of stash to keep me busy for a very long time.........years to be more precise. So this will be added to the yarn stash room which is overflowing with plastic containers. I had to move the chair and table out of the 13' x 20' room in order to hold all of the containers. But I'm one happy knitter.

Obviously after the DD went to school, Mr. Bettis was bored also. The knitting DD left her chemistry summer novel (school owned, by the way) on the coffee table. Seems Mr. Bettis decided he wanted an education so he ate the book! The DH now owes the school system a new Napoleon's Buttons book. This dog is spending my yarn money like mad. I'm beginning to think the DH is training him for such.

p.s. Did I mention Knitpicks is on it's way?