Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yarn Budget Busted!

Back to school for the DD and I was bored one day (imagine that) so I surfed the net. Not-a-good-thing for a knitter (especially me) to be bored and surfing the net. I checked out ravelry (and if you're not signed up? GO!), The Loopy Ewe and Astrid's. And that is where I got into trouble.

I ordered yarn from The Loopy Ewe then (this is where the credit card sighed) I ordered from Astrid's. First, more Kauni yarn. Hey, I don't have these colors.

Then of course more sock yarn. Aren't the colors gorgeous? I love this yarn. I even ordered duplicates and I plan to take them to my knit-in where I know the girls are gonna love it. A few of them knew I was ordering from Astrid's and already put in their order.

Last but not least I joined the Astrid's KAL on a Drops Norwegian sweater. Sadly my yarn budget is busted in a big way. But it's okay, I have plenty of stash to keep me busy for a very long time.........years to be more precise. So this will be added to the yarn stash room which is overflowing with plastic containers. I had to move the chair and table out of the 13' x 20' room in order to hold all of the containers. But I'm one happy knitter.

Obviously after the DD went to school, Mr. Bettis was bored also. The knitting DD left her chemistry summer novel (school owned, by the way) on the coffee table. Seems Mr. Bettis decided he wanted an education so he ate the book! The DH now owes the school system a new Napoleon's Buttons book. This dog is spending my yarn money like mad. I'm beginning to think the DH is training him for such.

p.s. Did I mention Knitpicks is on it's way?


Catherine said...

I hear the winters can be very harsh in your end of the world, tis best to start insulating your home early :-)

I presume Mr Bettis does not have easy access to your "insulation"?

Diane said...

I love all your yarn. Knitter + credit card + web access = happiness! Astrid's prices are so good that you have to order a lot to offset shipping and get a real bargin. That's always been my story and I'll stick with it.

PITA dog! I'd look on ebay for a replacement book.

Laura Neal said...

Don't you just love dogs? I have one who eats books when he is bored! I wonder if they are cousins? I love your new yarn. I wish I could buy some more. I just got in a whole batch of corriedale fleece in fawn. Now to dye it and spin something fantastic with it. I will live vicariously through you and your yarn purchases! I can ooh and aww all I want! tee hee!

Melanie said...

I signed up for ravelry and checked my place in line.
"19055 people are ahead of you in line."

Holy guacamole!