Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy MOLE Day! Scarf

Here it is, the MOLE scarf.
My 16 yr old knitting, mathmetician, chemist DD knitted this for MOLE Day. Her Chemistry teacher challenged the students to create a MOLE project. This is what we came up with. An illusion knitted MOLE 6.02 x 10 to the twenty third power scarf. She insisted it be knitted in mole brown colors.

The 23 power numbers were a bit of a challenge but it will do. I am anxious to hear what the Chem teacher has to say about this project. I think she will appreciate the project.

Kinda fascinating don't ya think?

I am knitting an illusion knitted scarf for her with her school band logo. It is slow going but I plan to have it finished by Nov. 3rd. Along with the pirate socks. The Homecoming theme this year is Pirates of the Carribean. I'll be posting pics of the locker decor etc on the weekend of Nov third.
In the meantime Have a Happy Mole Day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Many Moons Ago

My driver's license expired today. Apparently I overlooked the expiration notice. So off to MVA. I strolled to the window to get my license mumbling about overlooking and losing the notice. The clerk directed me to the vision apparatus. I asked, "with or without glasses? I can't see a thing without them." With them is fine, ma'am. (Okay we can drop the ma'am stuff)
I put my head onto the vision apparatus.

Clerk: Read the last 3 rows of letters.
Me: Last 3 rows? There's only 2 rows.
Clerk: No. There are 3 rows with a total of 12 letters.
Me: Oh no ma'am. (a wee bit of sarcasm has now entered my voice) There's only 2 rows with a total of 8 letters.
At this point the clerk pushed a button. I then promptly announced with great satisfaction: Ma'am, I don't know what button you pushed but now there are no letters or rows. It's blank! (apparently it was not supposed to be blank but I didn't know that at the time)
I then, smugly announced loud enough for everyone to hear : "This machine is broken." Somehow I thought that would justify the long waiting lines. It didn't.
The MVA clerk checked the machine and quietly said: Ma'am the machine is not broken. If you can't read the letters then we cannot give you a new license and your license expires at midnite tonite.
This called for desperate measures.
I pleaded.
I begged.
I squinted.

I tried to explain: "I have a lazy eye. It never developed." I thought that would be a shoe-in. After all if one has a lazy eye and can't see one should pass immediately. Okay, I know........ but desperation overtook my logic.
Me: "I can't see these letters. Could you possibly make the letters larger? I think I could see them then".
Apparently there is no sense of humor at the MVA. They called two supervisors to come out to explain the procedure. 3 forms and an eye doctor appointment are necessary for me to try to get my license renewed. I failed the vision test.
I left the MVA a bit disillusioned.

I called the DH who forgot it was my birthday..............again.

Many moons ago in a little appalachia town a red faced, dark haired baby entered the world. That little baby was ME! I looked like a little Indian baby. My dad is a mixed heritage of American Indian and Scottish and me mom is German and American Indian descent.

I reflect on my life and I am who I am.

1. I laugh at the most ridicuous things
2. I care about the small, meek and humble
3. I understand the true meaning of loving unconditionally
4. I care very little about money (unless of course it pertains to yarn)
5. I knit because it gives me joy and in this life I intend to enjoy

I am who I am.

p.s. I'm putting in a suggestion to the MVA. How about a hairdresser and fashion consultant on the premises solely for picture taking?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

If I Only Had A Brain

We put this scarecrow decoration (that my mother made for me) on the ladder up to the loft. I arrived home before they did and found this poor scarecrow in pieces screaming, "If I Only Had a Brain!" Of course we know who did this, don't we?
Mr. Bettis was at it again! All I can say is, it wasn't yarn.

The DH claims that this beautiful white creature named Aurora was out to get Mr. Bettis.
He claims Aurora jumped on the ladder and knocked down the scarecrow. Now I can tell you that is probably true given Mr. Bettis finds it necessary to chase Aurora up the ladder several times a day when he has nothing better to do. Like, chew my stuff.
But I am still asking the question: Why did Mr. Bettis chew the scarecrow? Just because he was knocked off his post doesn't give that dog the right to chew it.

Although, I can only think the cats have had it with Mr. Bettis and are out to frame him but good! Now if I only had a brain to have put my foot down when it came to bringing Mr. Bettis here to reside in the first place. (Although I thought I'd made that clear in the beginning).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Keep on Knitting

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thanks to all and keep on knittin' and cookin'!