Sunday, October 14, 2007

If I Only Had A Brain

We put this scarecrow decoration (that my mother made for me) on the ladder up to the loft. I arrived home before they did and found this poor scarecrow in pieces screaming, "If I Only Had a Brain!" Of course we know who did this, don't we?
Mr. Bettis was at it again! All I can say is, it wasn't yarn.

The DH claims that this beautiful white creature named Aurora was out to get Mr. Bettis.
He claims Aurora jumped on the ladder and knocked down the scarecrow. Now I can tell you that is probably true given Mr. Bettis finds it necessary to chase Aurora up the ladder several times a day when he has nothing better to do. Like, chew my stuff.
But I am still asking the question: Why did Mr. Bettis chew the scarecrow? Just because he was knocked off his post doesn't give that dog the right to chew it.

Although, I can only think the cats have had it with Mr. Bettis and are out to frame him but good! Now if I only had a brain to have put my foot down when it came to bringing Mr. Bettis here to reside in the first place. (Although I thought I'd made that clear in the beginning).