Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy MOLE Day! Scarf

Here it is, the MOLE scarf.
My 16 yr old knitting, mathmetician, chemist DD knitted this for MOLE Day. Her Chemistry teacher challenged the students to create a MOLE project. This is what we came up with. An illusion knitted MOLE 6.02 x 10 to the twenty third power scarf. She insisted it be knitted in mole brown colors.

The 23 power numbers were a bit of a challenge but it will do. I am anxious to hear what the Chem teacher has to say about this project. I think she will appreciate the project.

Kinda fascinating don't ya think?

I am knitting an illusion knitted scarf for her with her school band logo. It is slow going but I plan to have it finished by Nov. 3rd. Along with the pirate socks. The Homecoming theme this year is Pirates of the Carribean. I'll be posting pics of the locker decor etc on the weekend of Nov third.
In the meantime Have a Happy Mole Day!


monica said...

Too cool!! What a lucky girl, and I am sure thre chem teacher will be impressed with it. My 16 year old would love that.

Diane said...

Great idea for a project. If the chem teacher isn't impressed that's ok because we fellow knitters are; a much higher compliment.

eccentric peasant said...

I love the scarf! I am a knitting chemistry teacher (or would that be a chemistry teaching knitter?!) and NEED a scarf like that for next year's Mole Day. Would you be willing to share the pattern? I've never done any shadow knitting. I promise to only knit 2 - one for me and one for the other knitting chemistry teacher at my school! She'll flip out! Stupendous idea; I'm sure the teacher was impressed.

Laura Neal said...

That is pretty cool!

gypsyknits said...

To eccentric peasant: Sure I don't have a problem sharing the pattern. I will get the DD to post it pdf file as the 23 and the x were graphed by me. The other letters I were able to find on the net. I will share that site as well.
p.s. Feel free to make as many as you like when I post the pattern.

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