Thursday, November 08, 2007

Small Town Life

Okay, I am a bit late with this update. But Happy Belated Halloween anyway.
Living in a small town has its' perks. One can go trick or treating no matter what the age. Everyone knows everyone and the local fire department actually brings out their trucks and monitors the road so kids and parents can cross safely. There is a small parade with the local fire truck and ambulance. The trick or treaters (big and small) walk behind. It is a big deal.
That said, my 16 yr old daughter and her friends can trick or treat safely and have fun. She met up with some of her friends and had a lot of fun.
My husband trailed behind them. Seems that because he grew up here and everyone knows him, he gets candy too. He tuckered out on a few of the hills and left them on their own for the last half hour (there's a lot of hills around here, remember we live in appalachia).

Tradition with our trick or treaters is to spread the loot and divide up the candy. Trading off peanut butter cups for chocolate bars etc. When they were little, this particular exercise resulted in a few arguments resulting in parents (us) interceding and confiscating candy. And no, that was not so we had candy to ourselves...........ha..........although I must admit after tucking the little trick or treaters in bed we did indulge in the treat bags. We did have one trick or treater (namely the youngest son) who would make a list of his treats and he would tally them everyday. Did he not trust his loving and devoted parents?

In my personal opinion the perks of a small town out rank the big city life and I love it.

P.S. The chemistry teacher loved the MOLE scarf and confided that it was the best project. The chemistry teacher knits.

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monica said...

We get a ton of the little goblins too. Every year I buy more candy and every year I run out sooner. We do the sorting and trading too. The boy child is allergic to all things with nuts so there is a lot of trading going on.