Thursday, November 08, 2007

Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is B-I-G around here and NFL Hometown Network chose our school rival football game to be televised. The two local high schools have been rivals for over 50 years. It started as the Turkey Day Game back in the 1950's. It was moved to the first of November in the 1980's. The Blue school wanted it changed so their band could attend competitions. They lost school unity over that decision. But the Red school has persevered and the band is respected and loved by the Red school fans.

Homecoming week consists of locker decorations, yard decor, school decorations, pep rallies, powder puff football games and a lot of fun. The theme this year was the Pirates for the Red school where I, my mother and my 4 children attended. My youngest daughter is now in the school and we decorated her locker in the Pirate theme. She is in the band and the band halftime show coordinates with the Homecoming Theme of Pirates. It is awesome with ship flags and pretend sword (instrument) fights. I love it.

My daugher in law, my youngest son's girlfriend, my oldest daughter and my sister were on hand to help with the decorations. It is a surprise to the students when they attend school on Monday after locker decoration day which was last Saturday.

While we were decorating, little daughter was decorating the band room. This is one of the walls the band students decorated.

These are replica Pirate flags hanging from the band room ceiling.

Pirates have conquered the school! The Band Ship Rocks!

I did get the Pirate socks knitted for her locker and I'd take a picture except she wore them today. I made a treasure chest and filled it with sweets and candy along with the Pirate socks. I had a sweatshirt made just for her, dressed one of her teddy bears in Pirate clothing and filled a kettle with candy. She was surprised and loved it all.

The game is on Saturday so I'll let you know if we win.


Laura Neal said...

Wow, that is impressive! Those lockers are really cool! Ya'll did a great job.

monica said...

That is so much fun. And the kids really do love when we get excited about that stuff too.