Friday, November 09, 2007

The Sock Yard Pirate

It's Spirit day for Homecoming 2007 around here. This is the youngest daughter heading out the door for school. It is dark and although you can't see, it is snowing this morning.
We made the signs and the husband has a huge flood light that is lit every evening to show off the sign.

This is the attire she wore and before you say anything, all of the girls dress like this for spirit day. Personally, I wouldn't have been caught dead in this get-up ( as my mother would have said) but it's the "thing" to wear today.

This is a picture of the finished pirate socks. She wore her clear clogs to show them off. See? I really do get something finished.

This is a pic of more decorations at the school. There is a pep rally tonite and believe me this kid is excited.

The eldest son had the nerve to call me last evening to see if I could make his wife a pair of red mittens for the game..............tomorrow........does this boy think I have knitting elves here?

I'll have to make them for year.


monica said...

I recognize that style of dress.... I have a 16 year old : ) Spirit days are always fun.

My kids expect me to be able to knit items up in a blink of an eye too. At least mittens are almost do-able.

Laura Neal said...

Love the socks! That sign really rocks!
Don't you just love those people who think we are magicians and can whip out the mittens, socks, etc in under 1 hour? That is when I hand them knitting needles, yarn and tell them to have at it if they think it is so freaking easy!